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 [TOPIC] iBlue 747 Bluetooth Logger with MTK

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
jrj Posted - 02 mars 2007 : 18:44:06
[TOPIC] iBlue 747 Bluetooth Data Logger
MTK Chipset, Bluetooth, 16Mb memory

UPDATED 20071025 : The PC application lets you export logged data to .nma (NMEA) and .kml (Google Earth) formats but the exported data is limited (no altitude for instance) and hard-coded. The settings in the "Log Format" page ONLY apply to the .csv format so if you need a GPX or KML with the full height/speed information you'll need to convert your .csv file via

The iBlue 747 is a dual function GPS receiver with Bluetooth connectivity and 16Mb of onboard memory for data logging. It has the same overall design as the iBlue 737 (review) and Qstarz 818 (review) and likely share the same logging features as the iBlue 757 Pro/iTrek Z1 that has an additional solar pannel.

COMMENTS BY GPSPASSION : Received a test unit on March 12th and I must say I like it quite a bit more than the 757 thanks to its compact design, better casing (big anti-ski pad) and the PTL (Push to Log button).

In terms of memory capacity, 7000 points filled 10% of the memory, so total capacity should be around 70000, probably less when it becomes possible to activate the Elevation field.

The good news is that like the 757 it has full USB connectivity (unlike the 737/810/818) so you can use the newly discovered GPSInfo tool to activate SBAS or change the update frequency to 5Hz, more about that in the * Discussing MTK receivers and Tips and Tweaks * thread.

A few problems :

1. Switching to LOG starts the logging, but switching back to NAV does not stop it. Even if you turn off the 747, the logging resumes when you start it again. It has to be stopped by the PC software.

2. Can't activate the "ELEVATION" info field in the logging options. UPDATE : works if you activate the "HEIGHT" field instead

3. The PTL button only works if the 747 is "awake", i.e. connected to a PDA/PC over Bluetooth or logging, it won't wake up if you push the PTL mode. This limitation doesn't make it very useful

4. I was not able to download my 7000 points today, it kept timing out at about 60%. I wonder whether this has abything to do with the logging resuming automatically when you start downloading.FIXED - make sure the switch is in the "LOG" position and that you have the latest USB drivers.

Fortunately I haven't seen the log data being erased by moving the switch as others have, but overall I'd say that both the 747 and 757's logging modules are going to need more work before they're ready for prime time. They don't feel quite finished at this time. I was pretty annoyed today when I realized I wouldn't be able to geocode my pictures due to this timing-out problem. Never had such a problem with the Globalsat DG-100 which does strengthen my belief in single-purpose devices that do one thing well.

More test results :
- Logging without Bluetooth : 30h24'
- Log points with elevation : 61,076
- Downloading 61,076 points : 26 minutes !

Comments by 4river :
1. To "HEIGH" of a CSV file it seems that "Altitude + Geoid" is outputted.
In "HEIGH" should output "Altitude (mean-sea-level)".

2. "Overwrite Mode" of a Log is not "Circular recording".

3. Log capacity (just about).
1) Default items: 69,886 Points.
2) Default + Alt: 61,664 Points.
3) All except SID,ELEVATION,AZIMATH,SNR: 33,816 Points.
4) All items records: 12,479 points (it changes with the number of visible satellites).

4. Battery operating time (actual measurement value).
Condition: Log in every 5 seconds, and Bluetooth connection, stationary.
NMEA 1Hz : 27.7H
NMEA 5Hz : 17.2H

Original post by jrj : I just got one of these. This is not a review, just a few impressions.

The unit seems to perform well. No problem connecting to Streets & Trips or Google Earth. Pretty good sensitivity - yesterday it captured all the data on a flight from SFO to Seattle from inside my travel bag.

The iBlue software is very very rudimentary. Basically you can capture a CSV file or create a kml file for Google Earth. That's about it. The CSV file seems to be slightly non-standard but luckily Adam Schneider of GPS Visualizer is extremely responsive and updated his site to accept that data. As far as I can tell, that site is easily the best place to try to do anything with the iBlue data.

I'd be interested to hear others' impressions.
150   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Wavemaster550 Posted - 08 mars 2013 : 09:44:22
Thanks for your reply. Yes I tried that, I also tried a different battery but this didn't help.

Are there any test that I can perform to find out what the issue is?
gpspassion Posted - 08 mars 2013 : 08:15:50
Does sound like a hardware issue and I don't recall anyone mentioning it before, nor had it on mine. Try removing the battery and turn it on/off again maybe?
Wavemaster550 Posted - 07 mars 2013 : 22:29:43

It seems that I have a problem with my iBlue 747 logger. When switching the device on, in either the log or nav setting, only the blue bluetooth led is turned on. However logging (in log setting) and active bluetooth (in nav setting) doesn't work.

After turning the logger several times on and off again it will eventually turn the amber led on and start logging. When this happens the device is fine and does its job. But after turning it off it won't work again for some time.

Does anyone recognises or knows the problem? And possibly can say how to fix it?

It seems to me that the logger is fine only turning it on is a problem, may there something wrong with the switch? Is it possible to turn the logger on by connectiong some of the holes on the plate?

Thanks in advance!
waleednosir Posted - 03 déc. 2010 : 18:16:33
Dear Gentlemen ,

I know this question is very old and all you you have a solution for it . I have checked that my question was issued on 2007 . So , I guess the answer is ready .

I have got the 747 Pro model , I need to download the data from the logger memory to the pc using .net ( or ) . are there any code that support me to do this . I know that there is a tool that does this , but the tool source code is in Jave . I need to use the .net environment.

Thank you all in advance for your support.


gpspassion Posted - 17 nov. 2010 : 03:41:43 the forum FAQ, the BT747 manual and the the first message of this topic and come back with any remaining questions, thanks.
astraeus Posted - 16 nov. 2010 : 19:23:55
I have just taken delivery of the iBlue 747A+ and I've downloaded BT747 in order to configure it. Could someone please run me through the settings I need to record logs for the following:

I want to record speed, altitude and distance when skiing and when driving. It will be downloaded via USB to my PC and then loaded into Google Earth and Excel spreadsheets.

I only want the BT function on if I can watch "live" on Google Maps on my E72 whilst the GPS is tracking - is this possible?

Also, what do the three lights indicate - one is batter, one is bluetooth and the other one is?
cchiappa Posted - 19 août 2010 : 20:48:58
Thanks, as you said, sliding a blade between the two halves, it was pretty easy to pry apart. The button was visibly smashed and while I didn't have any precision soldering stuff around, I just sort of twisted off the top which seems to have disabled the button, which is exactly what I wanted!
mdeweerd Posted - 13 août 2010 : 19:45:42
The two part of the iBlue 747 clipse together and with a blade you can open it easily. Be carefull about the switch in order not to lose it.
I removed the button (unsoldered) on one of my devices as it got stuck.
cchiappa Posted - 13 août 2010 : 17:31:10
Anyone disassembled a BT-747? My "point of interest" button has gotten stuck on, making the tracks produced annoyingly cluttered. As I never used the button at all, I'm considering just opening it up and trying to clip the lead for it or something. A quick look didn't make it obvious how to crack the case open, but I presume it's just a normal clamshell design...anyone have any hints?
mdeweerd Posted - 14 juil. 2010 : 14:35:10
I use the SW that I developed: BT747 ( [ed - discussed here :]

When the devices arrives it the box, it is generally already configured to log once every second. The log conditions are set on the devices parameters tab in the BT747 application.
I think GPS Photo Tagger comes with the Transystem devices now to get the log data. GPSView is for the more technical settings.
vasyapupkin1000 Posted - 14 juil. 2010 : 14:08:37
What software do you use with it, when you use it as a data logger ?

Gpsview that comes with it cannot be used to download data. There is no way to erase the data. Nothing...
mdeweerd Posted - 11 mai 2010 : 00:35:40
I also note that if the logging parameters are set to Speed=1 & Distance =1 the internal logging rate remains at 5Hz even if there is no movement which means that the internal memory fills up with static data quite quickly.

Even if you are not moving, there is enough 'noise' in the GPS signal(s) to have the device think that your are moving faster than 1km/h or more than 1 meter. If you do not want static data, you can increase these values.
Anyway, with this settings you see that you practically get the same behaviour as setting the Fix to 5Hz and the time log period to 0.2s, a value that these newer devices unfortunately do not maintain.

The flash settings are parameter values that the device will initialise to after having lost power (battery power, not just the 'on/off' switch).
For most devices, changes in these values are 'locked', represented by the 'Times left' value. It that latter value is 0 you can not change the flash settings.
That does not mean that you can not change the 'current' values for these settings like the 'Update rate' and the 'XXX Periods'. This is done in other places in BT747 (Device settings for the Update rate/Fix period, and, 'NMEA Output Settings' next to the flash settings for the NMEA sentence rates.

Theoretically the current value of the baud rate can be changed to, but I did not present that possibility in the BT747 interface considering that that would be a 'dangerous' change.
neilld Posted - 10 mai 2010 : 22:33:34
Hi again. Have been experimenting with the device & think I have sorted things (almost).
It appears that moving the selector switch in any direction causes a break in communication which requires the software to be restarted (to regain communication).
I can now log internally at 5Hz but if switch moved from "Log" to "Nav" the logging rate reverts to 5 sec. intervals & can only be reset by BT747 (or the supplied GPSView program).
Haven't yet worked out how to keep the internal logging rate permanently at 5Hz (if indeed this is possible). What does the "Flash settings" function do in BT747 advanced settings?
I also note that if the logging parameters are set to Speed=1 & Distance =1 the internal logging rate remains at 5Hz even if there is no movement which means that the internal memory fills up with static data quite quickly.
Thanks again for your help

mdeweerd Posted - 06 mai 2010 : 22:36:36
That is pretty strange - are you sure that speed/distance is set to '1' and that 5Hz fix is still active?!
Can you share a screenshot?
neilld Posted - 06 mai 2010 : 21:45:20
Hi, Thanks for advice. Tried this again setting speed etc but same result (internal log file only at 5 sec. intervals. Think you're right, the hardware or firmware must have changed or else my device is faulty. Will take it up with vendor.
Thanks again,
mdeweerd Posted - 06 mai 2010 : 13:45:04
Hi Neil
Maybe the way the device works has been changed. That could be a hardware setting (some resistor on the board) or a firmware change.

To log at '5 Hz', try the given instructions. Normally you are only interested in 5Hz logging when moving - by setting the speed and distance conditions as indicated you'll surely get enough positions when moving.
neilld Posted - 06 mai 2010 : 13:26:30
Thanks for reply. The reason I think that the iBlue 747 device is not communicating in "Log" mode (in addition to the blue LED going off) is because when I try to connect (Bluetooth or USB) using either your BT747 program or the supplied GPSView software, no connection can be made to the device (Device does not respond). When the switch is returned to the "Nav" position, normal communication resumes.
Also I can log data externally using PC or PDA at 5Hz using the "Nav" position (after setting up the iBlue device accordingly), but when in the "Log" position, the data downloaded from the internal memory of the device is at 5 second intervals.
What I want to do is to use the iBlue device as a stand alone logger at 5Hz and then post process the log file.
Perhaps my device is faulty?
Thanks again for help.
mdeweerd Posted - 05 mai 2010 : 22:48:33
1. It is not because the light switches off that bluetooth switches off. At least in my case, bluetooth is still active in log mode even if the blue light is not on when there is no connectoin.
2. I just tried myself - as long as the device is not switched off, the logging speed is 5Hz, but when I do on/off, it reverts to 5 seconds. However fix speed is still 5Hz.
Therefore, please apply the solution : [ed] set speed condition to 1km/hour and fix freq. at 5Hz.
neilld Posted - 05 mai 2010 : 21:58:13
Just starting out with iBlue747A+ logger & struggling with the supplied documentation. (one sheet of A4)
1.Can I Log data internally in the device & use the Bluetooth interface to my PC at the same time? (Documentation says I can but mine can't - Bluetooth turns off when switch in "Log" position).
2. I want to log data at 5Hz but when I configure the device for this rate, the downloaded log file has reverted to 5 second logging interval.
I have tried using BT747 and the supplied GPSview programs but both produce the same result.
Any advice appreciated.
mdeweerd Posted - 05 févr. 2010 : 23:16:35
As the developer of BT747 I have had some firsthand reports of issues when downloading over bluetooth. From memory issues most often occur with PDAs or phones and I think that that is because of the reception buffer sice and the SW running slower.
On PC, there might have been 1 report of a problem but I think that was when using another SW than BT747.
gpspassion Posted - 05 févr. 2010 : 22:15:46
I don't remember seing that problem being reported, the BT range is excellent on this range of Transystem systems.
FrankR Posted - 05 févr. 2010 : 14:12:58
I'm about to jump into the 747 water, with an i-Blue 747A+ on the way to me.

This is to explore some possibilities for a work project that will involve collecting the data via BT. I am aware of BT747 and the very talented author, and I will start there.

I see occasional references to BT dropouts. Why is this? If I'm in the right proximity of the device, can't I expect to reliably collect from it via BT. BT is the reason I am trying this particular device. Wires are not acceptable for the project.

yenots Posted - 11 janv. 2010 : 19:01:14
Can someone help with the product code for the iBlue GPS Photo Tagger software? I gave my old 747 to a friend, and he managed to lose the manual before he got the program installed properly.

Yes, I did tell him about the BT747 program as an alternative, but I'd like to get him running without a new install. Non Java-aware, you know.

A private e-mail response is fine if you don't want to post it.

tenho Posted - 05 nov. 2009 : 18:06:46
I have severe interest on extracting the firmware of my iBlue 747 (without A+). And maybe to flash a new one if possible. So how? :)


PS: I've done the resitor mod, so I can send commands over Bluetooth, if this may be of interest.
mdeweerd Posted - 10 sept. 2009 : 12:46:30
If somebody has iBlue 747 (not A+) device, I can indicate how to extract the firmware so that it can be made available for updates.
jetsun Posted - 10 sept. 2009 : 12:43:11
The "static navigation" of 747 cannot be turn off.
The newer MTK firmware has already fix this problem.
But there is no firmware update for 747.
Hope someone can publish the firmware for 747 and the MTK firmware update/backup utility.
mdeweerd Posted - 01 sept. 2009 : 13:29:17
3. This is a 'button' in the interface of the BT747 application.
gerybubus Posted - 01 sept. 2009 : 11:09:25
1. Sorry same is some :-D
2. I've been downloaded MtkDLut v1.15, and it can erase data, without any errors. And I it write out the firmaware version: 3.12
3. Is any button to reset BT747? How can I "Try to recover faulty memory"? Which button?
mdeweerd Posted - 31 août 2009 : 13:47:59
a. What is the same problem ? Is it a problem with your PDA?
b. Try BT747. It will tell you the firmware version.
Also download the log using BT747 - you should get something out
of your device.
If you have trouble erasing your logger, try the 'Try to recover faulty memory' button of BT747.
c. I've not seen FW updates for the iBlue 747 and it is surely not needed to upload it again.
gerybubus Posted - 31 août 2009 : 12:42:23
Dear Forum,

I have same problem with iBlue 747. :-(
I've been installed Logger Tool 2.5 and CP210xVCPInstaller for device driver. Than I run the DataLog SW, and I connect to the GPS through USB, and the circle will green, so the connection seems that OK.
I get the satellite information on the satellite tab perfectly, it's ok.


1. The memory usage is 54% but Data Log List is empty. :-( When I click on "Updating Grid Now!" nothing happen, the grid stay empty.
2. When I click on "Erase" then "Erase" or "Reset" i get "Erasing fail" message. :-(

Can anybody help me what to do with this problem?

I have a following questions:
1. How can I update GPS firmware software? Can anybody suggest me web site on the web with this description? What kind of program nedd to install to update GPS firmware? (I use windows XP)
2. How can I check the gps's actual firmware version? What is the newest firmware?
3. From where can I download the newest firmware?

mdeweerd Posted - 23 août 2009 : 23:52:50
For the USB connection to work on the iPaq, the iPaq must have a driver for the USB-to-serial bridge device in the logger.
If this is one of the 'older' devices using a CP210x chip, then a driver for WinCE that have usb host capability is available from the silicon labs site.
coyotee Posted - 04 août 2009 : 21:47:29
Hello! I have also bt747 gps logger and I used it with ipaq2210. But because of ipaq bad BT protocol, I am getting dropouts of BT connection, so i decided to use gps wia usb cable like on PC. I am using this ps2/ usb cable and then to ipaq, but problem is that ipaq doesn`t recognise no data on any serial ports wich are available on ipaq. Are there any differents layouts on connectors, maybe on ps2 connector? Any help would be great.
nlneilson Posted - 28 juin 2009 : 01:46:49
Several are having problems knowing the port and baud rate.
If they used Sirf Demo to find this it may help.
mdeweerd Posted - 12 juin 2009 : 10:16:35
Thanks for making me feel smart - I had no intention to make you feel stupid ;-).

You had a double problem (port + speed). Most people have trouble solving these. You could have added a third one: not turning the device on or setting it to the log position because you had an active green led leading to have some people think that the device is on (while it is off).
TheSwiney Posted - 12 juin 2009 : 06:49:11
Thanks alot! Although you do make me feel stupid...

Changing the port to COM4 did the trick. I don't know why I had chosen COM3 anymore, but since it seemed to be connected I never gave it a second thought. The changed speed was just to see if that would have made a difference.

I had used the 747 before, and I didn't recall any problems then. So I reckoned it had taken too many hits; now I guess I am just getting old...

Thanks again.
mdeweerd Posted - 12 juin 2009 : 01:47:33

(1) Are you certain that COM3 is the right port. It is very strange that the 'device' on the port responds exactly what is sent (as if it is mirroring). Check the devices listes in the system and make sure where the CP2102 driver is mapping to (COM3, COM4, ...). Did you try other ports? Do a 'File / Find serial ports' this should populate the pull down list with 'COMXX' ports (no ':' token added). These are the 'existing' ports on your machine that your device might be on. You can also get this list int he info window by trying to connect to a port that does not exist like 'rdskljfqlmkjf'.
(2) As far as I know, the iBlue 747 is running at 115200. This makes (1) even stranger. What happens when you connect at 115200.

For the moment it looks like your are not connecting to your logger.
TheSwiney Posted - 12 juin 2009 : 00:04:49
Oops, my bad. Tried to show it with thumbnail before, and I guess I messed the link up.

New try:

Some additional info, no idea if it helps:
- The 747 does recharge when I connect it with a mini USB cable.
- When I try to 'Format and Erase' or 'Recover Faulty Memory' in bt747 an error message is shown after a while.
- The 747 is recognised in the DataLog application which comes with it standard and gives some cryptic responses, although it doesn't anything in the hot/warm/cold graph.
- The 747 is not recognised in the CP2102 Power Adjustment utility mdeweert mentioned a couple of pages ago.

Any hope left?
Herrie Posted - 11 juin 2009 : 12:05:34
I can't view the images as well.
mdeweerd Posted - 11 juin 2009 : 08:28:53
Your images are not available to me.
TheSwiney Posted - 11 juin 2009 : 08:19:44
Can anyone tell me if my 747 has died, because when I connect it to my PC the GPS Device Data in bt747 doesn't look promising to me...

There is some data in the Info tab, but I doubt it means alot:

Is it possible I haven't installed all the right drivers, or should I just accept I have some fancy new Christmas lights extra?

mdeweerd Posted - 29 avr. 2009 : 07:43:57
Yes, BT747 has a setting to get mph. You can find a tickbox 'ImperialUnits' in the 'Output Settings' tab. some formats impose km/h, but you'll still get mph in the comment for a waypoint.
dpoll7428 Posted - 29 avr. 2009 : 04:51:28
I hope this forum is still active. I bought the iblue 747 about a month ago and have been trying to figure out how to use the logger. I am trying to keep track of my sons driving habbits. I downloaded BT747 and installed it tonight. That is great for retrieving the log files and putting them into the Google Earth format. I found it hard to get speed information though. I have to sit there and check the box, then figure out where it was and then convert the speed to MPH (I'm in the US). Is there an easier way? I would like to be able to click on the path that is shown in google earth and just get the speed information. I would even be happy if I could read it in chart form? Should I convert it to a csv file and get the speed there? I also didn't look through all the settings of BT747 yet. Is there a setting that I can change so it will write the different file formats with MPH instead of Kilometers per hour? Any information would be really helpful.

mdeweerd Posted - 30 mars 2009 : 19:39:48

It would have been nice to know which button did the trick exactly but whatever you did, it did the trick!
hiker_49er Posted - 30 mars 2009 : 05:19:57
Thanks for the help. Ok, I installed bt747 and ran it. (yes, ive been using the usb connection)

Log format has no boxes checked at all. If I try and duplicate the settings found in the bt747 documentation and hit either "set format only" or "set format & erase", the screen updates and the boxes go back to unchecked.

Log by has conditions (fix every 1000ms, every 1 second, time box checked)

I cant change the "overwrite when full" setting without it reverting back again.

Continued 1 :Also, I can see my current position accurately displayed.

Continued 2 : Ah, I think ive got it by messing around and seeing what did or did not need to be pushed. Just logged a little walk I did. Im not sure why I couldnt make it work with the default software.

Continued 3 :I can't be sure what made it suddenly have a track but when I loaded bt747 there was nothing listed under the log format. I filled that information in and it stuck at some point. If anyone has this problem with the 747b in future I would suggest using the bt747 program and make sure that your settings match the examples in the bt747 document. At some point I also hit the "factory reset", erase memory and restore faulty memory but I can't say if that had any effect.

Thanks for the help (and link).
mdeweerd Posted - 29 mars 2009 : 19:42:32
Why do you need bluetooth ? USB is OK.

Just run BT747 from .

Then connect to your device. After a while you should at least the current position appearing in the GPS Device Data group.
Then go to device settings. 'Log format' should have boxes ticked and 'Log by...' should also have meaningfull conditions. Tell us what you see there. On that same tab you have 'Try to recover faulty memory'. You can try that but it should not be needed. Further you also have 'Factory reset'. This is actually for the GPS chipset and I do not think it influences the log conditions.
hiker_49er Posted - 29 mars 2009 : 17:15:52
Yeah, ive tried changing the configuration. It was set to general 1/sec for those tests. Ive switched it on and off numerous time, waited for a fix and then still logged nothing. Even if I push the button while walking I still have no data when I get back.

I dont have a bluetooth device so I cant test that aspect.

I guess I'll just box it up for an RMA. I see someone else posted the same problem in a seperate thread back in janurary but never got an answer. Probably defective.
mdeweerd Posted - 29 mars 2009 : 10:51:07
Did you try BT747 ?
There are 2 explications on a working device for this:
- Your logger is not configured to log anything;
- Logging is switched off. Personally I switch the logger off and on before I start a log session to make sure that this setting is on.

Further it could be that your device is completely faulty (which should be rare) and then you can try a recovery operation (also available in BT747).
hiker_49er Posted - 29 mars 2009 : 06:25:43

I'm having trouble getting my new 747b to log anything. I fully charged it, set it to log and waited for the steady orange flashing. I then walked around the block and came back but GPS phototagger says there is no data to d/l. I then went for a drive in the car and when I came back I was again informed I had no data. The memory is showing as 0%. If I run DataLog I can see there are satellites being detected as it sits here but..

Does anyone have any ideas or do I have a bum unit?
mdeweerd Posted - 27 mars 2009 : 08:38:35
With the V900 you would need to change the default setting of BT747 a bit (which makes me think that I best change the default setting of BT747).
You can also achieve the voice logging capability with a 747 and a device that can record your voice (like some mobile phones).
currumbinoz Posted - 27 mars 2009 : 05:09:21
I am considering buying a 747A+ or a Columbus v900.
With the 747 if I am logging and i push the "waypoint" button then when I look at the file on google is it possible to create a track with waypoints where I pushed the button or is it just one large file of waypoints.
Any info would be helpful.
supermimai Posted - 13 mars 2009 : 20:33:47
Just a quick question, as I see you are using different GPS logger, I Have currently a MainNav 910D, and the software coming with it isn't really good. are you all using the software coming with the gps logger ? or you have specific software to suggest to be used ?
mdeweerd Posted - 10 mars 2009 : 00:32:10
Please activate 'Settings' (Paramètres) -> 'GPS Connection debug' before making the connection. Then download, wait just a small while when the progressbar appears (15 seconds) and then disconnect. You'll find a file called 'gpsRawDebug.txt' in the 'Output directory' (Répertoire de sortie). Send that to me by email (my address is in the 'About' (A propos') box.

Your connection seems to work properly in itself - it is strange that the download fails and hopefully this log will help explain that.
In the advanced settings you could also change the chunk size to a small value (1024) to see what that changes - but create the log file first.
Palpat Posted - 09 mars 2009 : 23:59:19
Thank you for your reply.
The device is connected to USB, 6 COM, speed 115200. The software indicates GPS data (see picture on the screen : [URL=][/URL])
It indicates a memory of 6%, a connection speed of 115200. If I start I see the many "<" (see link: [URL=][/URL])
In fact, the download progress does not, as if it does not download data that are in the GPS to the software.
mdeweerd Posted - 09 mars 2009 : 22:03:52
What does 'nothing downloads' mean? Can you connect? Did you switch the device on? Did you select the right serial port? Do you see the GPS position? What does it say for 'Memory used' ? Did you set the right connection speed? If you activate 'GPS debug' in Settings, do you see any '<' reply in the info window? Do you get an output file (raw log file)? Is that file empty?
Palpat Posted - 09 mars 2009 : 21:54:49
Sorry for my English.
I just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka where I used the iBlue. I wanted to download the data with the application BT747 V1.68.5 but nothing downloads.
I tried with other versions is the same thing. I also tried the software that came with the gps but it does not work: (
Have you any idea I'd like to retrieve the data.
Thank you in advance.
mdeweerd Posted - 05 mars 2009 : 11:11:00
My e-mail address is in the about functionality of the application.
ThomasS Posted - 05 mars 2009 : 07:53:42
Hi mdeweerd!

It's really strange with the irregular logging. If the device only logged when I pressed the button, this happened by accident since it was in my backpack.
The device settings say that it logs by time, every 20 sec.
I switched the device off every evening to safe memory and not to overuse the flash-memory itself. When I switched it on in the mornings and checked with the little Java application on my phone if the signal was good, it worked every day.
No clue... I'll send the raw log to you. Thank you!

P.S.: It seems that I can't send e-mails to other members (yet?). Please e-mail me, then I can send the log to you!

A little update (6 April 2009):
I tried different configurations for my GPS-logger, but I didn't encounter the same problem as in January-February (logging set to every 20 sec., but in fact only logged if button was pressed). Logging worked fine every time now. No idea where this bug originated from. :-(
mdeweerd Posted - 04 mars 2009 : 09:56:57
It looks like you only logged positions when you pressed a button :-(.
When you read out the device settings today can you see that you are logging every 20 seconds? Is the device logging active? Did you switch the device on/off at least once during your trip (recommended)?

You can do a full download and send me the raw log (mail in the about of the application) - I'll have a closer look.
ThomasS Posted - 04 mars 2009 : 04:27:37
Dear GPS-Community!

This is my first post, so if it's in the wrong topic, please let me know and transfer this post to the right topic!
I read posts in this community to select my GPS logger, to later find the BT747 software and to learn how to geotag photos. Anyhow, now I do have a problem, I can#8217;t solve by myself:

I do own an i-Blue 747 GPS-device for half a year and successfully used it to geotag my photos. Now I went on a bigger trip and wanted to tag my photos, as well. I used the BT747 application V 1.6.13 or 1.60.11 (whichever was the latest on 12 Jan. 09) to set all parameters via the new user interface. In the past (and the day before I started my trip) this worked very well and I had good tracks.
Now I came back from my trip two weeks ago and I was shocked only to find 6% of the memory used (travelled for more than 30 days and used the device during daytime, tagging every 20 sec., recording my position and speed)
The device seems to have only recorded date in a very irregular way, e.g. all data for 16 Jan.:

I don't have a clue how this happened and if there is a chance to rescue the data which might be stored on the GPS-logger. Was anyone of you ever confronted with this kind of problem? Is there any solution?

Here is some information about my device (retrieved from BT 747):
Flash Info: 1C20161C (EON, 4 MB)
Model: 0002 Qstarz 815/i-Blue 747
Firmware: B-core_1.1 (TSI_747CD)
Logger SW: V1.38

The signal quality was excellent most of the time (checked my position with my phone and GPSViewer,, from time to time) and the device switch was at "LOG".

Thank you very much in advance!


dwizzy Posted - 23 févr. 2009 : 15:28:45
Thanks for your response Mario,

Tinkering with the communications settings (chunk size & ahead requests) did not resort to anything.

I tried Factory Reset but saw no difference in settings, then tried changing format & erasing memory and disabled WAAS. I see no problems now using bluetooth! Lets see how it goes for a few days, if I get not problems I will try enabling SBAS.

Opening and closing of BT747 posed difficult in the latest release, see the relevant SF ticket ;)
mdeweerd Posted - 22 févr. 2009 : 12:38:04
Hi Dwizzy

There are some other users with similar problems. In my opinion the device's firmware is at fault since in the reported cases where I have logs the communication stops even when BT747 is not sending any new requests.

When using bluetooth the chunk size is kept small and you might improve the behaviour by keeping the 'ahead requests' smaller. The optimum settings depends on the phone and the GPS, so you need to play aroud with the chunk size and the ahead requests.

The only thing I can think about is to build in a detection of this situation in BT747 and close/open the connection again. I am not sure that that will help though - I remember that some users said they needed to turn their device on and off.
dwizzy Posted - 20 févr. 2009 : 15:27:28
I have not found anyone with the problem(s) I am having but I hope some of you could offer advise (is my device broken or am I missing something?)
Probably since I bought my 747, I have connection problems.

When using as a 'normal' GPS unit, programs on my Nokia E61 stop reading the GPS data after a random time. Using BT747 on either Windows or Mac fails often, too: downloading 'hangs', data is not received (stays on "Unknown"), typical communication errors AFAIK. No matter what timeout setting I use, I get messages like this:
1181915 - >PMTK419 true
Timeout: 1189921-1181915>8000
1189922 - >PMTK401 true

It seems the frequency of these messages increases when I have the logger on for a longer time.
The only way to mitigate this seems connecting over bluetooth with 38400 as speed (then, still, timeouts appear after some time connected .
nlneilson Posted - 02 janv. 2009 : 02:34:48
I will try V1.66.9.
edit: Same thing with the app hanging. Cannot disconnect and cannot close the app. Pulling the plug on the usb cable will allow the app to close.

Thanks for making the change re "EXIT_ON_CLOSE" to close all the threads properly, that works good.
mdeweerd Posted - 01 janv. 2009 : 19:44:09
Hi Neilson

There is another solution to convert faster - separate buttons for the most used formats.
This is in the 'development' version V1.66.9.

Let me know if you still have the overwrite 'hang' issue in there - I'll check it out myself again.
nlneilson Posted - 01 janv. 2009 : 19:31:25
The BT747 v1.63.7 app works good.

You might have the "Convert To" property saved from previous run so it would not be necessary change from "Table in GUI(.... each time.

When downloading sometimes it will ask 'do you want to overwrite' or something to that effect and the app will hang. To overcome this I manually delete the log.bin file each time before attempting to download.
mdeweerd Posted - 04 déc. 2008 : 21:42:24
Hi 'nlneilson'
Thanks for your feedback - I'll look into the link that you provided and add it to the code.

I use both netbeans and eclipse. I use netbeans to design the GUI and eclipse for the rest.
If you try to set up from the 'zip' file, I did not check lately if all the needed files are in there for a good eclipse setup. I moved some file a while ago to have less stuff in the root directory. Something that you are probably lacking is the 'launch' files. You can get a copy in SVN : . The current development version is in my branch.

I updated my packaging script so that the dev directory will be included next time.

If you want you can contact me personally (e-mail in the about box in the application) and we can exchange on this and you could write up something on how you got the setup working in the end. In principel, if you look at the startup scripts you should be ablet o figure out how to set up the launch parameters, and to build, you can use 'all' or 'dist.j2se' in the 'build.xml' ant file that you can add to the ant list (external tools).

I did put quite some effort in it since I started and still do - I am adding geotagging support. The core functionality is implemented in the development version: BT747 can tag JPG files (not using any external tool) and it adds any file (link) to the KML, KMZ, HTML, ... outputs. This has to be completed with GUI functionality like time offset, output directory setting, backup setting, ... .

[edit:]The exit functionality changed in V1.62.12 & the time offset for the files to tag (or to position in the output file) is now available (but untested).
nlneilson Posted - 04 déc. 2008 : 07:47:24
mdeweerd, I tried your BT747 app and it works pretty good, you have put a considerable amount of work into it.

There were a couple of problems, sometimes it would hang and it was necessary to close it with Task Manager. When this happens sometimes it leaves a javaw process running. If it had an "EXIT_ON_CLOSE" it should close all the threads properly.

I had this problem with another app. It took a bit of research but this solved the problem. I did not save the links that covered this in detail but here is what I did.

It would also leave the port open so it would be necessary to manually turn the 747 off and on again. It is very seldom but I still have this happen with a few Python apps.

I noticed in your source code you have a setup for netbeans but after several tries in Eclipse was unable do get anything. An explaination on how to set the PC version in eclipse with the paths would be appreciated.

Your app does a good job downloading the logs with BT or USB. I like the way it can split the tracks up into separate files.

edit: I installed NB 6.5 and get this error trying to run your source:
Cannot run program "svnversion"
cchiappa Posted - 21 nov. 2008 : 19:30:10
Originally posted by sawman

I have an iblue 747. Works great except quite frequently there will be no track drawn on google earth. The first set of waypoints are there

I often see this when Google Earth thinks the track is "underground" (ie at negative altitude) - if you right click on the track, edit the properties and change the altitude to "Clamped to Ground", does this help? (This is from memory, I don't have it in front of me at the moment)
I've also seen some odd behavior where sometimes if you have multiple tracks being displayed, it will time limit its display to one of the tracks, effectively hiding the other.
I'm not a Google Earth expert, so these may all be noob mistakes...
mdeweerd Posted - 19 nov. 2008 : 14:04:52
You can get an idea of what it looks like here - it does not include the functionality I just added though:
sawman Posted - 19 nov. 2008 : 13:10:42
All right! I have hated waiting for GE. Am anxious to try it when I get time. Thanks!
mdeweerd Posted - 19 nov. 2008 : 12:16:31
To sawman: BT747 also does the 'Google Maps' thing which I find actually more interesting and effective. With the HTML output there is no need to fire up GE to get the track on a map - just a browser - and it is pretty fast too (+ you get to see it on OSM, cycle map, relief, ...).
mdeweerd Posted - 19 nov. 2008 : 12:10:30
The iBlue 747 has three button positions: off, bluetooth, logging. In bluetooth mode, either bluetooth is connected, not connected but active, not connected and in some kind of 'sleep mode' where it listens from time to time if there is a search for BT devices or a connection should be made. That is actually the Fuzzy Auto On/Off. Depending on the model, in bluetooth mode, logging is on or of when the device is in this 'sleep' mode. Early models have logging off, recent models seem to have logging on.
In logging mode, bluetooth is not active, but logging always is.

It is possible (or should I say unavoidable) to log every second regardless of whether a fix is made or not on iBlue 747.
nlneilson Posted - 19 nov. 2008 : 04:57:47
I would like to know what needs to be done to turn the BT OFF.

The specs on the 747 has "Fuzzy Auto On/Off"
Is there a way to disable this?
When it is in log mode I want it to stay ON regardless if it is the same point, which it will be sometime, or even if the signal is lost so there will be a log entry every second.

I am not concerned about drawing a track in GE since I am using NASA WorldWind java.

I ordered from Semsons here in California so it may be here tomorrow.
I will download and read up on BT747, it may be very useful.
sawman Posted - 19 nov. 2008 : 01:05:03
I didn't know your program did the Google Earth thing. I'll have to fire it back up and learn to use it I guess! Datalog is always a crapshoot as to whether I get a track drawn or not.
I get the waypoints but no line.
mdeweerd Posted - 18 nov. 2008 : 14:31:32
Did you also check this out using BT747? The application that you get with the device does not always work very well.
Is the method to switch of the BT controlled in SW? If it is, I'ld be interested to get some more information to be able to integrate it in BT747.
sawman Posted - 18 nov. 2008 : 13:49:17
Mine will, but as I posted above it will not reliably draw a track in Google Earth for some reason.
nlneilson Posted - 18 nov. 2008 : 11:41:19
I bought a new iBlue 747 A+
Can the Blue Tooth be turned off and just log the track?
gpspassion Posted - 29 oct. 2008 : 23:52:30
Right, besides the RGM-3800 has its own topic here ;-)
Gemblaster Posted - 25 oct. 2008 : 01:39:53
At first glance I would say the biggest differance would be that it does not appear to have Blue Tooth. That kills it for me. Maybe I am wrong, but did not see that it did. Big difererance there I would say.
nlneilson Posted - 25 oct. 2008 : 01:08:24
Has someone tried the Royaltek RGM-3800 GPS Data Logger
sawman Posted - 24 oct. 2008 : 03:03:59
I have an iblue 747. Works great except quite frequently there will be no track drawn on google earth. The first set of waypoints are there. When I uncheck my places it removes them and leaves nothing. Other times it has a pretty accurate track displayed in the color I'd chosen in Datalog. Does anyone know why this keeps happening about half the time? Thanks
mdeweerd Posted - 23 oct. 2008 : 00:25:18
If you get the d"evelopment version in the debug_release section, you'll find that the functionality is more complete. The latest SW (1.59.10) shows 'Unknown' instead of the text you mention;

It could be that that one works better as there was an upper/lower case problem regarding the port name.
dwizzy Posted - 22 oct. 2008 : 22:38:43
Just got one myself, also running on OS X. Got it paired with BT747 J2ME, with some fiddling:

do NOT install gpsd as it connects in the background to your iBlue's SPP, preventing any other app from using that port (error message: "Resource busy" or something with RFCOMM). Same goes for any other GPS software, obviously.

I assume mdeweerd has coded "BLUETOOTH (MAC)" to /dev/tty.HOLUX_M-241-SPPSlave-1? Obviously, that does not work on iBT-GPS-SPSSlave-1 (the port the iBlue uses). You can, however, just type in the name you gave your iBlue 747's SPP (in my case, I renamed it "iBlue" in the Bluetooth preference pane on OS X, so I typed: /dev/tty.iBlue)

The method I describe here did not came to me at once, so it is possible I changed something else I forgot. Please, OS X users, feel free to share your troubles ;)

The trouble I have now with BT747 is: many fields stay 'empty' (jLabel8 instead of firmware info, the tab Output Settings keeps resetting, just like "Log by..." and "SBAS")
gpspassion Posted - 14 oct. 2008 : 13:02:31
Yes I'm very curious to see a 747 (or a receiver with a large patch antenna) with the MTK v2 chipset in action!
Faming Posted - 13 oct. 2008 : 13:35:24
Yes, finally here it is:
Again a new version of the i-Blue 747. This time distinctly labelled as "A+". It appears to be of same design and functionallity as the "B", but with the latest 66 channel / -165 dBm MTK chip. It does not mention available memory but states 125,000 waypoints. My guess is that it is still 32Mb, but with a better match as how many wp's will fit in general.
Mind you, the doc says "preliminary", so it is probably not in production yet. (I asked TSI a few weeks ago about its "photo Mate 887" (, already having this new 66ch/-165dBm chip, and they replied that one is not in production yet.)
The only data logger on the market now incorporating this chip is the QStarz BT-Q1300
As the current 747 is already performing great, and in tests the BT-Q1300 is doing pretty well with its smaller patch antenna (, the "A+" must be top notch.
Maybe it is worthwhile waiting for it to get on the market.
Faming Posted - 13 oct. 2008 : 05:47:14
Originally posted by Sciamano

Thanks mdeweerd!
But how can one know which version they're buying?

If the specs are 51 channels and 32Mb, and it has an all black casing, then you can be pretty sure its the newest version allowing BT communication without the resistor hack. This version is sometimes advertised as a "B" model. (It also has the NAV = BT only, LOG = BT + logging function.)
If it has a silver/black casing, no matter what specs, it is one of the older versions and you do need the resistor hack for BT communication. (It has the NAV = BT + logging, LOG = logging only function. Which has the nasty habbit when in NAV mode and BT connection is lost the logging also stops due to sleep mode! It will also not allow for the "VALID POINTS ONLY" option of De Weerds famous BT747 program.)
Herrie Posted - 11 oct. 2008 : 10:26:13
Recently I bought an iBlue 747 device as a replacement for my GSM/BT mouse combination. The iBlue works like a charm. However I work with Mac OSX and I think for the Mac Travel recorder software is expensive for its purpose. GPSBabel is now supporting the MTK chipset, I experimented with it and now have a working solution. Using GPSBabel and Automator I now can download data from the iBlue 747, clear its memory and have a GPX as well as a KML file in one single mouseclick. I have made a small guide for OSX in English at
Sciamano Posted - 07 sept. 2008 : 21:10:07
I'll try to get to know the firmware version then.
Thanks a lot
mdeweerd Posted - 07 sept. 2008 : 21:05:05
If you buy a new one it is likely that this is possible - if possible you need to get a hold of the firmware version that is a reasonable indicator of whether your device is recent.
Sciamano Posted - 07 sept. 2008 : 20:57:25
Thanks mdeweerd!
But how can one know which version they're buying?
mdeweerd Posted - 07 sept. 2008 : 20:54:05
The earlier iBlue 747 need a small hardware modification (add a resistor) to allow download over bluetooth. The later ones apparently do not need it to allow BT download..
Sciamano Posted - 07 sept. 2008 : 20:39:48
I can't seem to find this information: does the iBlue 747 allow to download the log via bluetooth like the QStarz Q1000 does?
HWL Posted - 04 sept. 2008 : 18:31:36
Mr deweerd
In February my version of your fine software ran fine.... but today I cant connect via com5. I have not used the computer since February except to upgrade before this trip.

The docs refer to Java 4x - I am using 6. I cant think of anything MS XP or java except the typical updates thats different.
The jave window says it cant find Com0 ??

Thank You
Hank Lam
lstevens Posted - 03 août 2008 : 23:00:33
I am a GPS Newbie, with a few questions on this unit:

1. I want to use unit for tracking & timing long runs. Will this unit work in my pocket while running?. Will it track my speed too?

2. The newer unit has 19 more channels and twice the memory. I know that it will store more data, but it costs almost twice as much. For my relatively simple needs, do I need the newer one?

3. The older one sold by Semsons is "Refurbish". Is this a problem with this?

Thanks for any and all help and comments!
mdeweerd Posted - 28 juil. 2008 : 22:58:13
The functionality that your are looking for exactly is certainly not provided in the program as is.
However, the program is opensource and has been transformed into a library too so you can use the core functionality to build other functionality around it. I've added in the source a sample application that does not have a GUI, yet it downloads and converts the data and it makes it available as an internal array of data.

So basically, you can develop another app in a separate environment just pointing to 'libBT747.jar', the RXTX jar. There is no need to try to build BT747. Your work can potentially be integrated in BT747 later.
Gemblaster Posted - 28 juil. 2008 : 22:48:46
How would you say DoctaClean and myself could implment such a program to achive the milage data for our vehicals for example? Or what is the benifit of the program you posted that I may be missing?
mdeweerd Posted - 28 juil. 2008 : 17:07:47
For what it is worth: I found an utility to read and program some settings of the CP2102 device that is on the iBlue devices and similar devices from other brands.

Look for 'Power adjustment' and 'zip file' in the sentence just following that.
mdeweerd Posted - 05 juil. 2008 : 10:29:41
The GPS DataLoggers are suitable for logging your locations automatically. It is possible to get it powered from the 12V battery in your car - you might need to get the permanent 12V power arriving at your radio (the other plugs generally being cut from power when your key is removed). If a precision of 100 meters is enough, then you can log about 5000 km without you needing to get the data from the device.

The main challenge is transforming this data into usefull data (your mileage). Technically this is possible and there are programs out there that do this in an interactive manner. I do not think that want to interactively investigate 365 days a year. You'ld need 6 hours to do so if you spend 1 minute for each day (possibly more) and you would already have spent one to two hours a year to download the data.

So you need to see about transforming the data in mileage.
DoctaClean Posted - 05 juil. 2008 : 06:58:43
I am thinking about getting this or another gps data logger to help track my vehicles personal & business miles. Anyone else doing this? Would the I Blue 747 be a good unit to attempt collecting this data? I have looked at Milage Logger, but the $18.95 per month subscription fee, sent me looking for a similar method. I am a newb to the forums, but looks like I found the right place to ask & learn more!
mdeweerd Posted - 17 juin 2008 : 19:21:26
My question is: how did you get to the ITM format in the first place. What is the '.itm' format - I found information about ITM as the geographic coordinate system for Ireland, not as a format.

Further - you can consider using BT747 to create a gpx format. GPSBABEL is available too. Neither knows .itm.
tomm Posted - 17 juin 2008 : 10:16:15
Hello @all,

I trie to convert the Data from a iBlue 747 into a format that could be imported into a GIS. For example QuantumGIS or ArcGIS.

My Question now is: How can I convert the .itm-Format into a .gpx-Format for example, keeping all the attributes in the file (such as time, velocity etc.).
Can somebody help me?

Best greetings, Tommaso
cks2008 Posted - 02 juin 2008 : 20:11:44
No, mine is the newer version that needs no modification.
Gemblaster Posted - 31 mai 2008 : 18:09:32
THANK YOU for that info!

I will give it a try and see how I make out.

And no I did no modifications to my iBlu747. It was supposed to come right out of the box this way. Second one I am on though as the first did not funtion correctly.

eriche Posted - 31 mai 2008 : 11:15:06
did you modify your iBlue?
Because you write you use bt747 over bluetooth.

Greet`s Erich
cks2008 Posted - 28 mai 2008 : 17:59:31
You need the USB-Serial drivers from the included CD, or download from the manufacturers website.
Another option might be Bluetooth, depending on the software used.

The included software will make files for GoogleEarth/Maps. I don't know of live GPS integration to GoogleEarth, at least with the free version. Almost anything should work with a serial port and NMEA strings, which is what the BT747 shows up as and outputs.

I almost exclusively use the BT747 MTK configuration /logger tool ( ) over Bluetooth. I rebuilt my PC last week, and have not yet installed the included drivers/software.

I don't do live GPS mapping, yet (all my working PCs are fixed desktop systems).

Gemblaster Posted - 28 mai 2008 : 17:14:00
If anyone knows, could you please be so kind as to let me know how to properly connect my i-Blue747 ver.B up to a XP Laptop for the very First time? It is not in the paper work I got with the unit.

What do I need to install on the Laptop first so it will pick it up and make it work on google earth or similar? Drivers, a install program, or just plug in a USB and hope for the best.

SORRY, I am NEW at this.

One last thing, is there a mapping program anyone can recomend that will work on the Laptop, as all I have are CAB file programs for my PPC? I don't have or know of anything to use on my PC. Hopefully there is a FREE one to.

Thanks for all you informative help!
thomaskunze Posted - 28 mai 2008 : 08:31:11
@mdweerd: thank you for the hints mentioned, I already thought about splitting the logfiles later on (timestamps etc.).

@eriche: yes, a firmware update is what I'm talking about! Several GPS devices are still being developed/enhanced although they are available on the market already.
eriche Posted - 27 mai 2008 : 22:33:49
You would have to rewrite the Firmware for this - I don`t think there are people who can manage this insteasd of the developers,...

But what`s about my problem with low speed?

What can I change with enableing the protocols

What other tricks can I use to recognize an angle while walking slow?

Does it help to set it to 5Hz?
Or does it just waste the memory when logging?

GreeT`s erich
mdeweerd Posted - 27 mai 2008 : 10:47:43
That will not change the device you already have ;-(.

Another solution is to do something in the postprocessing.
For example (to test): if you press the button while switching the device on, is the first logged point tagged as a button press? If so, then we could use that kind of information as log seperator. On top of that, the first point probably does not have a fix which is a possible extra condition.

For your information: the devices also logs when you switch the device on which is why the above extra condition is a good indicator.

For the moment, I do not have the time to work on BT747, so volunteers to do this are still welcome!
thomaskunze Posted - 27 mai 2008 : 09:39:42
Thank you guys for sharing all your valuable information! I just bought the logger recently and I like it except one issue: it istn't possible to generate indidual logs on the fly... We all have to erase the log first to start a new one. Maybe we can start sharing opinions and approach Transystem (trying doesn't hurt, although I debt the outcome). I'd like to press the PTL-button shortly to log a POI and for 3 seconds to start a new log. What do you think?

PS: Does Qstarz BT-Q1000P provide with this feature?
eriche Posted - 26 mai 2008 : 20:00:41
I am owning a i-Blue 747 too
But I am not happy with it

My Holux 236 died - so I bought the 474.

Mainly I use it for hiking and geocaching
But after buying and walking around last weekend I read here that there are problems with lower speed with MTK-Chipsets

I set the frequence already to 2Hz - but I can not notify advantages

I use GPSTuner on my Dell Axim - but it only shows a direction when running - not when walking,...

So please can anybody summerize what settings I can change to get also the angle changed when walking slowly.

GreeT`s Erich
Gemblaster Posted - 26 mai 2008 : 19:19:58
Well, I just got my NEW GPS before the weekend, and it now works GREAT:-D!

Logs AND now sends NEMA at same time, YA!! Been having a good time with it now.

BTW- does ANYONE know if these little 747ver.B GPS units are able to connect directly to a windows laptop with a usb wired connection, so the BlueTooth is not needed??

PLEASE let me know, as I realy have a need for this feature also, and it is not covered in the paperwork I got with the unit:).

Thank you.
1drey Posted - 25 mai 2008 : 22:38:46
What I can't get from my 747:
- if I turned the power on, it stays on always, logging all the time;
- bluetooth can be switched on separately, logging as usually, bluetooth is active if paired device is detected, if not - bluetooth goes into sleep mode, oNLY bluetooth!

This 'smart' sleep mode is pretty stupid imo.
Good only for those who uses logger as bluetooth gps receiver, no?

I want to turn on my logger in the beginning of my day, use it's bluetooth functionality when necessary and don't bother about switching it forth and back between 'nav' and 'log'

Gemblaster Posted - 21 avr. 2008 : 07:59:44
YEP, I got my RMA number, and am sending it back to get a new fully working one, hopefully this time.

Thanks for ALL of your help guys. Next time I hope it will be better tech stuff that I need to learn, not just about if it's defective or not, LOL.

iks Posted - 20 avr. 2008 : 22:23:56
Originally posted by collinm

Originally posted by asten77

I think i recall reading somewhere that if you turn it from "OFF" to "NAV", it will produce Bluetooth NAV data, but not log. If you turn it to "LOG", and then back to "NAV", it will log and do Bluetooth as well.

I have a ghetto (older) one with the smaller memory and no commands via Bluetooth, so they may have changed something. But, either way, mine most certainly logs and spits out NMEA when in NAV mode.

a little bug?

somebody can confirm that work?


in NAV mode it can be paired with PDA/laptop and does only send current position coordinates over bluetooth (either yu switch to NAV from OFF or from LOG)

in LOG mode it puts data into internal memory (makes log) and - if it detects active paired device - it sends current coordinates over bluetooth

I've tested device too much and found no other behavior...,
toctoc Posted - 20 avr. 2008 : 17:15:59
hi !

I really love my 747. Works smoothly, cheap and efficient.
I personnaly use mactravelrecorder to communicate with it.

is there any way to hack the firmware, on it?
I 'd like to change for instance the security code (I don't like the 0000).

collinm Posted - 18 avr. 2008 : 15:42:20
Originally posted by asten77

I think i recall reading somewhere that if you turn it from "OFF" to "NAV", it will produce Bluetooth NAV data, but not log. If you turn it to "LOG", and then back to "NAV", it will log and do Bluetooth as well.

I have a ghetto (older) one with the smaller memory and no commands via Bluetooth, so they may have changed something. But, either way, mine most certainly logs and spits out NMEA when in NAV mode.

a little bug?

somebody can confirm that work?
Gemblaster Posted - 18 avr. 2008 : 01:55:39
AHHH! I will give THAT one a try right away!

Here's hoping!

And THANKS for the tip!
asten77 Posted - 17 avr. 2008 : 22:08:04
I think i recall reading somewhere that if you turn it from "OFF" to "NAV", it will produce Bluetooth NAV data, but not log. If you turn it to "LOG", and then back to "NAV", it will log and do Bluetooth as well.

I have a ghetto (older) one with the smaller memory and no commands via Bluetooth, so they may have changed something. But, either way, mine most certainly logs and spits out NMEA when in NAV mode.
iks Posted - 17 avr. 2008 : 22:03:44
collinm, yes, in LOG mode - as I described before
collinm Posted - 17 avr. 2008 : 10:57:32
with this unit, does we suppose to be able to log and receive data in bluetooth from the gps?
Gemblaster Posted - 17 avr. 2008 : 07:56:18
I will just have to send it back and try to get a new one that works.

nzpete Posted - 17 avr. 2008 : 03:19:20
The only way I know to check the firmware is to send this NMEA command to the unit "$PMTK604*30". Sorry, don't know if I can help much more with the logging issue, I expect you probably want an older firmware version, but I not know how to load firmware on to these units, or where to get the firmware from.
Gemblaster Posted - 17 avr. 2008 : 03:06:27
My 747 in NAV mode ONLY sends gps data, does not log in that mode.

In LOG mode, will not send gps data.

I am total missing the benifit of running BOTH at the same time with ANY configuration I have tried.

Does anyone know who or where I can take this up with a teck support that can help me fix/trouble shot this, or maybe help me flash a newer firmware if thats what is needed?


PS- how do I check what firmware I have BTW?
nzpete Posted - 17 avr. 2008 : 02:55:31
Hi Gem - just to add a bit more confusion, my unit does work exactly as the FAQ describes - when in nav mode, it outputs NMEA over bluetooth and logs data to the internal memory. This isn't how I normally use it, but I've just tested it again and it definitely works. But note that I have an older unit, which only has 16Mb/2MB of memory. My unit reports the following version number: $PMTK704,1.902_40_LOG1.3_1102_0017,0609_m0279,0001*61

Perhaps they've changed the behaviour in newer firmware versions? The behaviour described in Q17 in the FAQ matches how you would expect it to work, and also seems to be how your 747 is behaving? Perhaps the behaviour of my unit isn't how they originally intended it to work, and was just the result of a bug in the firmware, which they have now fixed in newer versions?

Also, I can't get my unit to connect over bluetooth if the switch is in the log position. If I have it in nav and switch it to log, the connection drops, and I can't re-establish it.

Finally - can you elaborate a bit more on what you want for the static waypoints. I think it's probably easiest to do this with a separate program that analyzes the data after you've collected it and adds waypoints to the kml file, but if your requirements are simple it might be pretty easy to do it inside bt747. Do you just want something that says "if speed less than X km/hr then start averaging and output a waypoint which also has total time stationary", for some configurable value of X, or do you want something more sophisticated?
Gemblaster Posted - 16 avr. 2008 : 23:12:45
Thanks for the reply! I will show you my problem with my 747.

"Actually, you should do pairing bluetooth device with PPC just once: enter passcode ('0000') when asked, and PPC "remembers" that device forever (until you manually delete that pairing)<-done this

Pairing must be done when i-blue747 is in NAV mode less than 2 minutes after switching it to NAV: blue LED mus be ON <--works EVERY time and auto connects to mapping program

When you have paired device, you may switch datalogger to ANY mode: either NAV or LOG <--each mode works, BUT LOG will NOT BT pair, or send a signal!! VERY Weird.

Then you should connect PPC to logger (already paired before).
To do that, open list of paired bluetooth devices in bluetooth manager of your PPC, select "iBT-GPS: SPP Slave"<---I don't seam to have a slave option just auto) , tap it for 2 seconds and select "Connect" in local menu appeared. <--on PPC WM6 it seems to do this search and connect automaticaly. Don't know lots about it though

I run my navigating program instead, and it connects to bluetooth datalogger automatically." <-- end Quote.

I tried to get it to work by connecting it in NAV mode, sat link good(blinking amber), BT link good(blinking blue), and then flick the switch directly to LOG mode.

Sat connection stops and reconnects again with the flashing Amber light, BUT NO bLUE LIGHT at all!! Arrrr...

Am I doing something wrong or what? I have already downloaded and seen the LOGGER paths MANY times on google earth app, and I LOVE that, but I can't seem to figure out the dual mode.

Is it time to send it back as a broken unit???

Thanks HUGH
iks Posted - 16 avr. 2008 : 16:03:56
Actually, you should do pairing bluetooth device with PPC just once: enter passcode ('0000') when asked, and PPC "remembers" that device forever (until you manually delete that pairing)

Pairing must be done when i-blue747 is in NAV mode less than 2 minutes after switching it to NAV: blue LED mus be ON

When you have paired device, you may switch datalogger to ANY mode: either NAV or LOG

Then you should connect PPC to logger (already paired before).
To do that, open list of paired bluetooth devices in bluetooth manager of your PPC, select "iBT-GPS: SPP Slave", tap it for 2 seconds and select "Connect" in local menu appeared.

I run my navigating program instead, and it connects to bluetooth datalogger automatically.
Gemblaster Posted - 16 avr. 2008 : 13:57:34
This is what I had understood to ne true as well.

This is the problem I have right here...
- if you use LOG mode, i-blue747 will have no blue LED blinks until you make bluetooth connection.
My PPC can not pick up ANY BT devices to connect to when iBlue747 is in this mode!

As soon as you connect your PDA (it must be paired previously!), blue LED will blink fast as in NAV mode.
As above says, it has been paired many times in NAV mode, but I have NEVER seen a blue blink in the LOG mode. Maybe I have to be PAIRED already in NAV mode and then slide switch to LOG mode to triger the BT to stay on while logging.

Sorry, my very first GPS, and it is not doing what I thought it was supposed to. So I am either getting worried that my device is very defective...OR I am just defective at using it!

I hope with your help I will be able to figure out which before it is to late to return it if it is defective!! This is why I had asked for a VERY simple step by step for getting it into a working connected BT LOG Mode.

THANK YOU for your help.
A Novice
iks Posted - 16 avr. 2008 : 09:11:45
Well, usually I use logger only to collect logs :-)

Today I made some simple tests for you. And my verdict is: information in FAQ is out of date!

Actually, manual says true:
- in NAV mode device only sends current coordinates over bluetooth and does not save any log
- in LOG mode device logs data into internal memory AND, if there's BT connection established, sends data over it.

How to check?

First, you have to pair your device (e.g. PDA or Laptop) with i-blue747 in NAV mode when blue LED is steady ON.

- if you use NAV mode, blue LED on i-blue747 will blink slowly (~1 time per 5 seconds) waiting for BT connection with PDA; when connected - it blinks faster (~1 time per second).
- if you use LOG mode, i-blue747 will have no blue LED blinks until you make bluetooth connection.
As soon as you connect your PDA (it must be paired previously!), blue LED will blink fast as in NAV mode.

When blue LED blinks fast - it means that bluetooth connection is established and the logger sends data over it
Gemblaster Posted - 15 avr. 2008 : 21:44:27
Hi, iks

So you have actually managed to get both the log and bluetooth features to work at the SAME time on yours!

Please, could you give me a simple step by step how you have done this, as no comination I have tried has worked for me this far..

Thank you.

PS- I have also sent in my questions to the tech support at the link you gave. Thank for that
iks Posted - 15 avr. 2008 : 21:25:37
Hi, Gem.

I was also surprised when I received i-blue 747 (I had Q1000 before it).

In manual included (and also downloaded from the site I read that in LOG mode it both logs and sends current coordinates over bluetooth and in NAV mode it doesn't log but only works with the BT.

But look what is written in the FAQ on officcial site:

Good luck :)
Gemblaster Posted - 11 avr. 2008 : 21:16:03
Sorry, CAPS was on from other things.

Actualy, that would be the most essential thing to have. Each total stop that occurs for more than say 60-120 seconds be marked out on the GPS log path on the Google earth map, at the starting time AND at the correct possition on the path on the map that it occured. The rest would not be that hard to figure out between stop points from a few stop markers along the way, from such a script program.

Could you, or would you be willing to to something like this for me PLEASE?

I hope I am clearer now.

Thank you VERY MUCH.
mdeweerd Posted - 11 avr. 2008 : 19:45:11
Hello Gem
You probably misunderstood: I am working on a new interface for BT747. As for your request: it is not very clear - I thought that you wanted to identify stop locations. I do not understand why you say 'real time'.

There is no need to write in upper case!

Concerning BT - someone proposed a HW hack for this somewhere in this forum.
Gemblaster Posted - 11 avr. 2008 : 03:16:58




mdeweerd Posted - 11 avr. 2008 : 01:09:06
Gem, I am writing BT747 and working on an newer interface for that.
Gemblaster Posted - 10 avr. 2008 : 02:08:28

Thanks again for getting back to me.

Can I take it by your reply that you are totaly able to do this type of script edit, and that soon you would be willing to give it a try for me, after you are do other projects? If so that would be GREAT, and I would TOTALY send some slush funds your way, or whatever you want it for!!

2nd thing- My 747 is the Ver.B, the newer one that how shall I say...WAS supposed to opperate BT in Logger mode, and have 150,000 way point memory. That was one of the MAIN reasons I bought it as you can imagine for logistic purposes. Now I am starting to regret what might have been a hasty buy.

Let me know if you would be willing and able to help me out on these two issues please.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you are a kind Sir!
mdeweerd Posted - 09 avr. 2008 : 19:39:07
1. I did not implement the feature you are requesting - I am working on some other stuff for the moment.
2. The earlier iBlue747 devices do not have bluetooth in logger mode, the newer ones are reported to have bluetooth in logger mode.
Gemblaster Posted - 09 avr. 2008 : 02:31:46
LOL, Thanks .... I think... LOL.

I see the script you pointed me at, and as I may not be able to write it out from scratch. I can be pointed to the correct sections I need to cut and past into the original script on device/PCprogram!

I would just like it to do this automaticaly without the need to push the mark button at say a 5-20sec interval. The way the script looks it should be entirerly possible.

Have you done this and have it working??
Would you be willing to help aid me in doing the same? I have NO problem with a donation $ toward your time and help either!

Also, why does the Bluetooth NOT work when in Logger mode It was supposed to by all the litterature on it.

Thank you SO much for getting back to me!
mdeweerd Posted - 09 avr. 2008 : 00:50:09
Well it would be or

'public void writeRecord(final GPSRecord s)' gets called for every logged point.
You can add these points to a list and treat them at the end, or implement the filter 'on the go'.
It can also be implemented in a filter object which would make it general for all formats. Class fields keep their value in between method (filter) calls so you can keep some 'history' info on the track that way.

But, given your reply, this might be out of your league.

Gemblaster Posted - 09 avr. 2008 : 00:35:35
WOW, I wish I could. I am by no means an amature with computers, actualy I would say fairly advanced (not in spelling though LOL), as I change ROMS on my PPC and reg edit it all the time. As well lots of things on the PC. If I need to know how to write C++ no chance yet, but give me a proper line and where to stick it, I'm your guy!

If you know the code I would need to enter and where to do the job, would you please be so kind as to let me know?

I would have NO idea of where to start solely on my own.

Thank you
mdeweerd Posted - 08 avr. 2008 : 21:10:09
Gemblaster - if you can program, then just extend the BT747 program to do exactly what you want.
Gemblaster Posted - 08 avr. 2008 : 18:55:28
AWESOME PRODUCT the iBlue 747 Ver.B!!

I just got mine on Fri. from Seimens, and MAN were they FAST at sending it! They sent me a mount that was not right for my phone(mostly MY fault on that), so I called them and they were SO nice they are sending me the one that I need with FREE shipping, I just pay for the part at their sale price! GREAT shop!

Anyway, back on toppic.... The 747 hooks up and connects over BT VERY fast and EVERYTIME, and seems acurate, love that. I also tried the Logging feature, and made a bunch of POI's with the push button to. Loaded everthing on my PC, and it all downloaded perfect AND errased fine. GREAT feature!

The only TWO problems I see with this device....

1- is that it says it is supposed to data send GPS position over Bluetooth while in Logger mode to a PPC at the same time as it is making a Log file. This is NOT happening! The BT led does not flash or even come on when the switch is in log mode. Also there is NO signal from it for my PPC to connect with over BT while in this mode either. PLEASE help me figure this one out, as it is one of the most important features I bought this for.

2- is that I like that it shows the log on a google map, and also that it has a speed record log you can check as well.
PROBLEM is I can not find a way to corrodinate the speed and stopping points with ANY acuracy to where they occured on the log route on the map, making speed data info useless.

What I need to do is know where exactly the stopping points where made presicly on the trip, and then that would tell me for how long, if there were a way to connect the speed log to the position log on the map. This was ment feature was to help in logistics and helping to make things more effecient. Can anyone help figure out how to do this as well?

Thank you all again, and for a GREAT forum!
mdeweerd Posted - 03 avr. 2008 : 11:55:54
Yesss! I got it fixed.

The 'debug' functionality is enabled throught the menu. Click on the top bar of the application, then settings.
lucianf Posted - 03 avr. 2008 : 09:41:35
Yesss! I got it fixed. I can't believe this, I was already thinking I should look for a new one...

As I was telling before, erasing or resetting did not work, but somehow I was missing the "forced erase" button. That one worked! (PS -in case anyone else has this problem - just to confirm once more, the GPS was working just fine in what concerns the GPS output, i.e. I could get coordinates both in BT747, DataLog or via Bluetooth on PPC - it's just that downloading the log, changing parameters, erasing/resetting would not work - so basically the unit was in a "dumb mode").

Thanks a lot for your help mdeweerd!

PS. I couldn't find the Debug button, although it's mentioned in the Changelog... and yes, I was using java not javaw (bt747_macosX.command default).
mdeweerd Posted - 01 avr. 2008 : 23:14:28
Hello lucianf
With BT747, you can get an idea of what the device is replying. To get the 'java console', you can activate it through java settings or by calling java in stead of javaw in the startup scripts for BT747.

Then, in the BT747 application, activate debug and you will see things like:
10437 - >PMTK604
10469 - >PMTK605
10500 - >PMTK182,2,9,9F
10531 - >PMTK182,2,12
10969 - <PMTK001,604,1,
10984 - <PMTK705,M-core_1.94,001B,
11031 - <PMTK182,3,9,C22015C2,

If you do not get any '<', then your device is not communicating back. Otherwise, it may just be 'locked' and requires the 'Reset' procedure.
A reply starting with PMTK183,3,7 is the most interesting one here since it indicates the device 'status'.
lucianf Posted - 01 avr. 2008 : 22:53:07
Originally posted by mdeweerd

lucianf, with the application 'BT747' you are probably able to 'reset' the device (Easy tab/Forced erase).
With the 'original' application, try 'Erase' then click 'Reset'.

I've tried that many many times, with both applications. I think the unit is not receiving commands anymore, because no matter what I try (erasing, resetting, downloading the log, changing settings) it has no effect. That's why I was hoping that there is a way to force erasing the flash through a hardware method, not software.
mdeweerd Posted - 01 avr. 2008 : 21:38:45
lucianf, with the application 'BT747' you are probably able to 'reset' the device (Easy tab/Forced erase).
With the 'original' application, try 'Erase' then click 'Reset'.
lucianf Posted - 01 avr. 2008 : 12:48:31
...actually it now looks like the memory is corrupted, not full (it couldn't have been full after 12 hours of 3sec logging, anyway). In Datalog I found logging set at -13 seconds, -14 meters, -4098 km/h.. which obviously is wrong. If I try to change anything it says "settings updated" but then I find the same settings. I do receive regular GPS output though - just that controlling via software doesn't work.

Any ideas?
lucianf Posted - 01 avr. 2008 : 12:34:33
A bit off-topic, but if anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it:

I've traveled for a day with my iblue 747 in logging mode and it looks like the memory is full (gps led is solid blue with intermitent orange-over-blue blinking). However the Datalog/BT747 software cannot erase the memory: it says "Erasing" but after as much as 20 minutes nothing happens - and after disconnecting USB & killing Datalog/shutting down BT747, I can connect back but it shows again memory full and erasing doesn't work. Basically I can't get out of this loop.

Is there a way to hard-reset the unit, other than by using software?
collinm Posted - 01 avr. 2008 : 01:00:09
i would like to know the precision of this unit

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