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 [TOPIC] Customizing the HP iPaq 310

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
gpspassion Posted - 17 nov. 2007 : 20:06:32
READ FIRST : "Customizing" the iPaq 310 means that you are adding applications that were not specifically designed to run on the device, therefore there is a risk that you will alter its normal operation the way it was intended by HP.

While many applications have been found to run properly (TCPMP for DivX playing, OziCE for off-road GPS), there is always a risk that you will prevent your unit from operating normally, especially since there is currently no way of returning it to its factory settings (the changes to the crucial registry are permanent). Only proceed with caution and under your sole responsibility (On Page 3 of the HP "Global limited warranty and technical support" leaflet, it states quite clearly that the said warranty does not apply to "... any product...that has been damaged or rendered ineffective by ...(c) software, interfacing, parts or supplies not supplied by HP...").

1. WinCE Tricks and Tips

1. Applauncher by Hagar, download link and instructions here on page 58

2. List of tweaks to the GPS Software UI
MOD: Compass

Step 1: EDIT: Download these files and extract them in your ui_hp_sagan\common folder

Step 2:
Open your ui_hp_sagan\800_480\ui\navigatemap_800_480.ui

Copy these VSPRITE lines:

<VSPRITE dayCompass vec="$compass.vpr" x=9 y=200 z=11 rotatemodel="map.rotation_angle" hide>
<VSPRITE nightCompass vec="$ncompass.vpr" x=9 y=200 z=11 rotatemodel="map.rotation_angle" hide>

and look for the following layer:

<layer ui_NavigateMapTOP z=100>
and paste VSPRITE lines anywhere here

A VSPRITE is a vector sprite, if you open the files I provided in the rar file in text editor, you'll find some polygons defined. The top line defines the grid height, width, and its center point based on which the polygon is drawn.

Any curious being can use a graph paper and start plotting these dots and connecting them, starting from top.
Save and close this file.

Step 3:
Open your ui_hp_sagan\800_480\ui\scripts_800_480.ui

copy and paste these scripts at the end:
People who have done the "Full Screen" mod I posted earlier just need to update their existing sc_day_text_color and sc_night_text_color scripts.

<script sc_day_text_color>

<script sc_night_text_color>

Step 4:
Open your ui_hp_sagan\common\ui\navigatemap.ui

Copy the following lines in your <script sc_Original_MapSize> and <script sc_Full_MapSize> scripts

runif vNightMode 1 'run sc_night_text_color'
else_run 'run sc_day_text_color'

Close and save this file.

Move all these files onto your iPaq and enjoy. If it doesn't work the first time, try again:)

To display route details by clicking on the "Clock and chequered flag" icon:

Open ui_hp_sagan\800_480\ui\navigatemap_800_480.ui

Find hp_btn_timeto_dest.bmp

replace the line with the following line:

<BUTTON xxx x=346 y=404 z=51 bmp="hp_btn_timeto_dest.bmp#2" onRelease='NEXTSTATE st_RouteItinerary' enabledmodel="!route.itiner.list.isempty">

Save and close this file.

Move the file to your iPaq and enjoy.

Changing the colors of the map by JohnCougar : download (for 04/2008 update)
Click here for a preview.\hp_sagan.ini: increasing volume from 64 to 128.


voice_volume=128\800_480\ui\setting_800_480.ui: add Pedestrian mode.

z=1 value="Car|0|Taxi|1|Bus|2|Truck|3|Bicycle|6"

z=1 value="Car|0|Taxi|1|Bus|2|Truck|3|Pedestrian|5|Bicycle|6"\ui\setting_800_480.ui: add car pool lanes mode.

boolmodel="route.allow_carpool" hide>

boolmodel="route.allow_carpool">\hp_sagan.ini: remove nav warning message.



Note: When resuming from standby while on battery the message is not displayed. When resuming from standby
while charging the warning message is displayed.I have had only inconsistent results.

Below two further customizations which may be added to the first post.

Disable "Drive Carefully" warning

To completly disable the #8222;Drive Carefully#8220; warning follow these steps:

File: \ui_hp_sagan\common\ui\drive_carefully.ui

<script sc_drive_carefully_init>
run sc_drive_carefully_show
;ui_drive_carefully_xhtml.z 100005


<script sc_drive_carefully_init>
; run sc_drive_carefully_show
; btn_dc_agree.hide
; ;ui_drive_carefully_xhtml.z 100005
; KEY "UP"

Display status messages on boot

File: \project_config\hp_sagan.ini



;text_align: LEFT = 0,CENTER = 1,RIGHT = 2 JUSTIFY = 3



;text_align: LEFT = 0,CENTER = 1,RIGHT = 2 JUSTIFY = 3

The simulation mode closes if you press somewhere on the map. The following tweak disables this behaviour. Then, the simulation is stopped using the #8220;Play#8221; button.
This is useful for testing some click behaviour. (e.g. show / hide cockpit / full screen)

File: \ui_hp_sagan\common\ui\navigatemap.ui

<layer ui_FlyOver type="flyover" x=0 y=0 w=800 h=480 z=13004>

<layer ui_FlyOver type="flyover" x=0 y=0 w=0 h=0 z=13004>

It may also be useful for testing some modifications using iGo on PC.

UPDATED 20080225 : The 310 is now Wi-Fi capable, see details on page 33.

UPDATED 20080114 : tip to add back the pedestrian mode : details on page 16.

Posted by lbendlin in the iPaq 310 - User Reviews thread.

"The device is extremely easy to hack. All you need to do is replace the nav.exe with, let's say, TotalCommander for Windows CE (cecmd.exe). AFTER you did a complete backup!

And if you don't like that, add a folder to the Games folder and place your programs there. you can then see another game icon and run your app from there."

"Once you opened the control panel you can set the USB client mode from "Mass Storage Device" to "Serial Class" and then you can use ActiveSync."

You can also boot into the WinCE shell by placing a dummy celoader.exe file in a SD card (max size 2GB) and reset your iPaq
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
ablbd Posted - 08 mars 2015 : 11:50:07
Engineering menu has an option(can't remember which number) to disable the menu itself. If menu doesn't appear by pressing the wheal ca. 30 secs then most probably the menu was disabled. In order to re-enable the engineering menu, search and download Atlasmgr(SirfSocMgr) version 5.87 or 6.14. Connect Ipaq to usb and while keeping pressed the on/off button, press reset. When PC asks for driver, install it manually from SirfSoc package. Run sirfsocmgr, select chip as "AtlasV/Prima" and Transport as USB then repeat the connecting precedure. Press quickly and repeatedly "Open" button (or simply the space bar) until sirfsocmgr right window shows something like this:
1):Run EBOOT
2):Run NK
3):Run DM
4):Erase and Reset TOC
5):Toggle NBOOT Menu
6):Set Clock
7):Config CS
8): Download DM from SD card, and then run
9): Download Eboot from SD card then run

Type in number 5 then Enter. After the 9 point menu reapears, switch off your Ipaq, disconnect from usb and close sirfsocmgr. Now you should have again Engineering menu. Update eboot and os as described.

LE: Sirfsocmgr drivers are pretty old and were designed for Win XP. Didn't tryed myself but as far as I know drivers work on Win7 too. There is no garantee that they will work on Win8 or newer OS's!
lukapek Posted - 18 févr. 2015 : 12:58:53
I have tried to hold that wheel for over a 30 seconds and I don't have access to engineering menu.
I have no idea why it ended in that way as the nav software was installed...
That all I know, because it's my father's and I haven't been doing this change of software...

Thanks for info about links - I'll try it anyway:)
Neuroot Posted - 13 févr. 2015 : 20:31:12
When you reset hold the wheel longer until you come in the enginerings menu.
Search the comment and instuctions of Ablbd.It works on a Ipaq 314. The files are still there. And be patient. After you made a choice it takes a while.

Hay Ablbd,
thanks for your post of the boot files.
mine ipaq 314 is running again after selecting choice 11 in the engineringsmenu with the boot files..
bluetooth does not work it missing a file API.dll.
i copy de file sp39116.exe on the intern memory,
but oasis wil not start. No languagesfiles selected.
I tried to running tom tom navigator but it see no drive letters in the ativation program.
Now i am running Primo and the divice runs fine.
Maybe is there anyone who know to solve these errors.
Greeting Henk
lukapek Posted - 13 févr. 2015 : 09:10:08

Sorry for getting so old topic back to life:) I am in need of rom for my IPAQ 316. It is bricked and only thing it shows is

ROM Download Mode

This mode is for USB ROM update with HPRUU
Please make sure your device is connected with PC

Links in topic that I have tried are dead. Any help will be appreciated:)

kalos1965 Posted - 17 mars 2014 : 11:57:04
On my Anygo C7012 with WinCE 6.0 have bluetooth hardware error 10050 ( controllor not present ) . I need a driver ? Where i can find it and how install it. Thanks.
hangover Posted - 14 juin 2013 : 12:09:57
Does anyone have a link for BBO RC3 ?
hangover Posted - 18 mai 2013 : 11:30:31
Originally posted by johnhayter

Here is a link to bbO-RC1 and bbO-RC1fix:

Thankyou much appreciated.
johnhayter Posted - 18 mai 2013 : 10:29:36
Here is a link to bbO-RC1 and bbO-RC1fix:
hangover Posted - 18 mai 2013 : 01:51:32
John, do you have a working link for BBO, i keep going around in circles trying to find a current link.
hangover Posted - 17 mai 2013 : 13:14:29
Originally posted by johnhayter

hi hangover,
you don't need engineering menu to update or change maps, it is beter if you don't know
how to access it, it can brick your IPAQ 312.
The easiest way to access windows CE on these units, was to copy CE_command to games folder
of your unit, than modify registry and than installing maybe BBO.
The best way to search this forum is to use printer friendly option, top or bottom and than Edit/Search.
You don't wipe windows CE, you can wipe the internal storage, 2GB is plenty to install any navigation software.
If you find iGO8.3 version or iGO Primo, you could rename the new software to the existing name and you good to go.

I was only thinking if i wanted to hack it, but it works great as it is albeit with outdated map. I do have IGO 8.3.4 or something running on both an Acer N35 and a Ipaq 4150, so all i have to do is replace the existing IGO renaming the .exe and it should work ?
johnhayter Posted - 15 mai 2013 : 07:16:20
hi hangover,
you don't need engineering menu to update or change maps, it is beter if you don't know
how to access it, it can brick your IPAQ 312.
The easiest way to access windows CE on these units, was to copy CE_command to games folder
of your unit, than modify registry and than installing maybe BBO.
The best way to search this forum is to use printer friendly option, top or bottom and than Edit/Search.
You don't wipe windows CE, you can wipe the internal storage, 2GB is plenty to install any navigation software.
If you find iGO8.3 version or iGO Primo, you could rename the new software to the existing name and you good to go.
hangover Posted - 12 mai 2013 : 00:45:27
Hi all, been searching for any info regarding updating the ipaq312 which led me here.
My recently acquired 312 is working perfectly but in my search to find current maps for the original nav program is coming up against brick walls. I'd be happy with just a current map but wiping the system and starting with a fresh win CE5.0 is appealing so i can then use a current version igo and ozi explorer.
I've read a few mentions of engineering mode but have no idea how you enter it or how it works.
johnhayter Posted - 12 mars 2013 : 12:15:23
Nice to "see" you too, ablbd.
When I put the SD with all the files in and pressed option 5,
nothing happened, exactly like in jfranjic case, only after pressing
second time, the message popped up "Something SD card missing or some files on the card are missing"
After that message, you couldn't update OS, when I restarted the unit, I could load OS or update eboot only opt.3, I think.
Maybe my motherboard was cursed. :-)
ablbd Posted - 11 mars 2013 : 21:27:53
Hey, nice to "see" you again.

The card issue is quite odd, never happened to me. When I experimented/debuged the tool for rewriting branding data, I had to erase/format several times the nand because, once written, it was impossible to change data without erasing. So, at the beggining, I was forced to use the format feature as consequence of eboot upgrade. As far as I remember, all went directly from card without previously using option 11.
johnhayter Posted - 10 mars 2013 : 23:44:25
Originally posted by jfranjic

I bought a new Transcend SD 2GB, formatted to FAT16 in XP copy data to root, but unfortunately device didnt recognize card. The only difference now than before when clicking options 5 it seem like it didnt accept and its always the main screen, but on other options it show the message the card didnt recognized etc. :(

second different thing :) after i click option "3.) Update Eboot" HP logo apear, but any other "...cant get my device to initialize SD card"

The same here, the only difference, when I did run opt.4 Update OS it loaded OS and then it was sitting on 100% complete.
I was trying different SD cards, from 256MB to 2GB, battery charged to 100%, on friends IPAQ, result always the same, no SD or files.
At the end I have connected the unit via USB to AtlasManager, updated the EBOOT, from there, no difference, opt.5 didnt work no SD or files missing, opt 4 worked
At the very end, maybe from desperation I have re-run option 11 and then run option 5, and now as we speek it is formatting NAND.
Thanks to ablbd I am happy again.
I had spare bricked,IPAQ 312 motherboard of my friend, my original IPAQ 312 was sent to someone in Europe. Now we have a spare working IPAQ312 motherboard, with virgin win ce 5.0, the plastic steecker is a bit dammaged but it works.
Hey ablbd the unit is so fast now, unbelievable and when you reset it it loads very quickly.
Thanks again

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