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 Open Route Corridor - automatically !
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Bill England

4 Posts

Posted - 24 juin 2004 :  03:18:46  Show Profile
Since there is already a function, i.e., find POI's, that uses "in view" areas, is there a possibility of programming a feature that one could opt to configure the program to automatically open maps in view? Please forgive me for having not read the hundreds of posts in reply to this topic, for this idea has most likely been explored before.

Amix X5 Advanced, 512 Mb SD, Delue GPS
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12 Posts

Posted - 29 déc. 2004 :  20:16:00  Show Profile
What about alternate routing?

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41 Posts

Posted - 30 déc. 2004 :  09:41:52  Show Profile
Is there any feedback from Lamar on this matter?

IPAQ 3970 - Sapir GPS - Emtac BTGPS
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1044 Posts

Posted - 07 janv. 2005 :  21:18:28  Show Profile
Originally posted by 325xi

Is there any feedback from Lamar on this matter?

Lamar has indicated that automatic corridors will happen. The current fly-along-route action with the step-pane selected is a forerunner technology implemented in response to this requirement. This will be a boon for route planning and should suffice for local and medium distance driving (up to 200 miles). But longer routes will run into performance issues (slow reroutes, etc.) due to the number of maps associated with long corridors. So our job now is to voice our related route-planning and driving-performance ideas clearly to Mapopolis. Such as:

1) Choose Map(s) should become a tool which creates and manages user-defined "map-sets." A mapset could be as simple as an ASCII list of maps. The list should be location independent, so available maps are opened regardless of location/folder on the device, while unavailable maps are cued for future sync. Default mapsets would consist entirely of major-roads maps for use as "basemaps."

2) An option to open nearby maps should be added to the current popup box when we tap and hold the info box for POI: "Open Maps Nearby."

3) After route generation, a popup box should offer to inventory maps along route: "Select corridor width: [15-100 miles] [Cancel]"

4) A new Navigation setting should be: "Enable Dynamic Maps: Select Bubble Size: [25-100mi]"

Dell Axim X5 400MHz A04, PPC2002 OS, Mapopolis 4.xx (ND), Fortuna PocketXTrack CF GPS

Edited by - dcrochet on 07 janv. 2005 21:36:42
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24 Posts

Posted - 10 janv. 2005 :  03:43:34  Show Profile  Visit d.vertz's Homepage

3) After route generation, a popup box should offer to inventory maps along route: "Select corridor width: [15-100 miles] [Cancel]"

dcrochet ...

Seems to me that this "popup" would become very annoying very quickly. Wouldn't it be better to add this option in the "Find Route" section? Maybe right above "Return to". And the choices in a dropdown that includes 0 (instead of the optional cancel)? Then default back to the last choice when the next "Find Route" is performed?

But I guess this wouldn't work if you found the route through "Route from" and "Route to" instead of "Find Route".

Still, I hope there is a better answer than an anoying popup on every route generation. But given the choice, I'd rather have corridor's than not.

Dell Axim X5 400MHz A05, PPC2003 OS, Mapopolis 4.xx (ND), Ambicom CF GPS
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2508 Posts

Posted - 10 janv. 2005 :  06:29:14  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage
Hi, Guys,

Automatic corridors (I prefer "Populate Route") may not appear in the fashion that we were imagining. It depends on what happens with the new Palm version and the map-handling model that it's using. It has the US maps divided into 28 data files that total 997 megs. Without getting technical, it uses a "small reads" technique enroute, and a "gulping data rate" read technique in routing. Basically, it reads the maps in and stores the data in RAM for route generation. Enroute, it predicts the next map and has it ready in RAM before you get there. The old map gets deleted from RAM when you no longer need it, and this is, in effect, dynamic map loading.

We are beginning to look now at what would be necessary to port this to the Microsoft platforms.


Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work.
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396 Posts

Posted - 10 janv. 2005 :  16:48:29  Show Profile
Anything that can automate the process will be super welcome. But with much bigger maps, how does that impact searching, e.g. when picking start and end points, which is PAINFULLY slow today? It would require a much improved search engine - which by the way also could need the ability to do fuzzy matching, typeahead short lists, and more.

And what about the NavTEQ license restrictions with respect to the number of inhabitants in the loaded maps?

It's going to be interesting to see this unfold. Sign me up for the beta on this technology.

Best regards
Allan Hvass

Using SmartPhone QTek 8060, Holux GM-210, Mapopolis, Ora car kit
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1044 Posts

Posted - 11 janv. 2005 :  04:21:02  Show Profile
This news is completely revolutionary!

Forget everything I've posted on the subject (which incorrectly presumed an incremental evolutionary approach/capability) because it looks like we've got something completely new to examine.

As I understand it today, this new approach covers the following concerns:

1) Manual map selection will be a thing of the past. Great! Lets hope the application startup performance will remain acceptable. Competitors seem to slow to a crawl with vast regional-size maps available.

2) Route planning will become a logical (progressive-precision) process which supports fully-automated map-data selection. Perfect!

3) The map data is apparently compressed allowing for continental coverage (or approximately so) on a 1gb card. Fantastic! The question is, do we get continental routing flexibility? In other words, are these maps stitch-able for seamless, coast-to-coast routing?

4) NavTeq data...and without user-managed licensing limits. Unbelievable!

5) Low RAM memory footprint through predictive map management techniques (dynamic maps!) no doubt allowing for blazing routing and rerouting performance. Absolute genius!!!

Dell Axim X5 400MHz A04, PPC2002 OS, Mapopolis 4.xx (ND), Fortuna PocketXTrack CF GPS
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Enrique Muyshondt

409 Posts

Posted - 05 juin 2005 :  05:00:55  Show Profile
I use NavCard on a Treo 650 phone (which has relatively low RAM - 8.6 MB with a few applications loaded) and this new mapping technique works great! No more fussing with map selection. I haven''t tried routing coast to coast, but I don't see any performance issues with 1000 mile routes.
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5064 Posts

Posted - 05 juin 2005 :  06:32:10  Show Profile
I use the NavCard on a regular basis and it has taken over from my PPC applications. I have plotted several cross country routes and it works just fine on my 650. It opens up a whole new world for Palm users, and is the only "entire US" solution currently available. See my review on the main site.

Don't forget the GPSPassion Club!
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