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 [TOPIC] Navigon 8100 with MN|7 - User Reviews

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
gpspassion Posted - 21 janv. 2008 : 21:49:17
UPDATED 20081115 - The Navigon series 8 was released in Europe under the 8110T name in the spring and is finally making it to the US as the 8100T in late 2008.

It stands out from the other GPS systems with :
1. "Panorama View" that shows the actual terrain, impressive in hilly areas and in the mountains !
2. Large 4.8" screen
3. Active car holder with "pole" mount
4. FreshMaps (quarterly map updated) subscription included

With a succesful year under its belt in the US with the launch of the 5100, 7100 but mostly the 2100, the "black friday" star, Navigon is working on Series 8 with the 8110 powered by MN|7.

The upcoming 8110 is a stylish affair with its brushed metal finish and large 4.8" screen, but also a powerful one with 128Mb of RAM and a graphics coprocessor on board. MN|7 has been optimized to offer a faster response time and the "extended lanes" feature has been given more space for improved visibility. No firm relase date yet, but the upcoming 3GSM and Cebit shows sould provide more information.

Questions, comments?
150   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
HyperM3 Posted - 04 juin 2009 : 05:42:21
Ok, I think Ive figured out what it is. Its not the charger and its not the unit, its the actual arm. So what I'm going to do is put tape over the contacts and use the bottom port to supply power/charge. I'm going to see if that works tomorrow.
dxace1 Posted - 04 juin 2009 : 05:29:51
Not sure what the problem is your having with
the power cable -- my problem with the 8100T,
as I think it is with many, is that they make
you stick a paper clip in the reset button
AND hold the power button at the same time
to actually power it off. As someone said,
this would seem to be something they could
resolve with a firmware update. But otherwise,
I have found the 8100T to be faster, and more
responsive by far than my 7200T. But as for
Navigon, they deserve all of the untold buckets
of stuff people heap on them because they have
just left people dead in the water.
HyperM3 Posted - 03 juin 2009 : 20:08:46
Ok, still having the same issues and its extremely frustrating. Even changed out the power cord(which wasn't the problem). Today on another drive the unit just shut off and went black. Upon reboot it just goes to the "connected to computer" screen. I just used the unit yesterday for several hours so its not a matter of leaving it uncharged for a period of time. I'm about fed up since I have yet to hear back from navigon from my first email complaint. Looks like I'm dead in the water here with this thing.
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 22:05:50
HM, but they very clearly expressed that all warranty issues will be covered. It seems you either received a BS answer or they going back on their word.
dnajar Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 18:09:31
I feel let down by Navigon. I just purchased the 8100T last week after much consideration. Despite bluetooth issues with my ENV2 cell phone which causes the volume to disappear until I reset I like the unit very much. My power cord has some issues though so I contacted Customer Support and requested if I could swap it with them. Here is their reponse:

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately we not even have a local office in America. The best possibility for you is to look at ebay or another internet platform. Of course you can purchase at our european platform, but it would be very expensive to sent to you.

I am likely going to return my unit. Incredibly frustrating considering how much research I put into the decision.
HyperM3 Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 16:19:23
K thanks for the input. Sorry for the OT.
gpspassion Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 16:15:58
Not bad but OT here, try this : PREVIEWED - NUVI 12xx, 13xx, 1490.

Still looks like a cable/charger problem to me, hopefully they can send you a new one.
HyperM3 Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 15:48:57
It seems to always switch to that mode whenever it doesnt have enough juice to power up, whether its in the car or attached to the computer. What does anyone think of the new 1490 from Garmin?
gpspassion Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 15:37:53
Looks like a faulty cable and/or miniUSB connector as it thinks it's getting connected to a computer not to a charger.
HyperM3 Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 15:27:21
Yup, plugged it directly into the back of the mount, not the unit. Its so hard to contact navigon now also, no numbers to call. Have to send an email through their site. I got an auto-response that nobody was at their desk and it could take up to 72 hours to get a response. That doesnt sound good to me. Might have to start looking at a Tomtom or Garmin again.
sixthday Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 15:16:23
Where did you plug in your power plug?

As far as I know, when the GPS is mounted. The power port on the GPS will be automatically shut off and you have to plug the power directly to mount for charging.
HyperM3 Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 02:51:35
While driving en route today, the unit just shut off and went blank. It had been directly connected to my lighter and the icon showed the lightening bolt(meaning its charging). When I went to turn it back on, it went right to the "connected to computer" icon in the middle of the screen. I couldn't get it to power on at all. This isn't the first time its died on me. Ive never had a navigation unit that wouldn't use the power from the lighter to run even when it says its charged or charging. Seems to always use its own battery source. I constantly have to bring the unit into my house to leave on the charger on my desk so that its ready when I want to use it. Quite frustrating.
gpspassion Posted - 28 mai 2009 : 02:38:04
What seems to be the problem ?
HyperM3 Posted - 27 mai 2009 : 21:08:25
So is this thread dead now? I cant even reach customer support anymore and my unit is acting funky.
gpspassion Posted - 05 mai 2009 : 00:15:43
Yes being discussed here
HyperM3 Posted - 05 mai 2009 : 00:05:33
Anyone see the statement issued by Navigon that they are leaving the North American market? Keeping their facility in Chicago but no more products. They better keep those map updates for 3 years otherwise Ill be irked.
gpspassion Posted - 07 avr. 2009 : 09:23:01
Yes, they would be saved as your favorites. I had documented a method to import larger lists using Excel in the FRA forums here
Sellador Posted - 07 avr. 2009 : 04:50:38
Thanks guys. So if I understand correctly, while I cannot import POIs, I can enter my own custom POIs directly on the device (but just not yet in coordinates). I don't need the big imported lists that some people do, but I do need to add my own individual POIs of places I need to go.

Thanks for the link to the new 7300 series. That has some interesting features as well. I may hold on until that's out. I've lived with my current AIO this long, another couple of months won't hurt.
bobaber Posted - 06 avr. 2009 : 15:43:48
the 8100 has just as many if not more POIs than the Garmins, The difference is how you access them. Garmin has them beat on that but I have had most of the Gasrmins over the years and the 8100t is my favorite by far.
Kastur Troi Posted - 05 avr. 2009 : 21:23:09
@gpspassion - I was talking about the subscription.. my version is Q3 2008 and I bought it two weeks ago. Garmin offered updates if it realize you are just now registering and have an outdated map.
gpspassion Posted - 05 avr. 2009 : 15:57:30
Yes and the "terrain view" (panorama mode) is really treat on long trips with some hills !

@Kastur Troi - the 8100 comes with a built-in Freshmaps normally ?

@sellador - you can't type in coordinates on the current models, that's coming on the new range, like the 7310 -> . On the 8110 you have to create a POI on the device and then edit the file where it is stored using your computer. Not practical at all!
HyperM3 Posted - 05 avr. 2009 : 13:56:08
As weird as this may seem, one of the biggest attractors to me with the 8100t in 3d mode is that I can see the horizon. Its just one of those things about the Garmin that always looked funny to me.
Kastur Troi Posted - 05 avr. 2009 : 10:45:04
I was at Fry's Electronics and it was selling at the MSRP of $599.99 and I went and bought it anyways (instant gratification!!). Weird how I looked at it online for $429.99 on Amazon and I couldn't pull the trigger but when it was right in front of my face for $200 more I whipped out the cash..

I had my Nuvi 205w for a while now (previously had a Nuvi 660 too) and I do love the difference with the 8100t. All the Nuvies have a weird angle in 3D mode (no horizon) and lack of detail that the Navigon brings. I've included a 3D and a 2D version for all those still on the fence.

Just wished at the price I paid it for, it should have came with Freshmaps. Also the Nuvi has major streets in a different color & widths like an actual map. With the Navigon I can never tell if the upcoming side street is an alley way or a major thoroughfare.

Sellador Posted - 05 avr. 2009 : 07:20:48
I'm getting tired of some of the problems I'm having with my current AIO and was looking at the Navigon 8100. It has a lot to like about it, and most of you sound like you're pretty happy with it, but I'm a bit confused about the no POI's thing. I take it you can't import the large lists of POI's that are popular on Garmin and some other units, but does this also mean that you can't enter any destination unless it can be indentified with a regular street address?

If that is correct, what do you do if you have a destination in a rural area for which you only have long/lat coordinates? Is there any way to tell the Navigon to navigate there and to save it in your address book? I don't do big POI lists, like speed cameras and things, but I do keep a small list of places I go once or twice a year. Several of them don't have street addresses so I'm just trying to picture how I would actually use the device to get where I need to go. Thanks!
HyperM3 Posted - 25 mars 2009 : 04:45:33
Ok, so Im getting a wee bit frustrated with the unit. I used it in my car last Monday and then powered it down. Today, I go to use it and its got no power. It seems to be charging but when I finally get something on the screen, its the connected to a computer logo. I drive around with it like this for 40 minutes. Finally get it to the power up screen and then I get a popup saying the battery is near dead and will shut down in 30 seconds.

This is ridiculous. How can this unit not function when plugged into the cig lighter? How does it need to have its battery charged before it will work that way? Secondly, I lost the stylus somewhere in my car and now I cant reset it if I need to.

I was trying to show the unit off to a friend and the whole time he could only say "Well, the unit looks pretty". How embarrassing.
bobaber Posted - 23 mars 2009 : 00:43:17
I spoke to soon, it worked perfect for about ten days then lost sound and bluetooth. Navigon tech says to download software from the web site. I did but it doesn't help. Maybe a update will be out before long.
bobaber Posted - 15 mars 2009 : 12:05:49
I believe that my original SD card may have been corrupted in some way, I replaced it with a backup card and it has been smooth sailing ever since. I now keep a extra backed up sd card in the car just in case. I agree with Nikon1, after using just about every Garmin for the last 10 years the Navigon is the best by far. It has had a few bugs but nothing like the Nuvi 785T.
Nikon1 Posted - 14 mars 2009 : 23:35:00
Well, I activated the FreshMaps card - 4 months after I bought it from a seller on eBay for $30.00 and it activated fine. I'm still showing Ver. 7.3.2, build 32 with my maps showing Q1 2009 - exactly the same as before I activated FreshMaps. My account on Navigon shows map updates through 2012, so I know the card activated normally.

Still have had no problems with the 8100T and continue to believe this is the best GPS unit I've ever owned.

I just wish it was possible that I could turn it off - and it would completely power-off. Maybe a FW upgrade in the future? Also waiting for Navigon to release a hard case and screen protector for the 8100T.
bobaber Posted - 05 mars 2009 : 12:39:07
Well, so far after about two weeks in use I have had to pair the bluetooth twice, lost sound twice, lost panorama 3D and street names in regular 3D once, the bluetooth has been ok for a couple of weeks, Fixed the sound by soft reset (did not lose any data), A call to tech about the 3D problems did not produce a fix. I had backed up my SD card and I installed the backup and it corrected the problem. Obviously the original SD card had been corrupted some way. I formatted the original SD card and copied the backup card to it, reinstalled the original card and everything is OK again. I've had a few problems but I guess you are going to have a few with a new unit. I still love the the 8100T. It makes the Nuvi 785T look sick. The reality view worked great through Atlanta showing every change. I had seven reality views on the 8100T, the Nuvi 785T showed two. It gives you the lane info first and then the full picture (with the overhead signs etc.)and holds it until you make the turn. The Nuvi 785T shows the turn for a few seconds then leaves. It takes some computer tinkering to keep it up but that will probably decrease as time goes by.
serpa4 Posted - 03 mars 2009 : 03:22:30
I talked with Navigon tech support and he said that they are "planning" on releasing a MyRoutes update "later" to the 8100T users. He did not know about being free or as a paid upgrade. He also did not know of 3D landmark view (3D buildings) would be added, nore any other feature like parking assist, or POI click, etc.
serpa4 Posted - 03 mars 2009 : 03:17:55
Originally posted by Mantikos

ok, one last about the POIs, do you know how many the 8100 has? does it have home depot? USPS?
I would really appreciate it if you could provie me these details

Got off phone with tech support and he said 8.4 Million POI on 8100T with latest Freshmap Update, 1Q2009.
Mantikos Posted - 28 févr. 2009 : 17:53:22
the map version will be very very descriptive for eg: Q1 2009 US

the software version will be something like 7.3.2
HyperM3 Posted - 28 févr. 2009 : 15:59:11
I cant seem to find out which version of maps I have either. It was always easy to see on my garmin what version SW, maps, FW I had. This unit only shows me one thing and its not too descriptive.
Mantikos Posted - 28 févr. 2009 : 09:11:26
Mine shows 7.3.2, whats your version after that free upgrade which I can not seem to get
Nikon1 Posted - 28 févr. 2009 : 01:39:26
@Mantikos - I just downloaded the NavigonFresh software for my PC - Hooked the 8100T up to the computer and chose the Update Software button. The NavigonFresh did the rest. And it was free of charge!
gpspassion Posted - 27 févr. 2009 : 20:01:09
I'm not aware of any free Map update ? AFAIK only Garmin and TomTom have that type of program.

Driving back from vacation in good company, can't beat the Navigon 8110's terrain view in the mountains :

Mantikos Posted - 27 févr. 2009 : 06:46:34
Can you guys tell me how you got the first free update?
papa45 Posted - 26 févr. 2009 : 20:35:31
I've seen the screen flicker occasionally, also. I usually turn it off and back on again. Then it's back to normal. A real unnecessary pain.
HyperM3 Posted - 26 févr. 2009 : 17:22:48
So Ive noticed something a bit disconcerting. At night I see the screen flickering a lot. Anyone else get this? I dont see this happening during the day but at night its almost as if the backlight cant stay constant.
Nikon1 Posted - 25 févr. 2009 : 18:26:25
@HyperM3 - Looks like we agree, but the truth will be revealed next month when I "register" my eBay FreshMaps card. I'll post the results after that event.
HyperM3 Posted - 25 févr. 2009 : 05:51:52

Thats what I was saying in my followup posts regarding freshmaps.
papa45 Posted - 25 févr. 2009 : 03:23:17
I did the Q1_2009 update today and it was a hassle. After a 5 hour download, I copied it to my 8GB SD card and it would not recognize the card (the same card I had used for Q3_2008). I called Navigon support and got generic answers, none of which would work. Then I deleted the new map data on the SD card, formatted the card (FAT32), reloaded the new maps and it worked fine. Be sure to copy your "Favorite" settings from your old maps, otherwise you'll have to start over again creating new Favorites and other settings. Navigon ought to be ashamed of themselves for making this such a painful process.....
Nikon1 Posted - 25 févr. 2009 : 00:52:45
To HyperM3 and the other posters on the FreshMaps Card - I bought mine in a sealed package, via a seller on eBay - and the seller just happens to be from the Chicago area (home of Navigon).

I don't see how Navigon knows when a purchaser actually takes delivery of the card - and so I think that it's a toothless scare tactic to get you to register the card ASAP.

I will register the card in early March and post if there is a problem.
HyperM3 Posted - 24 févr. 2009 : 05:22:19
I believe it has about 5 million POI. Yes, it has Home Depot. Even the Home Depot logo comes up on the screen when Im near one.
Mantikos Posted - 24 févr. 2009 : 05:19:06
ok, one last about the POIs, do you know how many the 8100 has? does it have home depot? USPS?
I would really appreciate it if you could provie me these details
HyperM3 Posted - 24 févr. 2009 : 04:35:32
What Im saying is youll have to wait for someone who had both units to be able to give you that determination. I came from a Garmin to the Navigon, so I couldnt tell you the discrepancies between the 7200 and the 8100. That being said, from what Ive read, the 8100 is smoother when viewing 3d and in terms of boot up time, the 8100 has a stand-by mode which makes it instant on. Not sure if the 7200 had that.
Mantikos Posted - 24 févr. 2009 : 02:20:47

Well, what kind of speed differential between the two lets say from the time you input the address to the actual map is displayed? or boot up time?
HyperM3 Posted - 23 févr. 2009 : 16:06:05

No, not possible as I was trying to point out in my previous post. Theres no visible serial number to scan from the card or the packaging. The serial number is only revealed when you scratch off the part on the back of the card.
Mantikos Posted - 23 févr. 2009 : 14:28:52
There you go...3
REPLY?? anyone?
bobaber Posted - 23 févr. 2009 : 12:56:52
Is it possible the dealer scans the freshmap card when its sold and sends the info to Navigon to set the starting date. Seems like a lot of trouble but possible.
HyperM3 Posted - 23 févr. 2009 : 05:06:12

Noobs need at least 3 posts before an attempt of a response can be made. For you, we can make an exception. JK.

I honestly wouldnt know how to compare the speed or anything about the 8100 to the 7200. Dont know if there are many of us who went from a 7200 to an 8100 that would be able to give you comparable evidence. If there are, you might just have to wait a bit for a response.
Mantikos Posted - 23 févr. 2009 : 03:47:00
That was supposed to be faster, not fatter

and whatsup with the lack of responses to the n00b?
HyperM3 Posted - 22 févr. 2009 : 23:58:33

Im actually going to side with your argument here. Im looking at the package for my freshmaps card and I dont even see the 8100 listed as a "compatible device". Obviously this particular card was created before it came out. Or, they just hadnt updated the packaging yet. Regardless, since I personally had to scratch off the serial number for the card, they must have scanned the generic SKU on the package to get rung out. Ergo, the cards must be able to last longer than the 60 days as stated in their disclaimer.
Thunder Dump Posted - 22 févr. 2009 : 21:48:46
Originally posted by JStu313

@HyperM3 - Thanks for the heads up!

I've also purchased the Freshmaps card but have been waiting to activate since I got the Q1 update without it, but based on what HyperM3 said, I checked the Navigon website... sure enough, if you login and go to the activation screen, in the fine print you'll see:

"Customers must register their device and activate NAVIGON FreshMaps at within 60 days from the date of purchase to qualify for updates."

I find that hard to believe about FreshMaps. I mean, the company has no idea how long your FreshMaps has been sitting at the vendor from where you bought it. Amazon probably buys them in bulk (like everything else) which means the particular FreshMaps you buy could have been sitting around for months in a warehouse. The vendor doesn't activate it like a pre-paid phone card so there is no way of Navigon to know when you took possession of it.

My guess is they put that clause in there so in the unlikely event someone still has some old FreshMaps cards laying around and tries to use them a couple years down the road and Navigon has changed delivery models or whatever, Navigon isn't responsible for supporting older products (or reimbursing the owner for it).
Mantikos Posted - 22 févr. 2009 : 16:37:22
Really, how much of difference form the 7200? Is the hardware that much more sensitive to GPS signals? Is is that much fater than the 7200?
Does it have a WHOLE lot more POI's than the 7200?
Also, is the map color and UI color the same as the 7200 or is Grey instead of the black used on the 7200?
I ask all of these, since I have a 7200 on the way, but I am contemplating switching to the 8100
JStu313 Posted - 22 févr. 2009 : 00:29:04
@HyperM3 - Thanks for the heads up!

I've also purchased the Freshmaps card but have been waiting to activate since I got the Q1 update without it, but based on what HyperM3 said, I checked the Navigon website... sure enough, if you login and go to the activation screen, in the fine print you'll see:

"Customers must register their device and activate NAVIGON FreshMaps at within 60 days from the date of purchase to qualify for updates."
HyperM3 Posted - 21 févr. 2009 : 14:54:15

I forget where I saw it but I read that the freshmaps card expires 60 days after purchase. This keeps people from doing what you're doing and holding it for as long as they can.
Nikon1 Posted - 21 févr. 2009 : 13:19:39
I downloaded the Q1 update several weeks ago, without ever buying the Freshmaps update card. I do have one, but have not registered it yet as I'll wait until Navigon no longer offers the free update.

Everything I've read / heard says that the card is good for 3 years of updates from the time you register it. In this way, if I get the Q2 update free (whenever Navigon releases it) I'll still have a full 3 years when I do finally have to register my Fresh Maps update card.
bobaber Posted - 20 févr. 2009 : 19:28:09
More info. After installing the new map update I backed the SD card up in Navigon fresh. I bought a new Crucial 4GB SDHC card, removed the Navigon card, Formatted the Crucial card, installed it the 8100T and restored from yesterdays backup from Navigon Fresh. It works perfectly. BTW,the operating system for the unit is downloaded with the new map downloads to the SD card.(this info is from the CSR that knew what was going on) I guess they could tweak the operating system when you download new maps. Thanks
bobaber Posted - 20 févr. 2009 : 04:35:46
8100T owners. Something you may watch out for. I got my freshmaps card today and activated as required. I went to Navigon fresh to download the 1st qtr.09 update, everything went fine although it took almost two hours to get thru the process until it got to 99% installed, then it stopped. First call to support the lady said it sometimes take 15-20 minutes to finish, second call 1 hour later another lady said it sometimes took 2 hours to finish from 99%. 3 hours later, third call the gentleman said yes there was something wrong and we were going to download the update from the web page. First download took 2+ hours and failed due to firefox did not do something right. Fourth call, 30 minute conversation resulting in Second 2+ hour download to vista download file, worked great. Fifth call, lady had me format the SD card, copy and paste the downloaded file to the sd card. It downloads in a zipped format and unzips as it is copied to the SD card. After copying it works great again with the new maps. Total time almost 11 hours. The support people were nice and helpful I think their system needs some tweaking. Thanks
bobaber Posted - 18 févr. 2009 : 14:01:36
One more problem, I have a Motorola RAZR V3 cell phone and it paired OK for the first day or so then lost it and it will not pair again. I am calling Navigon tech and see what they say.
papa45 Posted - 17 févr. 2009 : 19:50:26
I agree. I recently purchased the 8100t. The POI entry process is painful and woefully implemented. Other than the POI problem, I really like it.
bobaber Posted - 17 févr. 2009 : 13:48:43
Thanks HyperM3, That got me the keyboard, now I find out there are no Walmarts or Home Depots in NC, GA or TN. If you type in a city it shows them but not statewide. Navigon fresh says my updates are up to date with 7.3.2... I can not find a way to download 1.2 to the 8100T. The Navigon site shows it for the 8100T but does not list the 8100T on the download page and I can not download it. This is a great unit except for the POI problems I'm having.
HyperM3 Posted - 17 févr. 2009 : 04:11:44
When putting in the POI, hit the green check mark on the first option for "all types of POI's". Then after that for the sub menu, hit the little icon to the right of the green checkmark that looks like a scroll of paper(at least that's what it looks like to me). Then the keyboard should come up and you can type the specific POI you're looking for.
bobaber Posted - 17 févr. 2009 : 02:59:07
Need some help. My 8100T came today and I am getting familiar with it. I can not find the way to enter the name of a POI while en route. For instance, I am driving and a route is entered and I would like to find the next Wal-Mart ahead. When I click on all POIs I understood that a keyboard would load and I could type in my POI. I click on all and the keyboard flashes on and leaves and I get a list of all POIs. What am I doing wrong. Thanks
ooltech Posted - 16 févr. 2009 : 21:51:36
I got my 8100t few days ago and i have been playing with it since.
What can i say ... Unit looks very nice , i have no problems with the fonts like others did.
POI inventory is just as good as on the Garmin. I do agree that searching methods have to be improved. the biggest problem with POI is not the that it does not have the locations in the database , it is the search engine. Something to get used to i guess. pairing up with my iphone was no problems and talking on the phone while driving was fine. No issues with sound at all. I had to reset my unit few times since it froze on me but no big deal. If reset needs to be done there is an attached pointing pin that came with the unit and pressing even while driving is no big deal. After this hard reset , unit will reset within seconds and be back up and running. Information is not lost from your personal settings.
There is a big difference with charging this unit. We are all used to plugging GPS into the cigarette lighter and unit is charged after few hours. With 8100t it does not work that way. What it will do it will prevent unit from complete discharge. if your battery is completely discharged, plugging it into the cigarette lighter will not charge your unit. So the only way to actually charge it is to keep the unit off while plugged in into the cigarette lighter or plugging it in to the Pc or Mac. But nothing to be worried about . I charged my unit first day for 5 hours and unit still charged. again something to get used to.
Panorama view and lane assist is phenomenal. Overall , I would say it is 8 out of 10 because of resets and other small things.
bobaber Posted - 15 févr. 2009 : 23:50:53
Thanks XxhaimBondxX
Maybe when I finally get my unit I will be able to play with it a few days and find out the answers myself.
bobaber Posted - 15 févr. 2009 : 23:44:35
Thanks XxhaimBondxX
Maybe when I finally get my unit I will be able to play with it a few days and find ut the answers myself.
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 15 févr. 2009 : 22:27:42
Yes, there is a "View Map" menu.
bobaber Posted - 15 févr. 2009 : 21:12:08
Question on the 8100T, Mine has not arrived yet, due tomorrow the 16th. All the diagrams in the online manual show the map only when you have a route selected. Can you select the map to show your position as you drive around without having a route selected. I can not seem to find the answer ion the manual. Thanks
serpa4 Posted - 14 févr. 2009 : 23:45:34
Taken from another forum:
AutoDim feature switching too late or too early, there is a delay in ApplicationSetting.xml.



Current delay is 3600 (seconds?) which is an hour. Enter 0, and see how it goes.
On the Sunset/Sunrise, you can also set the time to negative values. So if you want the color switch to happen BEFORE the sun goes down just set the value to like -600.
HyperM3 Posted - 14 févr. 2009 : 17:58:07
Ill have to try that next time. Thanks!
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 14 févr. 2009 : 17:14:10
Originally posted by HyperM3

Yes, you can while en-route enter a POI and then go there.

One thing Ive encountered and maybe just dont know how to use though is the POI system. The other day I was looking for a Taco Bell and it came up with 5 of them. However, when I clicked on one of them I found there was no way to get back to the original list. I had to exit the choice and re-enter the POI again. Maybe Im doing something wrong but that doesnt seem logical.

How can I get back to the list of POI to see which one I actually want to start navigating to?

This the only thing that actually frustrates me on my 7200T. Once you go back, it exits all together and you have to start over. But, if you browse through the POI, for example, I needed to find an HSBC bank and it found 5 of them, once I looked it up on the map and went back, it came back to the original 5. It is only in the search mode that it jumps all the way back.
mboy Posted - 14 févr. 2009 : 04:04:57
Originally posted by JStu313

Originally posted by HyperM3

Oh, I also looked into the pro-clip mount. Kinda cool but has a major flaw. Its been stated that the only way to actually power the unit is through the mount, not the USB connection at the bottom of the unit. The proclip only allows the connection at the bottom of the unit. One must assume that this wont actually work based on previous experience.

I just recently purchased the proclip mount for the 8100T with the pass-through adapter for the power and I can confirm that it works as advertised. The unit is powered and receives traffic when connected using the mount. It IS a little pricey, but I much prefer not having to install/remove the original 8100T mount constantly on my windshield. So far, so good!

I also have the Proclip pass thru.
NO problem powering the unit, but have not been able to receive any traffic updates (signal is ALWAYS 1 bar at best).
I live 15mn outside of NYC, so I doubt it is lack of quality signal in my area.

I am going to have to test it tommorw plugged straight into unit.
bobaber Posted - 13 févr. 2009 : 21:21:16
one more question, Do I need to buy the fresh maps for updates. The only thing I can find in the manual is to activate it. It doesn't mention buying them as an option. Thanks
bobaber Posted - 13 févr. 2009 : 16:45:59
Thanks HyperM3
HyperM3 Posted - 13 févr. 2009 : 16:29:11
Yes, you can while en-route enter a POI and then go there.

One thing Ive encountered and maybe just dont know how to use though is the POI system. The other day I was looking for a Taco Bell and it came up with 5 of them. However, when I clicked on one of them I found there was no way to get back to the original list. I had to exit the choice and re-enter the POI again. Maybe Im doing something wrong but that doesnt seem logical.

How can I get back to the list of POI to see which one I actually want to start navigating to?
bobaber Posted - 13 févr. 2009 : 16:24:04
Ordered a 8100T, should arrive in a couple of days, I have been studying the on line operators manual in advance. My question is, is there a way if you are on a route to enter the name of a POI such as wal-mart that you want to find the nearest or do you have to search all the POIs for a Wal-Mart. Thanks
ooltech Posted - 12 févr. 2009 : 23:17:30
Hello Guys and girls , I can't wait till i get my 8100t GPS tomorrow. I am nuts when it comes to new toys like this one. I will be waiting for my Fedex guy outside tomorrow :)
I had 4 gps units before, Magellan,Garmin(twice), and TomTom. So far i thought that Garmin is the best manufacturer out there ,hands down. I hope Navigon 8100t changes my mind.
I have 2 questions though....
#1. How long is the original warranty on this unit? On Navigon website it notes just as "limited".
#2. I would like to know if anyone tried to put other GPS software (like Igo or TomTom) on this 8100t. If yes , did it slow the overall performance of the unit.
Nikon1 Posted - 12 févr. 2009 : 00:46:39
HyperM3 - I noticed the same thing when I used the unit the other night - first time after dark since I installed the new content a couple of weeks ago. I swear before I updated the unit, the night feature worked as advertised.

Anyone else having this issue or notice any other changes since the map update late last month?
HyperM3 Posted - 10 févr. 2009 : 18:57:08
Ok, noticed something last night. The screen never changed to night setting and it was terribly bright at 7-730 in the car. I had to switch it from automatic to night. Wasnt till I got home at 8ish that I switched it back to automatic and it was dark for night. Is the day/night setting based on certain hours? I liked how the garmins would actually account for days being shorter in the winter and longer in the summer including DST(which the 8100 does not apparently).
JStu313 Posted - 06 févr. 2009 : 16:22:08
The holder itself is pretty well built, but I can't answer as to how it would hold up if you're frequently removing/replacing it. They put sticky tape on the back of the holder to keep it in place, so the intention is definitely to keep it in place semi-permanently. However, I installed mine without using the tape and it's still a snug fit and it can be removed with a little effort. It may depend on the car too, since the holder on my current car was much easier to get into place than my previous car.

It may not be the answer for you, but what I did was add what they call a "move clip" to my order. It fits between the holder and the mount itself and it enables you to easily remove the 8100 while still attached to the proclip mount, while still keeping the proclip holder in place. Obviously, it won't hide the holder, but it makes it a lot easier to take both the mount and 8100 with you (or hide within the car) if need be.
papa45 Posted - 06 févr. 2009 : 14:19:13
This is the Proclip holder that I was referring to in my previous post.
papa45 Posted - 06 févr. 2009 : 14:00:28
I've been looking at the Proclip Passthrough connector, also. After you clip the mount over the vents, are you able to remove the clip easily in order to hide it? I'd rather not have it viewable when I am out of my vehicle.
Nikon1 Posted - 06 févr. 2009 : 01:20:16
Originally posted by HyperM3

Interesting. So how come it charges through the bottom with the proclip but not the original USB cable?

I think your original statement was faulty: The unit works fine with the power cord plugged into the Proclip's pass-thru connector. I have it and it's a joy to use.
HyperM3 Posted - 05 févr. 2009 : 16:26:14
Interesting. So how come it charges through the bottom with the proclip but not the original USB cable?
JStu313 Posted - 05 févr. 2009 : 15:54:58
Originally posted by HyperM3

Oh, I also looked into the pro-clip mount. Kinda cool but has a major flaw. Its been stated that the only way to actually power the unit is through the mount, not the USB connection at the bottom of the unit. The proclip only allows the connection at the bottom of the unit. One must assume that this wont actually work based on previous experience.

I just recently purchased the proclip mount for the 8100T with the pass-through adapter for the power and I can confirm that it works as advertised. The unit is powered and receives traffic when connected using the mount. It IS a little pricey, but I much prefer not having to install/remove the original 8100T mount constantly on my windshield. So far, so good!
HyperM3 Posted - 05 févr. 2009 : 00:41:27
Good deal, thanks for that tip!
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 04 févr. 2009 : 23:36:49
hyperm3, you can set your home location by going to you GPS settings and press save current location, after that you can choose to save it as your home location.
HyperM3 Posted - 04 févr. 2009 : 23:23:26
Ok, so I finally got to use the unit today. As with anything in life, when you switch from something you're used to, it takes time to learn.

I really really like the 8100. It locks in super fast and gives excellent information on the screen. Love the widescreen too, makes me wonder how I ever dealt with my Nuvi 350. I love the POI icons too. Sooo cool seeing the Best Buy with the actual yellow and blue logo on the screen.

Couple gripes so far though, nothing big just things I noticed. First off, the address I set for my home appears down the street on the screen. I wish there was some way to set "home" to be "where you are"(ie: sitting in the driveway) like you can on the Garmin. The only way to set home is by putting in the address. Second, the favorite destinations is saved kind of funny. I like the way it was on the Garmin where they were in order of "distance from your location". On the Navigon, its displayed in the order they were actually saved on the device. Third, I love the mount but hate the way the USB charging cable is connected. I obviously want it as low as possible on the windshield as this unit can actually block vision out the window its so big. However, the charging cable is connected at the bottom in the back so if you put the mount low on the windshield, the cable will actually be pushed into the dashboard. I could see this posing long term problems with keeping the connection terminals unbent.

Oh, I also looked into the pro-clip mount. Kinda cool but has a major flaw. Its been stated that the only way to actually power the unit is through the mount, not the USB connection at the bottom of the unit. The proclip only allows the connection at the bottom of the unit. One must assume that this wont actually work based on previous experience.
serpa4 Posted - 04 févr. 2009 : 23:00:09
Well, just got my RMA on my Garmin 755T and dropped an order for the Navigon 8100T. Bit of a price difference though. Garmin was $400 on Amazon and the 8100T was price matched by J&R for $419. I did pony up for the 3 year warr for extra $29. Less than $10 per year. Considering the relaibility of these things, though it might be good. NOW, if I don't get one of the "lemons" that are occassioinally mentioned (long fix, BT, etc) this it should be a great unit. Garmin just made the Nuvi too "dumbed down". No control over any routing to block streets, real terrain w/elevation vs 3d buildings (think it will help with towing RV to know mountains in Co), larger display, good routing, suposidly better touch screen (garmin didn't pan w/finger worth crap), and more streets while zoomed out.
Seems like a good unit, the way Garmin used to be. Not perfect though as I know it has defects also, power switch, smaller POI database (but can be updated with speed cams and redlights), poor"er" poi search function.
I do like the idea of open aritecture. THere are a couple lines of code people have changed to make POI searching better. I hope more is found. I have had iGuidance 2,3, and 4 and loved its how I could change the code to make my own colors, map detail, text size, more or less text at varrious zoom levels, etc. I'm sure it won't be that similar, but wow, that'd be nice.
double07 Posted - 04 févr. 2009 : 20:29:59
HyperM3, You are not the only one. My freshmap update stayed at 99% also. I was using Vista64. I was able to update the SW to 7.3.2 just fine. When I did freshmap, it pretty much got stock at 99%. I left it for over hour, then I unplugged the USB and reset the unit. The 8100 seems to work just fine. But I decided to redo the update, and of course it said "Not enough space". I had to reformatted the SD and recopied the old backup image back into the SD. I then do the freshmap on WinXP and it has no problem at all. Always make a backup copy!!!
lrtrees Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 23:31:20
Not a problem. I hope you enjoy your 8100T.
HyperM3 Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 23:09:20
Actually I finally got it all to work. I linked my computers and sent the files I had on my mac to my PC then saved them on the unit itself. Took some time but its all working properly now.

Thanks for the quick help and patience.
lrtrees Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 22:01:11
HyperM3, the reason it is saying that is because it is probly linked to my account somehow. Just click on the picture and it should start the download. I was able to do this on a windows pc. I do not know what to tell you as far as not being able to read the card. I just plugged mine into a card reader on my pc.
HyperM3 Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 21:00:39
Thanks, the only problem is the SD card isnt recognized on its own in the reader. It has to be in the device apparently. That being said, Im in the process of downloading the "other os" but thats on my Mac and the unit isnt recognized on the mac. Im trying to download it on my PC also but its just not working.

In terms of your link, when I click on it its telling me Ive reached the maximum number of downloads. (banging head on wall)
lrtrees Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 20:12:39
HyperM3, hopefully I can help you out here. I assume that you have set up a "My Navigon" account at If so log into your account. From there select Navigon Freshmaps on the upper left side of the screen. That will bring you to a page that allows you to choose "WindowXP/Vista" or "Other OS". Select "Other OS" and then follow the steps listed in the "Download and Installation Instructions". Actually you will be told to wipe your SD card clean after backing it up. Since it is already messed up just format the card and wipe it clean. Then download the file given on page. It is the picture of the 8100T. Here is the link,
As the instructions say it is best to use a download manager. I had to restart mine multiple times. Once you have have the file, unzip it. It will contain three folders. Just copy and past them over to your SD card, insert cart in 8100T and reboot.

Hope this helps,
HyperM3 Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 19:50:07
So here we are a few hours later and this is my up to the minute situation with issues:

1: Called Navigon customer service this morning to find out why unit is not being seen by either one of my computers (Mac or PC). They said that the unit isnt recognized by Mac's at the moment but they are working on it. Tried to use the SD card alone and it wasnt recognized by either computer either. Back to using the USB cord on the unit. Finally got the PC to recognize the unit after playing with different USB slots. Started to do the update.

2: Saw the the freshmap update was hanging up at 99% for a couple hours. Called customer service again and they said I should reboot the computer and try reinstalling.

3: Rebooted the computer and tried reinstalling. Download of freshmaps not possible now because not enough room left on SD card. Customer service is now sending me a new SD card since this one cant be seen by either computer through SD reader. This same call, customer service told me to reformat the SD card to allow room for freshmap update.

4: Freshmap completely updated and installed but when I formated the SD card everything else got wiped. Now I dont have any of the software to run the unit itself. Customer service said I have to wait for the new SD card to come in the mail 3-5 business days because they dont have the software for me to download. Sooo, here I am with an updated unit with maps I cant use for another week. This SUCKS!@@@!!

I implore anyone reading this to please help me and send me a copy of your software so I can load it onto my device, otherwise Im just sitting here with a paperweight.

Other than that, I have to say their customer service is one of the best Ive ever experienced. Got a human on the phone in less than 30 seconds and they all did their best to try to help me out.
HyperM3 Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 06:31:51
Ok, finally received my 8100 today. Very awesome but also very daunting so far. Trying to get used to the different menu styles and how to navigate through them.

Big issue so far. Im using a Mac and I downloaded the software to work with freshmaps. However, it says to put the SD card into my reader and drop the new map onto it. Well, my computer isnt recognizing the card at all. I swapped in a few other SD cards and they all read just fine. Could it be corrupt? This doesnt show a good sign to me in the first hour of using it.
Nikon1 Posted - 03 févr. 2009 : 02:18:12
ProClip with the pass-thru connector is sweet! Yeah, it's more expensive than the standard mount that you can buy @ Navigon as it mounts nicely on my console and is pretty unobtrusive in my car. Very happy with 8100T and ProClip mount.
HyperM3 Posted - 29 janv. 2009 : 04:57:14
The price on Amazon went back up. But J&R still PM'd the older price, thats what I was saying.
sixthday Posted - 29 janv. 2009 : 04:31:59
The price goes up? No, the price on J&R has been 499 or 449 for a long time, and never been 389.

They were able to get it for 389 because they PM to either or Amazon.
HyperM3 Posted - 28 janv. 2009 : 23:52:01
Anyone else notice that the prices went back up?

Actually, just called J&R and they honored the old prices. At that point I felt compelled to order the unit up. Afraid to say bye-bye to my old Nuvi 350.
papa45 Posted - 27 janv. 2009 : 20:31:25
I bought my 8100T from, also, for $389.99 (free shipping) with an Amazon PM.
I have always had great service from JR and highly recommend them.
Nikon1 Posted - 24 janv. 2009 : 01:57:24
Yeah - bought mine at J&R as well. Did a price match from (over the phone with J&R) way back in November. I have been buying professional Nikon equipment from J&R for a long time: They always deliver what they advertise.

Glad for everyone that the prices are dropping as fast as they are. 8100T is a great unit, IMO.
mboy Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 20:25:49
Nope, just give them a call at their 800 #.

if you go to their website, click help it has a section on their price match policy, return policy, etc.

Altho currently out of stock, I did place the online order prior to calling them for the Freshmap Updates for $33 shipped.

In addition, they offered me an extended 3r warranty for $29.99(which is cheaper then square trade extended warranty).
sixthday Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 20:02:36
No, 8100 does NOT come with map updates.

Someone did mentioned that it comes with 3 years of map updates. I did some research of that and found it was quoted from the CNET while they ignored the words: optional.

J&R is cool. I bought from them before but never knew they do PM. Do you need to call them or come by their store in New York?
mboy Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 19:02:24
Just want to confirm that the 8100 DOES NOT come with map updates correct?
Have to purchase the Freshmaps sub even with the 8100?
I have seen somewhere (probably page 1 in this thread) that it comes with 3 years of map updates, but believe that to be incorrect.

mboy Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 18:47:44

Starting buying stuff from them 25 years ago when I was a kid way before the internet existed.
Probably even before BBS were even around,lol.
Need to call them on phone for price match.
sixthday Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 16:51:56
Can you tell us what place you were price matched? Didnt know there are still places that PM online retailer.
mboy Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 14:29:18 has it for that price too.

Just price matched to a place wioth better refund/price protection policy. added a 3 year warranty for $30 to make it about same price as it was 3 days ago ;)

Also ordered fresh maps for $33 or so delivered.
NOW I am ready to rock!
lordhamster Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 13:44:17
I just got an 8100T yesterday. So far I'm very impressed. My TomTom 930T has NEVER showed lane assistance or a Junction view in my city (Cleveland, OH) yet the Navigon has showed it thus far at every highway junction. Pretty impressive.

I also love the face you can go to the turn by turn and disable certain turns like on TomTom. The TMC is also working well.

Today the 8100T goes on it's first true test on a 3 hour road trip.

vince227 Posted - 23 janv. 2009 : 06:29:23
Now available at amazon for $389.
[ED see ->]
mboy Posted - 22 janv. 2009 : 14:20:55
Nikon, also check out their Move clip system. Basically, male and female adapter that fits on both the cradle and the mount.

I plan on removing the 8100, mount and wire when I leave the vehicle so as not to invite theft or at the very least a break in buy having a big empty mount showing in the car.

Cost is another $14 or so and seems worth it.

Now just have to order the unit.

Probably order from J& this week as they slightly beat the Amazon price over phone and have a 30 day return policy no restock fee.
Nikon1 Posted - 22 janv. 2009 : 10:04:26
Originally posted by mboy

Well, I just ordered the proclip mount for my car and the pass thru holder for the 810, so I guess I am real close to pulling the trigger on the 8100 :)

Thanks, mboy - Just ordered the Proclip passthru holder as well. Great find. This will allow me to mount the 8100t on my console and clear the windshield.
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 22 janv. 2009 : 01:10:54
For that price I would rather buy a nice used GPS with European maps.
lordhamster Posted - 21 janv. 2009 : 21:52:25
Thanks Sixthday. Thats great to hear. Compared to what I've seen other companies charge for map packs I think $129 for Europe is reasonable. Since I live in the US and only travel on brief trips to europe I don't need frequent updates like with freshmaps or anything... just a europe map every few years.

This is great news!
sixthday Posted - 21 janv. 2009 : 20:18:34
Originally posted by lordhamster

I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I posted this question earlier but somehow my post dissapeared.

Anyway, I just got an 8100T. Currently I also have a Tomtom 930. I travel to Europe quite often, so TomTom's maps of europe are very important for me.

Does Navigon sell an SD card or offer a download so US users of the Navigon 8100 can use their units in Europe?

Yes. Navigon has announced that they will sell the EU SD map to US users sometimes this year.

Looks like it will be $129.99

mboy Posted - 21 janv. 2009 : 19:39:36
Well, I just ordered the proclip mount for my car and the pass thru holder for the 810, so I guess I am real close to pulling the trigger on the 8100 :)
lordhamster Posted - 21 janv. 2009 : 15:26:56
I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I posted this question earlier but somehow my post dissapeared.

Anyway, I just got an 8100T. Currently I also have a Tomtom 930. I travel to Europe quite often, so TomTom's maps of europe are very important for me.

Does Navigon sell an SD card or offer a download so US users of the Navigon 8100 can use their units in Europe?
mboy Posted - 21 janv. 2009 : 02:03:52
Bluetooth is fairly important to me since my car does not have it.

Does it stream phonecalls thru Fm receiver or just the speech/directions, Mp3's?
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 23:13:05
Thunder, you got one of the first. I had it too before I returned it.
Thunder Dump Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 22:52:31
Originally posted by Nikon1

Between the screen size, matte finish on the screen, being able to enter my destination via voice input - for the money, the 8100T is the top contender for a portable GPS!

I must have a rare 7200T because my screen is a matte finish and I have zero trouble entering destinations via voice input (works just about as well as the voice command in my Acura MDX.
mboy Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 19:08:47
Not dropped enough yet :(
booey Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 17:57:35
wow.. price is dropping! Its $409 right now on Amazon

Link -->
Nikon1 Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 12:36:47
I am in complete agreement with shrekorfiona. I bought the 7200T when it was first released and then saw the 8110T in Europe. As soon as I got back stateside, I returned the 7200T and pre-ordered the 8100T.

Between the screen size, matte finish on the screen, being able to enter my destination via voice input - for the money, the 8100T is the top contender for a portable GPS!

My big pissing points have been the lack of Navigon replacement parts / accessories, but Navigon is releasing these (just not fast enough for my needs). I'd say save your beans until you can swing whatever the price difference is between the 7200T and the 8100T or you may find that you're kicking yourself in your wallet.
shrekorfiona Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 07:50:56

The difference on Amazon is less than $150, and believe me it's well worth it. A couple things. The 4.8 screen vs 4.3 doesn't sound like much, but it makes a hugh difference. The 3-D terrain on the 8100. There's not another gps that has it. It's like you are hovering over the road instead of driving on it. It's unbelievable. The quality of the screen. ( see my post a page or two back, and gpspassion's response) If you want to glance at your gps and all you see in the screen is your face, or your hands on the wheel, get the 7200. There glare on the 7200's screen is terrible. The 8100's screen has the matte finish like a Garmin. For me, the difference in the screens is like night and day. I've owned both, and after using the 8100, I personally would never go back to a 7200.
mboy Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 02:27:55
So is the 8100 worth 150-200 more then the 7200?

In market for new unit.

Main features are traffic, routing, bluetooth for my Casio G'zone Boulder cell phone.
POI, not so much.

I am in same area as Rocket NJ- Northern NJ.

7200 is really my budget, but wondering if the step up to 8100 is really worth it.
Thunder Dump Posted - 20 janv. 2009 : 02:13:13
Originally posted by XxhaimBondxX

Does anyone know if this new update available for 7200T?

I checked with my 7200T and we're still at 7.3.1 and the site says no updates available (through Fresh and through My Navigon).
lrtrees Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 22:34:39
Ok, thanks for the help. I just got home and see that my 8100T already has software version 7.3.2 installed. I bought this from Dell around the 1st of December.
I have bought the FreshMaps and will wait for the map updates.

Thanks again,
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 22:32:26
Does anyone know if this new update available for 7200T?
Thunder Dump Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 22:09:02
Yes, that is downloaded through Fresh and you do NOT have to buy FreshMaps to get software/firmware updates.

lrtrees Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 20:36:09
Ok, I have already purchased FreshMaps, but what about this software version that is being talked about here, 7.3.1 vs. 7.3.2? Is that dounloaded throught Navigon Fresh?
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 19:41:34
First, in order to download any updates, you have to buy FreshMaps. Second, the soonest updates should be available at the end of January.
lrtrees Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 17:46:43
I am pretty new at this, so sorry in advance if this is a dumb question. Am I correct in thinking that the new updates, be it software version, firmware version or freshmaps are all downloaded through Navigon Fresh? I have looked, logged into, Navigons website and do not see any updates. But I am at work and do not have Fresh installed on this computer.

XxhaimBondxX Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 17:10:36
Then you would have to wait a little longer than 10 days. Who knows how long. Retailers have to sell all of their stock before they order new.
double07 Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 16:31:27

I don't really know. MY impression was the POIs will be updated with Freshmap program. The only reason that made me look is the fact that, the message spitted out after the update mentioned the POIs. When I looked in the poi directory and I compared to the back up version I did back on Nov 30th. It's a big different. there are many files added. Like, I mentioned many POIs that I tried with older version, it all now listed with the new version. I am very happy with the update. This could be a quick bonus update.
HyperM3 Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 15:45:10
As to your answer for #1, thanks for the sarcasm. I mean, if I buy it after the update has come out, would that entitle me to a free map update if it has the older map in it?
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 15:40:06
1. Do you think they'll somehow run across the US and update all of the units in all of the stores?

2. Mac updates are pretty easy, you just download the file and unzip it to your SD card. I prefer this method and I don't even have a Mac. Seems faster than their Fresh software.
HyperM3 Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 06:24:27
2 questions:

If in reference to the above post that a Freshmap update is coming out in 10 days or so, wouldnt it be more beneficial for me to wait those 10 days to buy the 8100 if I dont plan on subscribing to the freshmaps? This way Id have the up to date maps on the purchased unit correct?

Second, how well does the unit work with a Mac in terms of updating?
shrekorfiona Posted - 19 janv. 2009 : 06:20:56

Ok thanks, but I'm a little confused. I thought the POI updates were going to be 4 times a year tied to the Freshmap updates. Since a Freshmap update is coming out in 10 days or so, it doesn't make sense to me that Navigon would put out a 162 meg software update just to add POI's would they?
double07 Posted - 18 janv. 2009 : 17:15:22

I updated mine today also. According to message after updating the device successfully it said more POIs was added.

"Your Navigon 8100T has been upgraded to software version 7.3.2 and includes millions more POIs. Please restart your NAVIGON device to start using this update."

I will check against the old image see if that is true or not?

After quick check:

There are tons of new POIs added. in my state, the POI grew 3 times the size. I did a quick search: I can't never find "Home depot" in my erea with 7.3.1. With 7.3.2, it now listed many of them.. SWEET....
shrekorfiona Posted - 18 janv. 2009 : 03:34:07
I got my 8100T today with software version 7.3.1, and Navigon Fresh says there is already a new upgrade version 7.3.2. I downloaded and installed it, but can't find anywhere what the change log is. Anybody know?
Nikon1 Posted - 16 janv. 2009 : 02:15:03
vince227 - I clicked the following >Product Categories >> Universal Accessories >> Mounts >> NAVIGON 8100T Replacement Mount and it's listed for $29.99
vince227 Posted - 16 janv. 2009 : 01:38:04
Nikon1 - I checked the USA site but did not see the original window mount for the 8100 but did see a universal mount. I myself actually trying to find the original mount, maybe im not looking in the right. I went to (products,service and accesories).
Nikon1 Posted - 15 janv. 2009 : 20:51:07
Vince227 - Thanks for the headsup. Navigon USA has the mount on the US website: No replacement power cord / antenna yet or screen saver / case, but they are moving forward.

Thanks again!
vince227 Posted - 14 janv. 2009 : 07:06:25
To the user who was looking for replacement or additional mount and car TMC charger for the 8100, They seem to have all parts and accessory for purchase at

This is base in EU for the 8110 and 7210 parts, will they work for the US version, I don't know? But i hope this can help you in some way.
XxhaimBondxX Posted - 14 janv. 2009 : 02:36:05
As far as standby battery, recently I went on a week long vacation and grabbed my 7200T, just in case. I haven't used it at all, nor did I even bring the charger. When I came back, I powered it up and it seemed to have a some battery left. It wasn't fully charged when I left either. So I am guessing, standby will be ok on 8100.

As far as the "screen saver", I would rather put it on and keep the 7200T. Just have to be careful and not to get dust under it.
gpspassion Posted - 14 janv. 2009 : 01:42:50
It will be similar to what you get on your 265, as it has the same matte finish, you have to wonder what possessed Navigon to go back to the old shily finish screen no one uses anymore on GPS systems...

On another matter, here is an example showing that the 3D is not accurate enough in my opinion for accurate guidance in town, switching to 2D required !

shrekorfiona Posted - 14 janv. 2009 : 00:50:28
I haven't seen this discussed, so I have to ask. I own a 7200t and the glare is unbelievable on the screen. Most of the time, if there is any sun whatsoever all I see is a reflection of my face or my hands on the steering wheel. (No, I didn't try to install the screen saver that Navigon throws in the box. Everyone on the forum says it's a real pain to get it right.) How is the glare on the 8100t? And is there the little screen saver in the box? I also own a Garmin 265wt, and with them side by side the difference of the glare is unbelievable. None on the Garmin, and tons on the Navigon. I'm seriously thinking of getting a 8100t, and the glare is the only thing that might be a deal killer for me. Curious to find out.


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