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 [TOPIC] iBlue 747 Bluetooth Logger with MTK

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
jrj Posted - 02 mars 2007 : 18:44:06
[TOPIC] iBlue 747 Bluetooth Data Logger
MTK Chipset, Bluetooth, 16Mb memory

UPDATED 20071025 : The PC application lets you export logged data to .nma (NMEA) and .kml (Google Earth) formats but the exported data is limited (no altitude for instance) and hard-coded. The settings in the "Log Format" page ONLY apply to the .csv format so if you need a GPX or KML with the full height/speed information you'll need to convert your .csv file via

The iBlue 747 is a dual function GPS receiver with Bluetooth connectivity and 16Mb of onboard memory for data logging. It has the same overall design as the iBlue 737 (review) and Qstarz 818 (review) and likely share the same logging features as the iBlue 757 Pro/iTrek Z1 that has an additional solar pannel.

COMMENTS BY GPSPASSION : Received a test unit on March 12th and I must say I like it quite a bit more than the 757 thanks to its compact design, better casing (big anti-ski pad) and the PTL (Push to Log button).

In terms of memory capacity, 7000 points filled 10% of the memory, so total capacity should be around 70000, probably less when it becomes possible to activate the Elevation field.

The good news is that like the 757 it has full USB connectivity (unlike the 737/810/818) so you can use the newly discovered GPSInfo tool to activate SBAS or change the update frequency to 5Hz, more about that in the * Discussing MTK receivers and Tips and Tweaks * thread.

A few problems :

1. Switching to LOG starts the logging, but switching back to NAV does not stop it. Even if you turn off the 747, the logging resumes when you start it again. It has to be stopped by the PC software.

2. Can't activate the "ELEVATION" info field in the logging options. UPDATE : works if you activate the "HEIGHT" field instead

3. The PTL button only works if the 747 is "awake", i.e. connected to a PDA/PC over Bluetooth or logging, it won't wake up if you push the PTL mode. This limitation doesn't make it very useful

4. I was not able to download my 7000 points today, it kept timing out at about 60%. I wonder whether this has abything to do with the logging resuming automatically when you start downloading.FIXED - make sure the switch is in the "LOG" position and that you have the latest USB drivers.

Fortunately I haven't seen the log data being erased by moving the switch as others have, but overall I'd say that both the 747 and 757's logging modules are going to need more work before they're ready for prime time. They don't feel quite finished at this time. I was pretty annoyed today when I realized I wouldn't be able to geocode my pictures due to this timing-out problem. Never had such a problem with the Globalsat DG-100 which does strengthen my belief in single-purpose devices that do one thing well.

More test results :
- Logging without Bluetooth : 30h24'
- Log points with elevation : 61,076
- Downloading 61,076 points : 26 minutes !

Comments by 4river :
1. To "HEIGH" of a CSV file it seems that "Altitude + Geoid" is outputted.
In "HEIGH" should output "Altitude (mean-sea-level)".

2. "Overwrite Mode" of a Log is not "Circular recording".

3. Log capacity (just about).
1) Default items: 69,886 Points.
2) Default + Alt: 61,664 Points.
3) All except SID,ELEVATION,AZIMATH,SNR: 33,816 Points.
4) All items records: 12,479 points (it changes with the number of visible satellites).

4. Battery operating time (actual measurement value).
Condition: Log in every 5 seconds, and Bluetooth connection, stationary.
NMEA 1Hz : 27.7H
NMEA 5Hz : 17.2H

Original post by jrj : I just got one of these. This is not a review, just a few impressions.

The unit seems to perform well. No problem connecting to Streets & Trips or Google Earth. Pretty good sensitivity - yesterday it captured all the data on a flight from SFO to Seattle from inside my travel bag.

The iBlue software is very very rudimentary. Basically you can capture a CSV file or create a kml file for Google Earth. That's about it. The CSV file seems to be slightly non-standard but luckily Adam Schneider of GPS Visualizer is extremely responsive and updated his site to accept that data. As far as I can tell, that site is easily the best place to try to do anything with the iBlue data.

I'd be interested to hear others' impressions.
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Wavemaster550 Posted - 08 mars 2013 : 09:44:22
Thanks for your reply. Yes I tried that, I also tried a different battery but this didn't help.

Are there any test that I can perform to find out what the issue is?
gpspassion Posted - 08 mars 2013 : 08:15:50
Does sound like a hardware issue and I don't recall anyone mentioning it before, nor had it on mine. Try removing the battery and turn it on/off again maybe?
Wavemaster550 Posted - 07 mars 2013 : 22:29:43

It seems that I have a problem with my iBlue 747 logger. When switching the device on, in either the log or nav setting, only the blue bluetooth led is turned on. However logging (in log setting) and active bluetooth (in nav setting) doesn't work.

After turning the logger several times on and off again it will eventually turn the amber led on and start logging. When this happens the device is fine and does its job. But after turning it off it won't work again for some time.

Does anyone recognises or knows the problem? And possibly can say how to fix it?

It seems to me that the logger is fine only turning it on is a problem, may there something wrong with the switch? Is it possible to turn the logger on by connectiong some of the holes on the plate?

Thanks in advance!
waleednosir Posted - 03 déc. 2010 : 18:16:33
Dear Gentlemen ,

I know this question is very old and all you you have a solution for it . I have checked that my question was issued on 2007 . So , I guess the answer is ready .

I have got the 747 Pro model , I need to download the data from the logger memory to the pc using .net ( or ) . are there any code that support me to do this . I know that there is a tool that does this , but the tool source code is in Jave . I need to use the .net environment.

Thank you all in advance for your support.


gpspassion Posted - 17 nov. 2010 : 03:41:43 the forum FAQ, the BT747 manual and the the first message of this topic and come back with any remaining questions, thanks.
astraeus Posted - 16 nov. 2010 : 19:23:55
I have just taken delivery of the iBlue 747A+ and I've downloaded BT747 in order to configure it. Could someone please run me through the settings I need to record logs for the following:

I want to record speed, altitude and distance when skiing and when driving. It will be downloaded via USB to my PC and then loaded into Google Earth and Excel spreadsheets.

I only want the BT function on if I can watch "live" on Google Maps on my E72 whilst the GPS is tracking - is this possible?

Also, what do the three lights indicate - one is batter, one is bluetooth and the other one is?
cchiappa Posted - 19 août 2010 : 20:48:58
Thanks, as you said, sliding a blade between the two halves, it was pretty easy to pry apart. The button was visibly smashed and while I didn't have any precision soldering stuff around, I just sort of twisted off the top which seems to have disabled the button, which is exactly what I wanted!
mdeweerd Posted - 13 août 2010 : 19:45:42
The two part of the iBlue 747 clipse together and with a blade you can open it easily. Be carefull about the switch in order not to lose it.
I removed the button (unsoldered) on one of my devices as it got stuck.
cchiappa Posted - 13 août 2010 : 17:31:10
Anyone disassembled a BT-747? My "point of interest" button has gotten stuck on, making the tracks produced annoyingly cluttered. As I never used the button at all, I'm considering just opening it up and trying to clip the lead for it or something. A quick look didn't make it obvious how to crack the case open, but I presume it's just a normal clamshell design...anyone have any hints?
mdeweerd Posted - 14 juil. 2010 : 14:35:10
I use the SW that I developed: BT747 ( [ed - discussed here :]

When the devices arrives it the box, it is generally already configured to log once every second. The log conditions are set on the devices parameters tab in the BT747 application.
I think GPS Photo Tagger comes with the Transystem devices now to get the log data. GPSView is for the more technical settings.
vasyapupkin1000 Posted - 14 juil. 2010 : 14:08:37
What software do you use with it, when you use it as a data logger ?

Gpsview that comes with it cannot be used to download data. There is no way to erase the data. Nothing...
mdeweerd Posted - 11 mai 2010 : 00:35:40
I also note that if the logging parameters are set to Speed=1 & Distance =1 the internal logging rate remains at 5Hz even if there is no movement which means that the internal memory fills up with static data quite quickly.

Even if you are not moving, there is enough 'noise' in the GPS signal(s) to have the device think that your are moving faster than 1km/h or more than 1 meter. If you do not want static data, you can increase these values.
Anyway, with this settings you see that you practically get the same behaviour as setting the Fix to 5Hz and the time log period to 0.2s, a value that these newer devices unfortunately do not maintain.

The flash settings are parameter values that the device will initialise to after having lost power (battery power, not just the 'on/off' switch).
For most devices, changes in these values are 'locked', represented by the 'Times left' value. It that latter value is 0 you can not change the flash settings.
That does not mean that you can not change the 'current' values for these settings like the 'Update rate' and the 'XXX Periods'. This is done in other places in BT747 (Device settings for the Update rate/Fix period, and, 'NMEA Output Settings' next to the flash settings for the NMEA sentence rates.

Theoretically the current value of the baud rate can be changed to, but I did not present that possibility in the BT747 interface considering that that would be a 'dangerous' change.
neilld Posted - 10 mai 2010 : 22:33:34
Hi again. Have been experimenting with the device & think I have sorted things (almost).
It appears that moving the selector switch in any direction causes a break in communication which requires the software to be restarted (to regain communication).
I can now log internally at 5Hz but if switch moved from "Log" to "Nav" the logging rate reverts to 5 sec. intervals & can only be reset by BT747 (or the supplied GPSView program).
Haven't yet worked out how to keep the internal logging rate permanently at 5Hz (if indeed this is possible). What does the "Flash settings" function do in BT747 advanced settings?
I also note that if the logging parameters are set to Speed=1 & Distance =1 the internal logging rate remains at 5Hz even if there is no movement which means that the internal memory fills up with static data quite quickly.
Thanks again for your help

mdeweerd Posted - 06 mai 2010 : 22:36:36
That is pretty strange - are you sure that speed/distance is set to '1' and that 5Hz fix is still active?!
Can you share a screenshot?
neilld Posted - 06 mai 2010 : 21:45:20
Hi, Thanks for advice. Tried this again setting speed etc but same result (internal log file only at 5 sec. intervals. Think you're right, the hardware or firmware must have changed or else my device is faulty. Will take it up with vendor.
Thanks again,

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