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 [TIP] Raw logging on nuvi 2xx/5xx/7xx/1xxx/37xx

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
GpsShopper Posted - 12 oct. 2007 : 03:31:04
UPDATED 20100719 : Raw logging is also available on the nuvi 37xx series, see details on page 49
UPDATED 20091106 : Member adamschneider has created a facility in GPS Visualizer that can read and output the gps.bin files generated by the Garmin Nuvi devices.

Convert to GPX:
Draw a Google Map:
Make a KML file:

The nav.bin files are NOT supported.

UPDATED 20090725 : The hidden data logger can be activated on the nuvi 1xxx series by a long press on the "compass" on the left side of the "trip computer" screen. As usual you need a satellite lock to activate recording.

UPDATED 20090429 : Forum member HalliHallo has kindly compiled a PDF document summarizing the contents of this topic click >> HERE << to view it.

Note that on the 2x5 models the gps.bin file is in \debug
UPDATED 20090406 : It turns out the hidden raw data logger has been there all the time, as an "easter egg" requiring a specific sequence that dcnuvi found by accident and that emmexx managed to recreate :
Enter "Where am I" (from the tools menu or clicking on the arrow icon on the navigation map)
then click in the following order on:
1. Nearest Junction (header of Nearest Junction/Intersection)
2. Nearest Address (header of Nearest Address)
3. Nearest Address (header of Nearest Address)
4. Nearest Junction (header of Nearest Junction/Intersection)
Bingo, the logging menu is there !

If you make a mistake you must exit the "Where am I" menu and start again. As a side effect the "screen shot" icon appears.

[ed]It's fairly obvious but it puzzled me at first, if you don't have a fix, the menus are greyed out unless logging is already active. I noticed it survives a restart and that you can deactivate the screenshot feature in tools/settings/display.

Tested so far on the nuvi 2x5, 2x5w, 550, 760, 755.

UPDATED 20090316 : Raw Tracklog can be now be enabled again on the nuvi 7x0 with software v4.60, see details on page 28.

REMINDER : as suggested by a forum member, this has already been discussed before, but a reminder can never hurt, flashing your GPS with an unofficial firmware version (be it to enable the raw logger or revive your dead GPSwith the "cure firmware) is something you are doing under your sole responsibility and it means you will not be able to get support from Garmin in case of a problem with your GPS in the future.
nüvi 2xx, nüvi 7xx

Useful links :
Decoding tool programmed by popej : >> DETAILS <<
Compared to nüvi 7xx built-in logger : >> DETAILS <<

UPDATED 20080526 - popej has added a GUI to his nuvitrak tool, details here on page 14.

UPDATED 20080205 - HOW TO KEEP THE HIDDEN LOGGER WHEN UPDATING : quite by accident I realized that the "hidden track log" feature that was quickly removed by Garmin actually survives a software update, provided the logging mode was active prior to the update. z.entropic wrote a how to if you want to use that trick and popej updated his nutrak conversion tool.

UPDATED 20071117 : the v3.50 update for the 2xx series REMOVES the hidden logging mode, see here for the changelog from v3.40 to v3.50.

UPDATED 20071111 : hidden log feature can be activated on the 7xx series too, tested to work with FW2.20. Compared to the built-in track feature it records the raw data apparently, not the "snapped to road" data.

NOTE BY GPSPASSION : track recorded in binary format, use the tool written by popej to convert to .gpx, link is below.

I just updated my Nuvi 250 to 3.40 and I notice that Garmin has added the possibility to record the travel log. This features could be found in the hidden menu which could be accessed by pressing and holding on the speedometer for about 10 sec. Press next to go to the Travel log screen. From this, I could start a new log or replay an existing log. I haven't tried to connect the Nuvi to the PC to see what I could do with the log files. Does anyone has more experience with this new feature?

Log screen - Logging in progress:

Log entries - Play back param:

Play back in progress:

REMINDER 20120707 : Jotne reports that if you leave the hidden track log stored in the internal memory of your Nuvi it can grow in size over time. It is possible that the file can become so big that little free space remains in internal storage and this can cause the unit to slow down considerably. Of course this is a much bigger issue on devices with only 2GB of internal storage space.
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
jotne Posted - 25 juil. 2016 : 07:59:50
Some old thread, but has it happend anything to the raw bin log?
I have a Nuvi 2699, and it logs track log to filder log/bin with .bin as extention.
None of the software I have tried, can convert it to gpx.
I am 100% sure its the correct file and that it contains position logs, since I can select them on the GPS and run a playback.
ktan Posted - 30 mai 2013 : 13:33:38
Which SW version has the 2nd map enable in SD card? SW for HWID 0827 does not have lane assist feature, but SW for HWID 0930 does. HWID 0930 has a newer SW 3.10; but, I found it unstable in my 255W.

I would like to have 2nd map in SD card and lane assist, if possible. I don't need raw logging in SD card (I am fine with raw logging in the main memory).

moddie Posted - 30 mai 2013 : 07:44:42
I'm willing to make a patch to add raw logging to the latest version(s) of firmware (that Garmin has enabled the second map on the SD card).

From what I understand now, you are using an older version of firmware because of the lane assist feature. If there is a new firmware that has both lane assist and second map on SD card then I should be able to fairly easily add a raw logging patch.

It would probably require quite a bit more time than I'd be willing to donate to port the second map on SD card feature to a firmware that does not have it.
ktan Posted - 30 mai 2013 : 02:05:18
Hi Moddie,

It was HWID 0827. But, I patched it with HWID 0930 to enable the lane assist feature with SW 3.00.

I forgot how I patched it. But, the GarminDevice.xml indicates the following:
<Description>nüvi 255W</Description>

Do you need anything else from me to create the patch enabling the 2nd map file in SD card?

moddie Posted - 30 mai 2013 : 00:16:55
Let me know what HWID your 255w is and I can make a patch for yours.
NanaimoRick Posted - 29 mai 2013 : 16:10:56
Originally posted by Fuse

Thank you, NanaimoRick!
The names of files in a folder with maps (\map) can be arbitrary?
(a.img, b.img, c.img, etc)

Yes, they can be any name that you want, but it doesn't look like this is an option with the 2xx models according to the post above.
ktan Posted - 29 mai 2013 : 15:11:54
Does the patch work for 255W enabling second map on SD card?
Fuse Posted - 29 mai 2013 : 07:15:53
Thank you, moddie!
Your patch has been installed on my Nuvi 260 (hwid=0660). At first glance it works fine! FW version is 5.10, "Tracking control" menu is enabled, does raw logging on SD. The second map (gmapsup1.img) on SD is supported. I'm still going to test it more.
Thank you very much!
moddie Posted - 28 mai 2013 : 20:13:28
@Fuse, I believe you are looking at the gcd file and comparing the gcd files. Try extracting the fw_all.bin from each gcd file using TurboCCC's RGN_Tool from

Then compare each fw_all.bin file. The changes should match my patch list. Also the file offsets should match my list.
popej Posted - 28 mai 2013 : 19:40:12
260 doesn't support \Map folder. On SD you can have 2 files: gmapsupp.img and gmapsup1.img, both in \Garmin folder.
Fuse Posted - 28 mai 2013 : 19:31:29
Thank you, NanaimoRick!
The names of files in a folder with maps (\map) can be arbitrary?
(a.img, b.img, c.img, etc)
NanaimoRick Posted - 28 mai 2013 : 19:26:02
Older Nuvi's like the 260 were originally limited to a file name of gmapsupp.img on the SD card. There were firmware updates on some models like the 1xxx series that allowed for a /map folder on the SD card and in that folder you could have map files with any name. This maybe what the firmware update 5.10 is referring to when it says "added support for additional map files on the SD".
Fuse Posted - 28 mai 2013 : 19:04:06
moddie, thank you for your work!

I compared the two files:
nuvi2xx_regionfileonly__510.gcd which taken from the site Garmin
and your nuvi2xx_HWID660_SW510_TracklogPatched.gcd

However, in the firmware that you suggested, there are changes that you did not mention:

1) Patch -1 @ 00048h
From 31 32
to 30 38 (why 2012 turned to 2008) ???
2) Patch 0 @ 00072h
From 4C
to 47

Why my offsets do not such as yours?
Patch 1 @ 3D32A
From 73 21 52 4E F9 F7 E4 FE
to 1A F2 98 FB 00 00 51 4E

3D32Ah is 9250Dh

Patch 2 @ 4CBF4
From 30 to 31

4CBF4h is A1DDBh



And "Difference between 5.00 and 5.10 is "added support for additional map file on SD"."
What names are the maps in the SD memory?
The same as that in the internal memory?
My internal memory (now, fw 5.00):
External (SD):
What's new in 5.10?
moddie Posted - 27 mai 2013 : 10:18:55
I don't have a nuvi with HWID 660 but I've figured out the patches needed for the raw tracklog for the 5.10 firmware.

Fuse or anyone else with a HWID 660 nuvi can test the patched firmware. For the next 90 days it can be downloaded from Once it is verified working, feel free to host it elsewhere.

If anyone wants to take a hex editor to fw_all.bin from HWID 660, 5.10 firmware, here are the patches I used:
Patch 1 @ 3D32A
From 73 21 52 4E F9 F7 E4 FE
  to 1A F2 98 FB 00 00 51 4E

Patch 2 @ 4CBF4
From 30 to 31

Patch 3 @ 64290
From 88 13
  to 32 00

Patch 4 @ 94DFC
From 30 to 31

Patch 5 @ 9523C
From 30 to 31

Patch 6 @ 100768
From 30 to 31

Patch 7 @ 11F1CC
From 30 to 31

Patch 8 @ 257A5E
From 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  to B5 49 07 05 D1 00 22 00 20 03 49 DF F5 71 F9 02 E0 73 21 DF F5 42 FB 00 BD 99 C8 08 10

Patch 9 @ 57A5FF
From 3C to 04
neadrenalin Posted - 26 mai 2013 : 21:52:17
Fuse should buy another device (4 years! Garmin did impressive job these days). nuvi 260 is good, but not so good as modern nuvi devices with Glonass.
I have no reason to create 5.10 version for such obsolete device, sorry. Difference between 5.00 and 5.10 is "added support for additional map file on SD".
Garmin Express has nothing new for your device, so avoid to use it.
Basecamp has a setting to disable check for updates.
Do not run the Webupdater. That is all.

if you have 5.00 patched, the update to 5.10 will remove raw tracklog capability.

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