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 New Firmware 4.20 for 6xx

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Cosmopolitan Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 22:36:07
I connected my 660 to my PC and under Garmin Webupdater this new update 4.20 was available to download.
But it must be done, by using the Webupdater. I would like to download this update to my computer first and install it on the 660 from there.
How can I do this?

Website link :
91   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
kappadappa Posted - 11 janv. 2008 : 15:27:52
The problem for me is that the beta version of the poi loader is only for Mac. Is there any kind of fix for those of us with PC's?
BAVC10 Posted - 11 janv. 2008 : 11:17:29
I too have found that Firmware 4.20 causes the MP3 player to jump to the next track once a speed camera alert triggers.

My temporary fix is to revert to the previous POI Beta version (which supported WAV) and have the speed camera alerts saved as .WAV rather than .MP3 files. This cures the problem until Garmin issue a fix.
arb2040 Posted - 11 janv. 2008 : 10:01:17
I recently upgraded my 660 to 4.20 and found that audio alerts disappeared while I'm playing music. What happens instead is that the player jumps to the next track in my playlist! Weird! If I'm not playing music - the alerts seem to work. Anyone else experienced this?
kappadappa Posted - 03 janv. 2008 : 20:32:10
I would say the the individual customer service reps are quite helpful and do whatever they can to resolve problems. But there does seem to be a break in the overall dissemination of information. Bugs get reported, but then seem to get "lost" and customer service reps are never informed of them.

I'm not sure if this is simple incompetence or a faulty information system at Garmin, or possibly deliberate denial of problems so as to uphold an untainted Garmin image. My guess is a little of both.
cmx45 Posted - 03 janv. 2008 : 20:22:07
No idea where they were. I wrote to them via the website and they were totally not helpfull.
The second time i first contacted the garmin importer in the Netherlands via and after that again via And again totally not helpfull.
With this type of "support" i will be checking out other brands when i would plan to buy another unit. Witch is a shame since i use garmin devices for some years now and i do like them. But support . . . yuk
danham Posted - 03 janv. 2008 : 20:09:53
Are you dealing with a different support group than the one in the US? I have found the folks in Olathe to be (mostly) well-informed, courteous, and quick to respond.

cmx45 Posted - 03 janv. 2008 : 19:40:51
Garmin tech support is the worst support i have had the displeasure of writing with in the last years.
I pointed them to this forum, i took lines and errors from this forum and send it to them.
And still they keep saying that no-one has reported these problems.

In my (humble) opinion they do not deserve the name tech support. Apparently they are not technical and surely they don't give any support.
tomb993 Posted - 03 janv. 2008 : 18:12:14
I have a Nuvi 660 that I recently upgraded to the 4.20 firmware level. I noticed several issues, so I did a search and found these forums (lots of good info here!) and this thread in particular.

There are three things in particular that “broke” with the upgrade to 4.20:

1) The map scale is gone
2) If you have a traffic alert (yellow warning sign) and press the lower right button (the turn in X miles button), all you get is the traffic alert information
3) On freeways, the top banner used to say what street was coming up by name (“Exit name ahead”), but after the 4.20 upgrade, all it says is the exit number (“10 ahead”)

All three of these things have been mentioned previously on this thread. I called Garmin about them, and they were not aware of items 2 and 3. They were aware of the map scale being gone, and said that was a deliberate decision.

If Garmin is not aware of issues like these, they will never get fixed. I would like to urge as many of you as possible to call Garmin support and report these bugs. The more people who call, the more likely they will get fixed.

“Thanks for your support”

Garmin Technical Support: (800) 800-1020
NanaimoRick Posted - 09 déc. 2007 : 00:56:34
GPS SW 3.00 is the newest.
Llama Posted - 08 déc. 2007 : 15:31:35
Nope, I am a tool. Other 650's from Costco came with 4.00, but mine indeed already has 4.20. Now to figure out if I have the latest GPS SW version. ;)
NanaimoRick Posted - 08 déc. 2007 : 00:46:20
Have you checked to see what version you have on the 650 already?
Llama Posted - 08 déc. 2007 : 00:40:54
I got a new 650 4 days ago and immediately ran the WebUpdater which prompted me to update to version 4.2, which I did.
Did you use the PC or Mac version? I just got my 650 from Costco and did not get the 4.2 firmware offered.
randyzon Posted - 26 nov. 2007 : 15:17:42
I have the alert/turn in problem on my 680 and contacted Garmin about it. They came back with a solution to put the unit into maintenance mode and delete the user data. I tried that scheme but there is no difference. Also, I found that my custom POIs do not list by category any more as they are all listed by distance from my location. In that regard I lost the ability to locate zip codes, waterfalls, museums, etc. I am waiting for tech response from Garmin on further action.
kappadappa Posted - 25 nov. 2007 : 15:10:02
Well, I recalibrated using a stylus for as much as possible, using the edge of a pencil eraser to tap the dots that ignored the stylus. The problem is still there. They definitely messed up some coding when they updated the traffic (surprise surprise).

I did figure out that there is a miniscule sliver on the extreme bottom of the "turn in" button that does show the next turn when pressed. But pressing it is no easy task. It's seriously maybe 1/16" right along the edge of the housing.

Not the safest problem to have, as it is usually in unfamiliar areas where one most needs to press that button. Now, instead of just tapping, it's more like precision surgery. Well, that's an exaggeration, but ya know what I mean.
kappadappa Posted - 25 nov. 2007 : 04:44:38
I hear ya, but the satellite screen is always a tricky bugger to get to, especially since it's sort of a "hidden" feature. Tapping on 2 distinctly different icons ("Turn in" and Traffic Alert) is a bit more straightforward. I was happy to try, and in fact have tried, recalibrating using a stylus. But, as I said, it is not entirely possible on my 680 since some of the dots do not respond at all to stylus presses.

I appreciate the assistance in trying to provide a solution. I just get bugged when it seems that my description of the problem is brushed aside. In contrast to the tiny screen real-estate for the satellites tap, the "Turn in" box is approximately 1/2" tall. That's a pretty big area. Tapping on the extreme bottom of that box means that your finger is quite far from the Traffic notification. That means that screen calibration would need to be off by over 1/2" to be responsible for the issue I'm describing.

As I said, I'm very anal about calibrating my screen. But indeed I will try recalibrating again using as small an instrument as I possibly can, and post what happens. But if screen calibration were actually off by over 1/2", there would be a lot more going wrong than the one specific problem that I and others have been describing.
NanaimoRick Posted - 25 nov. 2007 : 04:19:35
The traffic icon problem you describe is very similar to the satellite screen problem we had with the 350. We couldn't get to the screen by tapping the signal strength bars as it pressed the Where To? icon as well. The calibration method I described came from Garmin support and fixed the problem immediately.

kappadappa Posted - 25 nov. 2007 : 03:38:08
Recalibration on my 680 is not possible with a stylus or pencil. The screen has limited response to items that small. Some recalibration dots respond to the stylus and some (especially on the far left and right) don't. I can calibrate using my pinky, but that is not the issue.

You see, it is not just that I'm accidentally hitting the traffic icon. You'll notice that the "Turn in" box turns yellow when you tap on it, to indicate that it has been touched. Well, when there is a traffic notification and I touch the "Turn in" box, it still turns yellow, but the Traffic Icon highlights as well. It responds as if the "Turn in" box and the traffic icon have become one icon.

It does not matter how low on the screen I tap. I can tap the extreme bottom of the "Turn in" box, as far away from the traffic icon as possible, and the traffic icon still responds as if I've touched it.

On a side note, I am extremely anal about recalibrating my screen, and my fingers are slim. This isn't just a sloppy use issue.
NanaimoRick Posted - 25 nov. 2007 : 00:17:09
A similar thing happened with the 350 after a firmware update some time ago. The answer was indeed to recalibrate the screen but in a very specific way. I am assuming there is a recalibration screen on the 6XX units. If so, go to that screen but instead of just tapping the various calibration spots touch each one with a stylus, pencil, or some other dull but pointed object. The trick is to touch each spot in the exact middle of the dot. Once this was done the touch areas on all screens were calibrated much better than they had ever been.
salsaguy Posted - 25 nov. 2007 : 00:07:47
Can everyone who is having this issue try and use a PDA stylus or similar or a soft end of a pencil (eraser) or pen (not the ink side) to see if that helps

Im pretty sure its due to the lack of space inbetween the buttons and the crowding is making your finger pick up on the traffic button instead of the next turn button by mistake

Use your pinky finder instead of the index finger to see if that helps

Originally posted by BAVC10

I have the same thing too.

Fine without traffic but once the traffic icon displays touching the next turn box just displays traffic

phxflyboy Posted - 24 nov. 2007 : 19:15:16

I got a new 650 4 days ago and immediately ran the WebUpdater which prompted me to update to version 4.2, which I did. Because I only used it for a few hours before upgrading I can't say if it is better or worse but I do know that 4.2 definitely works on the 650 and I have had no problems.

BAVC10 Posted - 24 nov. 2007 : 10:57:19
I have the same thing too.

Fine without traffic but once the traffic icon displays touching the next turn box just displays traffic
kappadappa Posted - 23 nov. 2007 : 22:44:08
My next turn button on the lower right still works UNLESS there's a traffic alert. Then tapping the lower right only brings up traffic info, not next turn info. It's a pretty stupid screw up if you ask me.
randyzon Posted - 23 nov. 2007 : 15:02:24
I did recalibrate and nothing changed. I'll contact Garmin and see what they advise. Sounds like I need to reinstall the upgrade.
kappadappa Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 19:20:53
randyzon - have you tried recalibrating your screen?
n/a Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 18:08:52
With 4.2 on my 660, the next turn is still available from the lower right ['next turn in XX' box]. The list of all turns, as well as the button for 'show map' to show the whole route is still available from the top bar as it always was. I see no changes in either regard.

I do see the missing scale indicator as noted previously.
danham Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 18:07:35
My 680 does not act this way at all. It has always allowed finding the next run by pressing the lower right and still does. The top bar has always showed a list of turns and still does.

randyzon Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 17:42:58
Before the upgrade I could touch the lower right (next turn in) to get the next turn instructions. Now the turns are not there and they have been moved to the upper center bar. If you touch the top of the screen it lists all turns with direction arrows.

If you have an alert on the screen you can touch the lower right or the alert and it will pop up.

Previously I posted the autozooming feature. Maybe my unit had a glitch and it now works with the upgrade. Whatever happened it makes the unit much more usable.
Retief Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 13:13:12
I've exchanged a couple of pieces of mail with Garmin tech support regarding the "disappearing
Map Scale legend" problem on some Nuvis with firmware 4.20. They acknowledged the issue with
this statement:

"A bug report has been submitted to engineering. Please look for a future update to fix this problem."
Bogey Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 00:38:16
@plumeria[Peter], I did the same for exactly the same reasons !
So there's really NO WAY skipping 3.8 huh .
Do you've a 670 ? I'll Update to 4.2 MANUALLY if I've to
stay for long periods in Toronto,Ottawa or Montreal, for the
traffic thingy
bachastain Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 00:30:21
I upgraded my 650 to 4.2 and have not noticed any problems over the previous release.

cameraz Posted - 21 nov. 2007 : 00:14:47

Has anybody actually installed the 4.2 software on a 650 yet? Does it work?
spacemn_spiff Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 21:30:37
Salsaguy, thanks for the response.

Intuitively the map legend is there in 'Track up' and 'North Up' map views. Its only available in the 'browse map' feature or 'show map' feature and not in the View map feature on the main screen. And I have the 4.2 S/W update.

Hmm, thats interesting, my 650 came with 4.1 S/W and after the upgrade to 4.2 I have seen the 001 fave twice now.
salsaguy Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 20:26:43
Has anyone noticed that now that the 1 min traffic delay issue has been fixed with the 4.2 patch, that it seems the nuvi has no max delay threshold used to determine if it reroutes you around the traffic or not.
Seems now even a MINOR 1-2 min delay will cause it to retoute when we all know the side roads/streets are slower than the main highway
I would think there should be a min of 5 to 10 mins delay before it reroutes you.

Yes I have traffic avoidance turned ON but its now TOO aggressive of an avoidance.

Anyone else see this in the past 2 weeks since the patch?
Im using 680 with MSN traffic
salsaguy Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 20:23:25
Ive had/seen those 001, 002 things appear on my 680 long before the v4.2 patch

Originally posted by spacemn_spiff

Strange thing happened to me couple of times after a upgrade, whenever I insert a Via point then Nuvi creates a favorite with name '001' that has the information about the Via point stored. Did anyone else notice anything like this?

salsaguy Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 20:22:22
Its the little "ruler" at the bottom middle of all the the map screens showing you that 0.25 inches = 0.5 miles or whatever the current scale is.

Originally posted by spacemn_spiff
On a side note, what is the mapscale legend, is it the +/- buttons on the map?

plumeria Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 19:04:50

Previously I was automatically updated from 3.7 to 4.1 (when I installed the 2008 maps) and then I manually reverted back to 3.7 for 2 reasons. In 3.8 certain changes were implemented in the firmware - the screen sensitivity is much worse (deliberately done by Garmin) and the volume is a lot less (also deliberately implemented by Garmin).

I assume that these changes (regressions?) have stayed from 3.8 to 4.1 and now 4.2 hence the reason I am reluctant to move from 3.7 to 4.2 (as I could)

Hope this clears things up

Bogey Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 17:11:41
" Peter - still on v3.7 with no immediate plans to upgrade due to the "features" introduced in 3.8 "
@plumeria, I thought that you could go from v3.7 to 4.2 and
skipping 3.8 ?!? Please xplain---TIA
spacemn_spiff Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 15:33:03
Strange thing happened to me couple of times after a upgrade, whenever I insert a Via point then Nuvi creates a favorite with name '001' that has the information about the Via point stored. Did anyone else notice anything like this?

On a side note, what is the mapscale legend, is it the +/- buttons on the map?
bachastain Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 03:09:16
The mapscale on the 2D map is still there on my 4.2 650.

plumeria Posted - 20 nov. 2007 : 02:46:11
It sounds like Garmin have taken a few steps forward with 4.2 but then a couple of steps backwards.. can't they introduce a firmware "upgrade" without breaking stuff that use to work?

Peter - still on v3.7 with no immediate plans to upgrade due to the "features" introduced in 3.8
tvuong Posted - 19 nov. 2007 : 22:04:57
Originally posted by salsaguy

Mapscale legend is fine on my 680 after the v4.2 patch

Mapscale legend is no longer there after upgrading my 660 to v4.2
danham Posted - 19 nov. 2007 : 16:31:31
@ randyzon:

That's odd; my 350 and 680 have always done this. Did you by any chance switch from 2D or North Up to 3D/Track Up?

kappadappa Posted - 19 nov. 2007 : 16:30:36
I did the 4.20 update on Saturday, and twice since then it has "lost satellites" within a tunnel, rather than simulating that it can still see them. Not a major issue for me, but as someone who travels through several tunnels many times a week, it was nice to not have to hear "lost satellites". I wonder why the update would change that?

But, I'm very happy with the improved traffic delay accuracy. Using the GTM-20 yesterday I was warned of a 19 minute delay and able to route around it, while in the past it would only show a couple of minutes as the delay time.
randyzon Posted - 19 nov. 2007 : 14:58:04
I have always had a problem with the 680 when I need to change the scale of the mapping to see details or to see the next turn.. I was really surprised after the upgrade that my unit autoscales now. If the next turn is a mile or several miles away the unit scales out so that you can see it then scales down as you near the turn. This makes the lead/lag issue fairly moot and helps alot.
Aconite Posted - 19 nov. 2007 : 13:12:24
I am new to the nuvi and haven't driven it on the freeway until last night (416 in Ottawa) and noticed the exact same thing. I thought it might just be canadian map content. I had nothing to compare it too .... but it would have been really nice if it did display the name of the exit instead of just the number as I am not all that familiar with Ottawa.
ZManCartFan Posted - 19 nov. 2007 : 04:52:21
Tonight I was driving on the freeway without a pre-planned route for the first time since updating both the maps and firmware on my 680. I'm not sure if it's a function of the 2008 maps or the 4.20 firmware (or both), but I noticed that instead of always showing me the full name of the exit I was coming to, the Nuvi instead said just "240" until it was within a mile of the exit at which point it would display the full title of "Exit 240: Brunswick Road" or whatever it is. Sometimes it was much closer than a mile at maybe a quarter mile or so.

I haven't noticed it on surface streets, though. There it continues to say the full name of the next street upcoming. And when the next "exit" was a rest area, it did display that completely. But it sure seems a step back to me on the freeway where you really would want to know the name of the exit more than a half mile away and not just the number.
NuviNut Posted - 19 nov. 2007 : 01:09:48

Thanks again. Sadly, because I had Virtual PC on this machine, it wants to open it to unstuff the EXE file. My Stuffit series of programs seem to need to be updated to work with Leopard.

I'll poke around and see what I can find.

BAVC10 Posted - 18 nov. 2007 : 13:41:50
Using City EUROPE NT2008 on a new Nuvi. Firmware 4.20 does make the map redraw about twice as fast as before, especially when it zooms in when approaching a junction.

Mapscale is still there non 3d view.

Firmware 4.20 finally seems to be a worthwhile upgrade
danham Posted - 18 nov. 2007 : 03:28:27
My 100% virgin install can't find my WiFi network; I'm back to Tiger [sigh]. At any rate, if you haven't done so, check out our main FAQ for a link to manual updating using Macs - the exe files expand just fine without needing to use a Windows box.

NuviNut Posted - 18 nov. 2007 : 02:43:31
Thanks guys for the excellent advice.... I'll give it a whirl and let you know how it turned out. Earlier today when I saw the ".exe" file.... I just bailed on it. But I bet your advice will work.

Danham- yeah, Leopard gave me problems too.... turns out that just using "upgrade" is not a good idead (which I new from older OS issues). I ended up formatting and 'clean installing' Leopard. Now I just have the REGULAR bugs! LOL


danham Posted - 18 nov. 2007 : 00:58:06
UPDATE for NuviNut:

My first attempt at installing Leopard was flawed, so it turns out the USB ports were not working properly. I fixed that and the nuvis connected just fine and the Mac Web Updater worked OK too.

So either there was an Internet glitch upstream of your Mac, or Leopard was causing one of its quirky problems with your connection. Do you use WiFi? Leopard can be really nasty on that, esp. on Intel Macs. As an aside, I have to say that Leopard is 10x as problematic as any Mac OS update I've ever done, and I've been at it since the very first Macs.

danham Posted - 17 nov. 2007 : 22:33:53

I just installed Leopard today and neither my 350 nor the 680 will mount on the desktop at all, so the Mac web updater does not work for me.

neadrenalin Posted - 17 nov. 2007 : 17:33:43
NuviNut, you better wait to use PC-based machine.
Or manual download from page 4.20 firmware, unzip this .exe file, then find gudate.gcd file inside catalogues, then put this file to the :nuvi\Garmin folder and then just disconnect and restart the unit. Then you have to cross your fingers and wait.. some strings will be printed on nuvi screen, LOADER... SOFTWARE LOADING... then some display flashes and self-restart. Now you have 4.20, no need the damned webupdater.
NuviNut Posted - 17 nov. 2007 : 16:23:51
Hey all! I am joining this post a little late, as I just finally had some time to play with the Nuvi. I am running Mac OS10.5 (Leopard), and am wondering if anyone out there has the same problem with Web Updater as I do. It downloads the update- but then I get the message:

"Error Communicating with Garmin Server".

Has anyone seen this/ found a workaround? I don't have Bootcamp or Parralels or Virtual PC to run.... so worst case is I have to wait until I can use a machine at work. Oy!


Frank in NY (Nuvi 660, ETrex Legend, MacMini)

Craigster05 Posted - 16 nov. 2007 : 16:31:14
As an update to my previous post, I am really happy to report the MSN Direct service is working great with 4.2 firmware. After driving all over the LI/NYC area for the past few days, I am almost always at 3 bars, lowest Ive seen was 2 green bars, and that was not very often. Previously, I had very few spots of 1-2 bars, and a lot of no reception areas. I guess that last MSN update needed the newer firmware, 3.8 wasnt cutting it. Traffic info has been accurate in the areas Ive been in, and Ive had current gas pricing and if you can believe, Ive even had movie times (not that I use them, but it's nice to finally see the 680 performing as advertised).
salsaguy Posted - 16 nov. 2007 : 06:11:33
The v4.2 patch is for all 6xx series so yes the 670 should be fine with it
Havent seen any problems with it, just improvements so far.
Beachbumcook Posted - 16 nov. 2007 : 04:33:04
I upgraded my 680 to firmware version 4.20 and after that I was promted to do an update for GTMxxx traffic receiver (I use both MSN and GTM-20). I have no use for the other language support, but right above them was an update for GTM traffic!!!!

So far so good on all fronts since upgrading the firmware and GTM traffic receiver. Will have to try my MSN receiver and see what it does.

Good luck to all.....
sparksd Posted - 16 nov. 2007 : 02:55:49

I updated my 670 to 4.2 and have not seen any problems. Why did you downgrade from 4.1?
Bogey Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 21:05:06
Hi salsaguy, the v4.2 patch is Ok for my 670 ?!?
Currently have 3.7 DOWNgraded from 4.1 and quite HAPPY with this :)
TIA for UR response.
salsaguy Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 20:33:40
Mapscale legend is fine on my 680 after the v4.2 patch
Lightninrod Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 19:54:42
OK, I just touched the Reset button and it shut off and now is back on in its 'normal' mode.

Boyd Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 19:51:23
Originally posted by plumeria


What firmware version are you running on your 650 with unresponsive screen? With the 3.80 upgrade Garmin deliberately made it much harder to use the screen. I ended up reverting back to 3.70 from 4.10.


Interesting - I have firmware 3.90 which was pre-installed on the unit. Guess I should consider updating, although when I read about problems with various versions I generally decide to be content with the devil I know
Lightninrod Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 19:43:40
OK, I just updated my 660 to 4.20. I then checked if it took the new update and it showed 4.20 on the screen that you get when holding down the upper right corner of the screen. While there. I pressed "Next" and a blank screen of color came up. Then a second and a third color came on and now that blank, salmon(?) colored screen is on and I can't turn the 660 off. It just sits there with this blank screen on

I know there's an answer and that I will be when someone tells me what to do.

Please help,

sparksd Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 15:10:54
Originally posted by ZX14NINJA

Try loading a 4GB card with 700 MP3's on it and see how long it takes to draw the map on power 5 minutes before you get the map and the MP3's... instead of a few seconds.

I was hoping that would be addressed one day?

Interesting - I have a 2 GB card with 509 MP3s and the power-on map draw is relatively fast.

Also, I'm surprised they haven't fixed the faulty currency converter as it's so obviously broken and cannot be that difficult to fix.

spacemn_spiff Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 14:52:27
Manually udpated from 4.1 to 4.2, see no issues that I can see, screen might be a tad bit more sensitive. I will report back if I see anything else.
Retief Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 13:10:11
Ditto on the Map Scale legend disappearing after upgrading my Nuvi 660 from 4.10 to 4.20. No sign of any option
to control this.

I also notice that I hear two "Recalculating ..." messages for each missed route turn. I've occasionally
noticed this behavior before, however now it seems to happen all the time. A minor annoyance.
ZX14NINJA Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 04:17:52
Originally posted by danham

@ salsaguy:

Yes, I have done a tiny bit of testing (see the message above yours).

I really don't see any map drawing improvement, but have yet to observe it during a high processor-load situation such as a recalc.


Try loading a 4GB card with 700 MP3's on it and see how long it takes to draw the map on power 5 minutes before you get the map and the MP3's... instead of a few seconds.

I was hoping that would be addressed one day?
petlaur Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 04:16:46
JB2610 says Maybe it's Garmin's way of telling you to slow down?

JB, you're one funny person!!

. I usually do the same and let everyone else be the guinea pigs in Garmin's updates but the 4.20's features were just too tempting to pass up.

n/a Posted - 15 nov. 2007 : 03:05:32
Ok, where did it go? After holding back at 3.7 or so [because of volume and screen sensitivity complaints aganist later versions] I just upgraded my 660 to 4.2, only now I don't see the map scale legend any more [map north-up]. Did that go away somewhere along the way? Or is this just garmin's way to hide random zoom changes, even while not in-route, so we don't complain about that specific stupidity?
JB2610 Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 23:24:08
Maybe it's Garmin's way of telling you to slow down?

I haven't up/down graded to v4.20 as yet and it is hard to hold myself back, but in my old age I am finally learning to let you guys do all the beta testing for Garmin and me. And besides, I don't have any trips planned for a couple weeks.

Bottom line....I don't have an answer and my current 680 lag just doesn't bother me all that much.

On another note for Helipilot - you could do a "poor man's" audio check if you have a laptop. Just use internal or hook up a mic and run the audio/microphone hardware test before and after you upgrade and watch the meter while your 660 jabbers away.

petlaur Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 19:39:57
I upgraded to 4.20 and now the lag problem on my unit has gotten worse. Now when I've completely passed through an intersection my nuvi shows that I am just approaching the intersection.
Craigster05 Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 16:36:32
I upgraded my 680 that I purchased from fellow member jmorton. He originally sent it to me with 4.10. After using it for a day or so, I reloaded 3.80. I didnt see much difference, perhaps slightly louder volume with a littlew more distortion. I upgraded yesterday to 4.20. I didnt notice any screen sensitivity change from 3.8, and the volume seems to be about the same to my ears. The screen updates seems slightly quicker during recalcs, and if you set screen detail to more instead of most, it seems much quicker still.

Here is a pleasant surprise, and I cant figure why. The only update I did was 4.20, I didnt take the BT or anything else. My MSN reception was about 1-2 bars in the car and no reception in the house. After the update I now have 3 bars in the house and in the car in front of the house! Im not sure if it is something in the firmware, or something coincidently changed here on LI. I will do some driving around and see if my good luck continues....
wilmanwar Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 15:56:10
do the Street pilot C5XX series have this same 1min traffic delay issue?
danham Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 15:52:56
Sorry, no db meter, so just a subjective answer. I found the volume pre-4.10 to be plenty loud but sometimes distorted at 100%. Interestingly - for your purposes - I experienced that distortion more often when using BT phone, so would drop down to 80%, where it was fine.

When I went to 4.10 the distortion decreased, as did the volume a little bit, but still quite usable and in some cases - notably BT phone - a bit better because I could run at 100% with little distortion. The latest firmware does not seem to have changed that, but of course all of this is totally subjective on the part of my aging former garage band drummer ears [grin].

Bottom line for me is that I really prefer routing the nuvi and phone audio through my stereo whenever possible.

Helipilot Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 15:37:24
Can it be confirmed that the volume reduction invoked in 4.10 has or has not been removed in 4.2? I use my 660 for BT phone as much if not more than the GPS functions on a daily basis and driving a diesel 4x4 at highway speeds needs as MUCH volume as possible. I have not upgraded to 4.1 as a result of the reduced volume reported here and while the traffic patch / redraw speeds are very nice to see implemented, I would not upgrade even to 4.2 if it means losing the volume I have now which is barely adequate on most cell calls. Come on, I know one of you techno geeks has a db meter and can do a before / after.
Aconite Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 13:40:13
I haven't tried the traffic yet, well, because we don't have traffic coverage around there. However, I did notice a significant increase in the map drawing speed :)
cfw Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 12:51:30
No, it does not.
jotne Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 12:49:39
Does this new firmware contain the hidded tracklog, like 7xx and 2xx?
salsaguy Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 04:57:47
Anyone notice the "Simulation" mode now after the patch seems to go a little faster instead of drag at a snails pace or is it just me? or is it the improved map draw rates that helps that?

Also, when it does the initial route calculation, it takes a little bit longer because now its trying to route you AROUND the increased amount of traffic it has to deal with now. :)
salsaguy Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 04:56:33
Heres the proof that the patch really DOES make a BIG difference
See my latest posts on 11/14 (Page 3) in this thread:
plumeria Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 02:56:33

What firmware version are you running on your 650 with unresponsive screen? With the 3.80 upgrade Garmin deliberately made it much harder to use the screen. I ended up reverting back to 3.70 from 4.10.

JB2610 Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 02:36:18
Originally posted by spacemn_spiff

Does this update work for 650 as well?


YES - internal dialog text file states:

"This update package contains:
nuvi 6xx System Software 4.20"
Boyd Posted - 14 nov. 2007 : 00:37:10
Originally posted by danhamfiThe touch screen may be =slightly= more sensitive than under 4.10, but I never found it objectionably difficult to press before.

Today I played with a 760 for the first time at Circuit City. I felt that the touch screen was more responsive than my 650 which I often have to peck at repeatedly to get a response.
danham Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 23:54:45
@ salsaguy:

Yes, I have done a tiny bit of testing (see the message above yours).

I really don't see any map drawing improvement, but have yet to observe it during a high processor-load situation such as a recalc.

spacemn_spiff Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 23:44:47
Does this update work for 650 as well?

I just bought the 650, I have couple of issues with it, one being the speaker volume while TTS and the other stuttering of the voice TTS. I am hoping the TTS stuttering issue will be taken care of by the f/w. The volume can be increased with hex edit, so I should be ok.
BAVC10 Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 23:37:26
The update looks worth doing just for the increased map drawing speed alone.

Doesn't look like any of the traffic enhancements to the 7XX series have been carried over to the 6XX series though.
salsaguy Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 23:03:54
Thanks for the info Danham
Did you test it out yet on your 680?

I will update when I get home and do a "before" and "after" simulation to verify its different
FINALLY they get a fix out for this
I can only imaging how this will change the routing and detours that the nuvi will take us on based on the "real life traffic info" now as opposed to the unreal #'s we've had for the past 4 months

danham Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 22:52:11
Nice find. This also applies to the 680, BTW:

Changes made from version 4.10 to 4.20:

Improved the map drawing speed.
Corrected issue with proximity points in areas with many roads causing the map to draw slower.
Corrected issue where all traffic delays were represented as 1 minute.

Rick & I must have posted at almost the same instant. Re: the 1-minute fix, I never heard back from CS about requesting a new v2008 map DVD, so it looks like this really is a firmware issue.

The touch screen may be =slightly= more sensitive than under 4.10, but I never found it objectionably difficult to press before. Max. volume seems about the same as 4.10.

NanaimoRick Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 22:51:41
As of now the link you posted Dan says 4.10 but it actually downloads a file called nuvi660_420.exe.

Here are the update features:

Changes made from version 4.10 to 4.20:

* Improved the map drawing speed.
* Corrected issue with proximity points in areas with many roads causing the map to draw slower.
* Corrected issue where all traffic delays were represented as 1 minute.

And the link wilmanwar posted will lead you directly to it.
wilmanwar Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 22:48:05
how about this!!!
danham Posted - 13 nov. 2007 : 22:45:42
It is listed here, but in typical Garmin website fashion, it leads instead to 4.10 [sigh]:


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