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 Navigon 2100 Unlocking FAQ

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Supremo Posted - 28 nov. 2007 : 18:41:30
Unlocking the Navigon 2100:

As the data sheet says, the Navigon 2100 has a core operating system of WinCE 5.0. "Unlocking" the unit refers to the process of booting directly to the WinCE Desktop, and has nothing to do with unlocking maps that have been illegally obtained without the proper license. Unlocking is the first step in giving the end user the ability to run other WinCE-compatable PDA applications on this PNA.

Fortunately, the Navigon 2100 will run the MN6 software from the supplied 2 Gbyte SD card or, assuming all the files on the OEM card are copied over, to any other SD card (*). DO NOT MODIFY THE EXISTING OEM SD CARD - SPLURGE FOR A FEW BUCKS, BY AN SD CARD (2 GBYTE MIN) AND COPY ALL THE OEM FILES OVER TO IT. Unlocking is a reversible process. Although you need to make Registry changes to get full functionality (without some apps locking up), removing the SD card and performing a Hard Reset will restore the original (OEM) Registry.

Hard Reset Procedure - if the PNA is on, press the Power button until the unit goes off. Press again and hold the button down - the screen will come on and after a few seconds go off again. Press the Power button again and the screen will come back. If you get the opening "music", you know the Hard reset was successful.

If you leave the memory card out and keep the unit powered on, you will after a few 10's of seconds go into the Demo mode. When you reinsert the SD card a soft reset will occur (equivalent to pressing the recessed button on the left hand side) and the unit will initialize into whatever the SD card tells it to (see below).

When the 2100 boots up, the firmware looks for a file called AutoRunCE.exe on the SD card if it is inserted (see above). The unlocking process basically replaces the stock AutoRunCE.exe with a different executable. The preferred executable would a "script runner" with a simple yet fairly complete set of commands. Having "grown up" with the Mio C310x, I prefer the so-called
"C310AUTO" method, and will be discussing the use of that system here. Another choice of script runner is nfRunner which appears to have a larger command set at the expense of complexity. Experienced programmers might prefer that system, and contributions in that area are welcomed.

GPSGator (the author of the original C310AUTO system) has graciously uploaded a minimal unlocking script to get everyone started. Simply copy the unzipped archive to an SD card that you have already copied all the OEM SD card files to (overwriting the existing AutoRunCE.exe), place this card into your 2100 SD slot, and reset. The script file is AutoRunCE.c31 but it's simply a text file that can be editted in Notepad or similar. The C310AUTO archive has a doc file with it that explains the command syntax in the script. As with most script languages, you must follow the syntax exactly - most of your errors will be associated with leaving quotes, commas, whatever out of the text. The first thing you might want to try is creating a Desktop shortcut to the Navigon mapping application (MN6.exe in \Storage Card\MN6). Read the C310AUTO docs, use the "Desktop" command, etc. You know what they say about giving a man a fish vs teaching a man to fish...

Once in the WinCE Desktop, go to the Taskbar (it boots up in "autohide" mode), click on the "Windows" icon, select Program Files\Explorer, and you'll see a familar friend if you're a Windows XP kinda person. You can also explore \Settings\Control Panel, but be careful. Things like 'Storage manager' can brick your unit with the wrong selection.

As I create various scripts I'll post them here; feel free to contribute. Please do not post a script unless it is working - we are not here to troubleshoot your programs, and in any case you'll find that the vast majority of your errors are syntax related.

(*) I have only personally tested a 2 Gbyte non-SDHC SD card, search the Forum for details on compatability of other types of SD cards
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
dragansina Posted - 29 avr. 2012 : 11:14:52
Originally posted by G_Moore

I was on the German site looking at skins and 3D cars to replace the navigation arrow and ran across a post about using Desktop Free 4 All on their 21x0. I don't know much about CE but I thought I would give you a link to the post. I used the right click>Page Info>Translate on the pages. Came with the Google toolbar.

BiscuitSmuggler Posted - 15 févr. 2012 : 10:24:49
Originally posted by Holleyong

GPSGator,Supremo, thank you so much for your great work.
I did it sucessfully. It just tooks seconds.
GPS can work. Now, I'm considering to install other softwares.

By the way, how to go back to WinCe. Maybe I need to investigate this.

Thank you.

yo man.. please assist me.. i want to access the WinCe but im really struggling.. just a minute of you time.. my email is

would really appriciate the help
gius Posted - 25 juil. 2010 : 14:28:27

Hey guys how can I get my Navigon 1410 to run windows ce at boot up?
Please help me.
mitch04 Posted - 08 juin 2010 : 10:58:59
All people who have navigon could you please try to run exe check. When ever I try it, it restarts my navigon altogether. Im running 4350max please anyone try.
Apostle13 Posted - 02 mai 2010 : 20:48:22
Originally posted by FRATO1

i am in bad need of the factory files or oem files that came with this unite-2100 max .please email me at you for your time and i can return the favor oneday.

If you have registered with Navigon there is a free OEM/Map with all the system files here:

First log-in then click on the link above.

If the link doesnt work log in and on the left pane their should be a link for "Software Update".

FRATO1 Posted - 02 mai 2010 : 18:11:05
i am in bad need of the factory files or oem files that came with this unite-2100 max .please email me at you for your time and i can return the favor oneday.
unlockpna Posted - 28 avr. 2010 : 11:12:06
Please help with Navigon 2100 firmware for restore device - cannot boot and freezed. Please send to my email:
miolover Posted - 15 mars 2010 : 14:31:38
Originally posted by cajnape

Unlocking the 2100 will only get you to windows CE and allow you to access the internal flash memory of the device in which you can load other softwares onto the 2100. You don't need to run CanOpener to get to CE. Look at the first page of the Finished Skins for the 2100 and you will see a startup kit i put together for Blue. You can unlock the 2100 with two different methods. But to answer your question on having the navigation rum better...unlocking your 2100 will do nothing to help you in that area. Yes, you will be able to run player for music and videos and unless you install other games or software, that's pretty much the extent of unlocking. Its nice to use though as you can launch certain programs to switch between navigation and music and so on without having to reset your device.

that is sooo 2008 cajnape but thanks to your start up kit, my genius WIFI guys in the WIFI thread, i am using my gps not for navigation, but as mini laptop and all in one entertainment center. soo for people who want to unlock just the ce system. i have to say navigon 2100 owners are lucky coz we have the almost complete ce system built in our gps. so all u have to do is use cajnape's start up kit. as he said above where u can find it. also i cant believe you guys are asking for unlock that has been here since AGES ago. it HELPS to search first. though i must admit the search feature of this forum is not the best. if all else fails, google is your friend. it also does not help that people here are not as helpful as the people on mio forum. as far as i know miopocket has evolved into a very powerful software. yes i call it software now. and i also know it is easier now to unlock via miopocket. i dont know why u guys still having probs.

if you wanna wifi, u need cajnape's unlock(unless u know how to install sdfree miopocket, i don't), go to wifi thread, and buy compatible sd wifi card. be blown away by the fact that not only can u wifi on ur gps, but u can also stream live tv,movie,music, etc.... i was, still am. especially if you read the wifi thread from the very beginning when people were saying it can't be done. but they were VERY wrong. it is all about finding the right driver and knowing where to put it, and knowing what registry to hack. easier said than done. but it has been done.

update, apparently this guy has found a way for a simple sd free unlock for navigon just scroll down some more. i actually downloaded that unlock. although i am pretty happy with my own WIFI sd free unlock. at least he has step by step instructions:

just holler if his sd free unlock has worked for our navigon.
a.eylerts Posted - 07 févr. 2010 : 07:42:14
Originally posted by Gollemano

I made an interesting discovery today that might be useful for those using a Navigon 2100/2110 Max and having problems running KGpsCe to add output of missing NMEA protocols. For instance, GPGSA and GPGSV are needed for GMXT to go pass the "Acquiring Satellites".

This fix invloves editing the registry, so make sure you have a backup and know what you're doing.

The Nemerix GPS driver key is located under

Find the string value
NMEA_Period (wich should read "0,0,1,0,0,1".
and change it to "0,0,1,1,1,1" (no quotes). This will enable the output of GSA and GSV along with the default GGA and RMC.
No soft reset is necessary to apply changes.

To verify the output, start KGpsCe or VirtComMgr or any program that can read the raw data from the GPS port. If successful, this will of course let you skip running KGpsCe in any starter scripts etc. I've tested some other navigation apps with this output and have seen no negative impact.

The NMEA_Period values relate to the different protocols like this;

Protocol Index Default
GPGLL    1   0
GPVTG   2   0
GPGGA   3   1
GPGSA   4   0
GPGSV   5   0
GPRMC   6   1

Setting all to 0 resulted in no output at all as expected. However, adding a seventh "1" resulted in GGA + RMC output, so there might be other combinations. I someone likes dig deeper into this, feel free to share the info.

There's also a NMEA_Priority value (default reading "3,3,1,3,3,2"), that I suspect is related to the same indexes, but I haven't tested enough to say what changes have what impact.

Hi Mattias, I saw a post in wich you say how to get GPS Signal on the Navigon 2100Max in Garmin mobile XT. The thing is I'm still not able to do it, I can't finde the reg file in the NX2020 driver. Hopefully you can help me figure out how to do it.
bumbum Posted - 23 janv. 2010 : 17:32:16
Does somebody know, if and how a facory reset of GPS receiver on 2100 can be performed?
DarthR2 Posted - 05 janv. 2010 : 00:06:14
Originally posted by acc3366

Please forgive me, I have searched but have not found the instructions for unlocking the 2100 max. Could someone point me in the right direction?

I own a 2100 max, too. There is a software called MioPocket that unlocks my unit, as well as a wide range of WinCE-based devices.

Just search for "MioPocket" in this forum, download and install it as instructed by the readme file. And then you are good to go. Very fool-proof.
While some devices have a "secret" keypress sequence that gets you to the WinCE desktop, as far as I know none has been discovered for the Navigon devices.
Yes I am aware of that secret keypress sequence. I "grow up" with a Mio C310X and that thing has such a sequence. Unfortunately not with Navigon devices... But most Navigons only have ONE on/off button anyway... :-(
acc3366 Posted - 17 déc. 2009 : 04:50:36
Please forgive me, I have searched but have not found the instructions for unlocking the 2100 max. Could someone point me in the right direction?
gpspassion Posted - 26 nov. 2009 : 16:55:16
Freshmaps has been discontinued ->
swamper1953 Posted - 26 nov. 2009 : 16:52:14
Has anyone tried FreshMaps with a fully modified unlocked unit (I have a 2100) as I am considering updating the map.
DarthR2 Posted - 08 oct. 2009 : 20:39:17
Originally posted by NavigonMAX
I don't want to run miopocket or unlock whatever...just where it boots up windows

As far as I know, what you ask is not possible. You NEED MioPocket or something in place of the original AutoRunCE.exe or whatever to boot to Windows.

While some devices have a "secret" keypress sequence that gets you to the WinCE desktop, as far as I know none has been discovered for the Navigon devices.

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