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 Cutting maps of the World with Google MV 2

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
gpspassion Posted - 25 févr. 2007 : 20:06:28
Cutting Maps of the World with Google MV 2

I recently came across, GoogleMV, a wonderful tool that lets you cut maps of the world based on those available on with automatic calibration for OziExplorer. It's just a matter of selecting the area you're interested in and selecting the zoom level. You'll get a .jpg file and its companion .map file ready to use in OziExplorer or OziCE (you can further process it to ozf2/ozf3 format to gain space). The hardest part is downloading the application as the link on the author's site can be slow resulting in incomplete downloads. In case you can't download it there you can use this backup link with the application pre-configured to English.

UPDATED 20090829 : download the latest version >> HERE << (right-click "save as")

    A few notes :
  1. UPDATED 20090829 - NEW SETTINGS :
    Satellite :
    Hybrid :
    Map :
    Terrain :

  2. UPDATED 20070825 - NEW SETTINGS : image - hybrid - map

  3. Be aware that this application uses multiple download threads so if you abuse it, Google might block your IP, temporarily or for good

  4. There is a premium version that allows for additional map exports (MapInfo and ArcGis) and longer distance measurements (free version limited to 1.5km)

  5. You can cut both aerial, road and hybrid maps, make sure you have these addresses set in the "Source" tab. For image: - For hybrid: - For map: (thanks to cpasoft, see below)

  6. [*]Since GoogleMV produces .map calibration files, they can be used out of the box with Smartcom (Nokia phones) and NoniGPSplot (Windows Mobile devices)
Enjoy !
69   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
mbee43 Posted - 27 mai 2010 : 00:05:56
Is googlemv still working. I have tried all of the tips to get it to work, but still no luck, all I get is a HTTP/1.1 403 forbidden message in the log.

I am using the last links posted on 29/aug/2009
gpspassion Posted - 29 août 2009 : 17:28:35
New Links :
Satellite :
Hybrid :
Map :
Terrain :
gpspassion Posted - 22 déc. 2008 : 16:53:25
New links :
Satellite :
Hybrid :
Map :
Topo/3D :
endlessness Posted - 16 nov. 2008 : 15:00:28
anybody knows some proxy addresses to use in the configuration of google mv to prevent banning?
weinschaum Posted - 15 juil. 2008 : 19:30:03
I want to get large maps,
after GoogleEarth stops the download, I try it again with a new IP,
but GoogleMV starts the download again right from the beginning
and does not use the cached information.
Any idea what I do wrong?

Wolfgang16 Posted - 08 mars 2008 : 12:41:52
does anybody have GMV ? There is a bug in GMV, it does not read from read-only media. For exits a patch and I hope to solve that problem.
gpspassion Posted - 19 janv. 2008 : 16:10:29
Any sense of what's new ?

Another Google Maps cutter here but probably only for the Gmap application.
vidocks Posted - 19 janv. 2008 : 15:42:19
New version here :
gpspassion Posted - 07 janv. 2008 : 15:26:29
Thanks, do we know what has changed ?
etxegarraia Posted - 07 janv. 2008 : 15:07:37
New version here :
PedroKV Posted - 06 janv. 2008 : 11:48:20
Hi, I have found one interesting mistake: GMV downloads portions of map in .png file, with 8 bit colour space. When you order GMV to mape your decided map and compile it into .png, colour space of the final .png file is 32b! After that, there is a very big problem to reduce colour spacel and convert this file. And, img2ozf file doesn't work with this file (now I'm not sure if with common .png can, but common .png is not problem to convert ie. to .gif).

If you make maps into .jpg with 24b colour space (16M colours), the final .ozfx3 is not so clean as if you convert 256 colour .png.

For example try to make some map from ocean area: source .png from google has 2 colours (blue only) and is all blue. Final file has 32b colours and on your monitor you see a grid (try to zoom at least 400%).

The second bad thing is a file size. I have marked whole Europe and downloaded it. Source .png in cache (800k files!!!) has about 2GB. Final .jpg has 30GB!!!
When I convert .jpg into .ozfx3, it is 3 times smaller than .jpg, but the size is still so big to use it on SD card.

Can someone help with this problem?
etxegarraia Posted - 26 déc. 2007 : 06:05:45
Have seen decoding of this format somewhere in the past on this Forum.

By the way some new source for the maps :

sat :
hybrid :
map :
steven_eb Posted - 26 déc. 2007 : 01:30:20
Is there a way to go from a map with the Google 'qrst' format to get its latitude and longitude?

Is it as simple as assuming the longitude is determined by e.g 'r' is 0 degrees, 'rq' is 90 degrees.

Similarly 'r' is latitude 0 degrees, 'rq' is latitude 45 degrees.

gpspassion Posted - 23 oct. 2007 : 19:49:02
new source for the maps :

sat :
hybrid :
map :
PedroKV Posted - 07 oct. 2007 : 12:06:36
One day after... :-)

There is problem with hybrid map. I tried to download hybrid map of larger area (ie. one county), it creates about 3000 .map files, but when downloading and creating .jpg files GMV hangs. It seems to be working, but when looking to firewall, it pings few data to server, but without answer, it realy doesn't donwload anything. In folder where .map files are stored it creates one .jpg file, this file is okay, the second and maybe the rest are complete grey with announcement: Loading image.

When this happen, I can't look to hybrid and sattelite image in my browser (IE and Opera). I'm trying to erase browser cache, to restart, to turn off firewall, but sometimes it helps, sometimes not. It seems to be Google blocking data mining from my IP for a while. But normal map works.

Has somebody experienced the same problem?
PedroKV Posted - 05 oct. 2007 : 22:58:43
Replying to myself: the previous version didn't work, I tried download older version from first page of this discussion, but it is newer version and it's working fine (
PedroKV Posted - 05 oct. 2007 : 13:04:08
Hi, I have the same problem. Tried to zoom out to the max, but no picture seen... Tried the help from cpasoft (show map in browser (opera), the show the picture address and paste to GMV), but nothing changed. What's wrong?
ianoutram Posted - 30 sept. 2007 : 15:36:23
Thanks for that ETXEGARRAIA.

Still no success. I am away for a week or so, when I come back I think I will download the program to my wife's computer and try everything again.

If that does not work I will be back for more help!!

Cheers, Ian
etxegarraia Posted - 28 sept. 2007 : 16:51:07
Hi, ianoutram
just start using small zoom level eg : 4,5,6 for full images
ianoutram Posted - 28 sept. 2007 : 16:03:27
I have been following this thread for a few weeks now.
I have downloaded the software and changed it to English ver.
I have followed all the problems of subscribers and the solutions and where appropriate I have tried them.
I have, with reluctance, switched off my pop-up blocker
Still all I get is the grey screen with loading written over it.

Is there anyone out there with the patience and time to blog full Instructions for Dummies for this software?

It looks useful and it is frustrating not to be able to get a handle on it.

countrylaketj Posted - 24 août 2007 : 19:56:44
Thanks for your answer. It works now.
m4rk Posted - 24 août 2007 : 13:32:19



It seems that map and hybrid have swapped places. The default doesn't work anymore. I did find that if I uncompress the GoogleMv zip and start a new instance then the url's are correct from the start. If I then press default button they get swapped. It seems that GoogleMV on first start gets the correct ones.
countrylaketj Posted - 21 août 2007 : 20:22:16
It seems the default or recommended settings are not working for hybrid maps. Anybody have new working map source settings?
m4rk Posted - 12 août 2007 : 00:18:35
I was using GoogleMV to create map slices for GPS Tuner but now I've found the best method is to use GoogleMV to just capture one large high res map and then use the free GPS Tuner Map calibrator to create suitable map slices for Tuner. Heres's my work flow so far:

Step 1 Use GoogleMV to go over the interested area capturing the files into the cache at high zoom.
(if banned re-logon with ISP to generate new IP address)
Step 2 Again with GoolgleMV zoom out and then save a single high zoom map of your selected area. A .map calibration file is also created automatically. (Most files for the map should now already be in the cache and so no hassle with Google banning your IP at this stage)
Step 2 Check the map in image viewer (Paint Shop Pro in my case)
Step 3 Convert the calibration file from .map to .gmi using the above mentioned converter.
Step 3 Edit with notepad the first line of the calibration file to change 'GTM' to 'Map' text.
Step 4 Bring the map into GPS Tuner map calibrator application and save the map as Multiscale map slices. This uses the .gmi file for calibration but on save also adds some extra bits of information into the file. I found that the auto map select feature of GPS Tuner only works with .gmi files that have been saved using GPS Tuner map calibrator application.

For GoogleMV zoom level of 18 seems to be limit for my area. 17 is limit if I need hybrid maps.

The end result is calibrated maps at the highest resolution that are quick to auto load in GPS Tuner, without white space, and I can zoom out to the lower zoom levels with auto loading of these maps as well.

Overall its not so hard or complicated to do and there is no need to split up the maps with GoogleMV. Aprt from captrung maps in the GoogleMV cache is fairly quick too. I am new to this stuff and it took me many hours of surfing and experimenting to figure it out. I post here so that others can get off to a good start with GPS Tuner. As a nooby I expect there could be better a process? Feel free to add suggestions.
gpspassion Posted - 11 août 2007 : 18:03:45
Thanks for sharing, although I never made the move to GPSTuner myself, Ozi it is ;-)

I'm also getting locked out by Google very quickly now, they must have put a filter for GoogleMV as it wasn't the case earlier this year. I wonder if we'll get a version that uses proxies at some point.
m4rk Posted - 11 août 2007 : 13:34:15
I have been using the latest GoogleMv 2.9.1 to capture hybrid maps for use in GPS Tuner on my Loox N560 PPC. I had a few problems getting calibrated maps into GPS Tuner but I now have a method that works. Basically I need to convert the .map files to .gmi files

I found that Maptogmi.exe, mentioned in this thread, is not working correctly for me: Tuner locks up if I use these gmi files.

But the application ‘Maptogmiconverter’ is working with some minor editing of the created gmi file

I found two versions on the net of this application and both have the same problem:

V 0.1.0

V 0.2.0 has an extra option to select GPS Tuner format

The file created from either version has this as the first line:

‘GTM Calibration data file v2.0’

and GPS Tuner doesn’t recognise the calibration file

If I change this line to this

‘Map Calibration data file v2.0’

then GPS Tuner recognises the map as calibrated.

You can edit the gmi file with notepad but to make life easier I found a free application called TextCrawler that can find and replace the ‘GMT’ text with ‘Map’ on batches of files.

I hope this helps someone.
rodneysparks Posted - 08 août 2007 : 16:38:30
I used GoogleMV yesterday to grab a bunch of imagery for my camping trip this weekend, and it worked great. I'm using OziCE on my C310X for off-road navigation. Of course, I had to reset my DSL router and get a new IP after every 5MB or so, but it wasn't too bad...

Good stuff!

AlbertaGPS Posted - 13 juil. 2007 : 05:01:51
I can use googlemv at work and get about 1/2 hour of downloading a day. But I cant seem to get it to work at home. Not sure what the hangup is. Google just seems to have a limit on downloads but they don't ban you as I have taken more than a gig of maps.
It is great though, I got most of Alberta at zoom level 13 and put that on my pda with oxice. Now i got to download all of alberta at level 14.
Devedander Posted - 01 juil. 2007 : 18:37:04
I am getting the same grey screen loading qtr issue... it's set in my firewall and the settings have been updated... was there ever a reason found for this? Would love to try this program. Thanks!
richardd Posted - 11 juin 2007 : 18:09:23
I have ZoneAlarm and GoogleMV is allowed both Internet access and to act as a server. Today I tried again and now I had a picture which was partly good. The rest was "downloading failed -rtqrtq......"
cpasoft Posted - 10 juin 2007 : 13:15:48
Have you check your firewall or your antivirus soft?. Maybe the GoogleMV cannot access to inet...
richardd Posted - 08 juin 2007 : 18:53:44
Tanks imt21, but no luck yet.
I tried the website and I´m not banned. Then I´ve downloaded firefox and filled in the sources (a zillion times already!!). I also tried your sources. I must be doing something wrong. It's getting on my nerves, I'd better go for a walk (Too bad I have no map in my GPS!!!!!)
imt21 Posted - 08 juin 2007 : 10:54:23

You can check to see if you are banned simply by visiting in a browser and check each of the different map views (Map/Satellite/Hybrid). You'll get a message displayed instead of the map if you've been blocked/banned.

The settings I currently use are:

(I'm in the UK)



Alternatively, you can follow these instructions...

Originally posted by cpasoft

It's very easy...
* Open the URL with firefox
* Choose the imagen you want (satellite, hybrid, map)
* Go to tools->page information
* Check the URL for one of the images on the "media" tab

If you can understand spanish, go to this topic:

Best regards... ;)

richardd Posted - 06 juin 2007 : 18:01:43
GoogleMV is just the tool I was looking for. Too bad it doesn't work for me. Too bad I can't read French either, because that topic about GoogleMV is much longer.
Here's is what I've tried so far:
-I've downloaded GoogleMV again
-I've set the sources to the ones at the beginning of this topic.
-I have a folder c:\temp
-I've changed the cachefolder to a new one and pushed the convert-button
-I've allowed my firewall all traffic by GoogleMV

I did not download one map yet but maybe I am already banned. How can I check if I am banned? Is there a way to bypass this with a proxy or something.

admin_0 Posted - 08 mai 2007 : 20:17:15
Can anyone tell me how this program saves the ozi map file? I tried the export tab in the settings with the oziexplorer option ticked. If this saves the map files, I can't find them....

I'd also be interested in turning off the multiple download threads. I don't want a ban!

admin_0 Posted - 06 mai 2007 : 11:47:45
Its seems that Google block the IP after download about 10 pictures.
Does anybody know how to operate this SW without multi threding (I have the time) so google will not block the IP.
MioPets Posted - 15 avr. 2007 : 19:38:27
Finally, I got it works in English. It's funny if I un-zipped it with the ZIP program I get it in "Russian" language only; but if I un-Zipped it with WinRAR program, I get a choice of 4 languages. Very strange indeed.
gpspassion Posted - 14 avr. 2007 : 18:49:36
Obviously I did it before posting my message yesterday. You really can't miss them!
MioPets Posted - 14 avr. 2007 : 18:47:43

I don't know what's the reason that it only shows "Russian" language on my computer; unless the contain of the files has changed since after. Can I ask a big favor to test it see if it's the case from the "backup link" you provided at the top; Or else e-mail me with the proper english program. Thanks.
gpspassion Posted - 14 avr. 2007 : 16:52:08 should have a closer look, it has 4 languages.
MioPets Posted - 14 avr. 2007 : 16:50:29
I did, but the "backup link" also contains "Russian" language only, no other languages to choose. Any help is appreciated.
gpspassion Posted - 14 avr. 2007 : 11:17:23
Why don't you use the "backup link" I put in the first message ?
MioPets Posted - 14 avr. 2007 : 01:42:58

Thanks for your instruction; but after I select the language folder, it only shows "Russian", no other languages to select. May be I downloaded a wrong version. If you don't mind, I will appreciate very much if you could e-mail me the correct GoogleMV program file in English.
Thanks in advance.
Cubbi Posted - 12 avr. 2007 : 19:31:45
I found another tool from Righthand which converts .map to .gmi. It's called "OziExplorer's map file converter" and you can download it here:

It has some glitches. You have to edit the resulting .gmi file (just use the file provided with Map Calibrator as a sample) and add minus for western longitudes (probable for the southern hemisphere, too).

Steve672 Posted - 10 avr. 2007 : 17:34:50

Open the program, click on the sprocket-like icon on the far right>Language>English and voila. That should do it.
MioPets Posted - 09 avr. 2007 : 05:55:48
I downloaded and installed GoogleMV from the link provided by gpspassion at the top, but the program is in Russian. When I go to the folder to change a language, it's only Russian. Could someone tell me how to change the program to English so I can understand each functions. Thanks
steven_eb Posted - 07 avr. 2007 : 22:23:59
Hi tucker_adelaide,

The folders can be generated by using:
- 'Settings->Cache->Cache Settings'
- tick 'Change folder', and enter a new cache folder name
- tick 'Use old cache format'
- use Convert to get the new format

The GoogleMV English version is not actually missing these files, they just have to be created when you start.

admin_0 Posted - 03 avr. 2007 : 13:30:48
Where did you get the russian versions from? I am having the same problems as the people above, yet I don't know where to create all of those directories and the missing files etc..

I have tried to download the other version.. however its telling me the file is no longer found.
Cubbi Posted - 02 avr. 2007 : 22:35:27
Originally posted by hulkman

I have a made a simple tool that converts from ozi exported from googleMV format to gmi (Gpstuner format) It is available here:

It's very simple! Took me half an hour to do it... and it works for me! It's not tested! Use at your own risk!

Hi Hulkman,

thanks for creating this tool. Unfortunately it's not quite working for me. I tried to convert a .map file to .gmi from a hybrid map of a small part of San Francisco, CA. When I load the map in GPS Tuner it displays a latitude of 78676°... Could you please look into this matter if you have some time? If you like, I can send you the .gmi / .map / .jpg file.

imt21 Posted - 02 avr. 2007 : 13:09:02
@steven_eb - That worked great.

steven_eb Posted - 31 mars 2007 : 14:44:25
I had this problem with the cache, and it is fixed by:
- go to 'Settings->Cache->Cache Settings'
- tick 'Change folder', and enter a new cache folder name
- tick 'Use old cache format'

This should work.

imt21 Posted - 30 mars 2007 : 17:47:43
@Amesdp - Could you post the changes/additions you made to the directory structure as it is not currently possible to download the Russian version.

gpspassion Posted - 27 mars 2007 : 01:57:42
Well you can't get to them with a browser but they're working for me in GoogleMV.
admin_0 Posted - 26 mars 2007 : 16:59:51
"For image:
For hybrid:
For map:"

What happened to the last two links? Are there alternatives?
hulkman Posted - 20 mars 2007 : 14:18:40
gpspassion Posted - 20 mars 2007 : 13:55:28
Thanks for sharing, can you reupload it using this method to have it in a safe place ?
hulkman Posted - 20 mars 2007 : 12:56:34
I have a made a simple tool that converts from ozi exported from googleMV format to gmi (Gpstuner format) It is available here:

It's very simple! Took me half an hour to do it... and it works for me! It's not tested! Use at your own risk!
Amesdp Posted - 06 mars 2007 : 23:54:55
Ok, now I'm having more success after persistent diagnostic work. I downloaded the original Russian version and made sure I had all the components (some basic world image tiles and subdirectories are missing from the English version). For some reason the program is not creating the cache directories it requires. It needs a temp folder c:\temp, which did not exist on my system. And under the cache subdirectory it needs numbered sub-sub-directories for the image tiles which it seems to be unable to create. If I create these directories for the program, then I can start to successfully download some image and map tiles.
Amesdp Posted - 06 mars 2007 : 22:20:19
Same here, doesn't work. I can type in the image/map tile download url to my browser manually, and I get a valid image/map tile from Google, so I know the url is correct. But the same url appearing in the download log window of GoogleMV produces nothing except "Download error".
cpasoft Posted - 06 mars 2007 : 16:00:45
Check your firewall or your virus scanner. Maybe the aplication cannot access to inet...

Best regards...
musicmax Posted - 05 mars 2007 : 22:36:03
This program isn't working for me. I changed the sources to the ones cpasoft listed, but the program just sits there with a big grey square that says "Loading q Loading r Loading t Loading s". What am I doing wrong?
admin_0 Posted - 05 mars 2007 : 05:33:46
is there an easy way to move N/E/S/W from the current view to get adjacent maps? (looking to build a tiled set of maps for use with oziexplorer ce)
gpspassion Posted - 02 mars 2007 : 14:56:44
Hum...right, this is the English section of the forums, not sure what you're driving at, anyway I was just asking where you were at in using the program.

What do you mean by "download" ? With an active internet connection the maps will appear automatically on the screen, then select the area you're interested with the "dashed rectangle" icon, click start, leave the defaults settings, click ok and you're done.
pathfinder2008 Posted - 02 mars 2007 : 14:43:49
Originally posted by pathfinder2008

Can you give a little more details regarding how to use this program? Thanks.

What a great forum is this. I am brand new here. I am in US and only can read English. I got the software installed OK. I followed the above brief instruction to find my city in Google. When I click "Media" tab, too many address there, and none contain the whole map. Even I can find the right address, I do not how to download the map in GoogleMV. Any tricks? Thanks a lot.
gpspassion Posted - 02 mars 2007 : 10:39:51
Where are you at ?
pathfinder2008 Posted - 02 mars 2007 : 03:49:30
Can you give a little more details regarding how to use this program? Thanks.
cpasoft Posted - 26 févr. 2007 : 13:06:40
It's very easy...
* Open the URL with firefox
* Choose the imagen you want (satellite, hybrid, map)
* Go to tools->page information
* Check the URL for one of the images on the "media" tab

If you can understand spanish, go to this topic:

Best regards... ;)
gpspassion Posted - 26 févr. 2007 : 09:39:33
It does work with these links, thanks for sharing, out of curiosity, how did you find them ?
cpasoft Posted - 26 févr. 2007 : 06:00:05
Originally posted by gpspassion
  • In theory you can cut both aerial, road and hybrid maps, but only the aerial maps seem to be working at this time (maybe a limitation of the free version ?)

  • You must change sources on the app. For this, go to setting panel, sources tab and set:
    For image:
    For hybrid:
    For map:

    Originally posted by gpspassion
  • Since GoogleMV produces .map calibration files, they can be used out of the box with Smartcom (Nokia phones) and NoniGPSplot (Windows Mobile devices)
  • [/list=1]Enjoy !

    You can also use it with Compe or GlobalMapper, and you could save it into ECW format and use with a lot of GIS programs, like ArcGis, ArcMap, AutocadMap...

    Best regards...

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