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 [TOPIC] AMOD AGL 3080 Photo Tracker - v2.5 update
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Posted - 18 févr. 2009 :  23:23:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I got the solution for the error displays on Google Maps from Amod. It has to do with dots and comma's in the GPS files. I got a beta version of AmodGPSTracker 1.3.10 which shows to photo's on the correct position on Google Maps.
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Posted - 19 mars 2009 :  17:35:32  Show Profile  Visit Drdul's Homepage  Reply with Quote
AMOD Accuracy in Urban Areas, Particularly When Standing In One Place?

I have a question for owners of the AMOD AGL-3080. I am interested in it as a mac-compatible GPS logger for use in urban areas with tall buildings. I am currently using a Wintec WBT-201, and I find that its accuracy falls off when I am in an area with tall buildings, especially if I remain in one place for a few minutes. Would the AMOD with the Sirf StarIII chipset perform noticeably better than the the Wintec in these conditions, or is an urban environment a challenge for any GPS device, regardless of the chipset?

If anyone has both of these loggers and could post comparison tracks walking around and standing still in an urban area with tall buildings, I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

Richard Drdul
Vancouver BC
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Posted - 20 mars 2009 :  04:00:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
On pages 7 and 9 of this thread you'll see some pictures of this unit being tested in an urban environment. Standing still, it wanders around a central point, moving it's pretty good, only becoming confused near tall buildings or other sky-hiding structures.
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2 Posts

Posted - 20 mars 2009 :  04:22:43  Show Profile  Visit Drdul's Homepage  Reply with Quote
@trs2004: Thanks for the feedback. I saw those images, and I have experienced similar results with my Wintec, which is what made me question whether or not the supposedly better chipset in the AMOD would yield better results or not. Also, the buildings in the images on page 9 don't appear to be very tall — I'm particularly interested in how the AMOD performs among highrises, and whether it would perform better than the Wintec in those conditions.


Richard Drdul
Vancouver BC
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2 Posts

Posted - 31 mars 2009 :  01:27:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've had a look through the thread and have seen no mention of whether the unit will continue to log when connected to a PC via USB.
I was wondering whether it's possible to stream the NMEA data to the PC live by just 'tail'ing the file (as is possible with most linux files).
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4 Posts

Posted - 31 mars 2009 :  07:34:28  Show Profile  Visit magrolino's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I tried that once but could not succeed. If anyone was/is successful with "live streaming" the log data it would be interesting to see how he/she did that (but I am not hoping).
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2 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2009 :  15:33:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just to let others know that it's not possible, the device effectively switches off when plugged into a USB port.
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Czech Republic
8 Posts

Posted - 09 avr. 2009 :  00:58:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by jpbrede

I got the solution for the error displays on Google Maps from Amod. It has to do with dots and comma's in the GPS files. I got a beta version of AmodGPSTracker 1.3.10 which shows to photo's on the correct position on Google Maps.

Newly released AmodGPSTracker 1.3.11 seems to work OK. I especially enjoy the cute function "Play".
You can get it here:
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29 Posts

Posted - 02 mai 2009 :  15:36:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Has anyone checked the NEMA strings and compared them to the release notes ?

I was looking at a log when I was in Mode 5 and it includes GSV data.

The release notes I read says it should only have, GGA/GSA/RMC/VTG->10sec , in mode 5.

As you can see below from the 3 points I've listed that the time in the string GPGGA is showing its recording every 10 seconds.

I haven't checked the other modes yet but if this is correct then then the number of points and the using times are wrong as listed in the release notes ?

Am I missing something here ?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Posts

Posted - 13 mai 2009 :  23:47:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

How do you sync logs and photos ?
I use GPSBabel+ to convert NMEA to GPX then GPS PhotoLinker (Mac OS X).
I expected to match a photo shot when I pressed the mark button to create a waypoint but PhotoLinker doesn't give any time for the waypoint.
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6 Posts

Posted - 14 mai 2009 :  01:54:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Generally, the easiest way to sync is to make sure that your camera's internal clock is set to be as close as possible to atomic clock time. I tend to use as my source for the exact, precise time and just set my camera to match as best I can--usually within less than a minute of error. Your GPS unit will also synchronize itself automatically to atomic clock time via the GPS satellite network and embed that timestamp along with each location fix in the GPS files. Now, when you use GPS Photolinker, both the timestamps in the GPS file and the timestamps embedded in the EXIF headers in the picture files will match up and you'll have photos that match up to the correct location.

One minor note, if you set your camera to your local timezone (in my case, US Eastern Time), then you'll need to set an appropriate timezone offset in GPS Photolinker (-5 hours normally, -4 hours during daylight savings time).

You really don't need to use the "mark" button on the Amod. I've never found a good reason for using it as long as your camera's time is set correctly.
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94684 Posts

Posted - 14 mai 2009 :  13:01:20  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The Locr PC software is nice in that you can correct the time in small increments in case your camera was off, can be needed if pictures were taken from a moving car.

Discounts and Assistance/Réductions et Assistance (Club GpsPasSion) / Où commencer?
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Posted - 19 mai 2009 :  18:00:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks to all of you for in-depth, educational posts. I am buying an AMOD AGL 3080 for my husband for his birthday. I think the majority of the time he will be using it for geotagging, but I can see him using it for other things as well. I intend to give it to him on the plane on the way to Germany. I'm guessing that he will want to track our car trip from the airport since it's fun to play with a new toy right away. Since it will have to be set up by me between now and then, I need some advice.

For three weeks, we will be bicycle riding, taking photos on foot and doing three 5+ hour drives. Given this, should I initially set it up as SN ON or OFF? I've tried to figure it out from other posters' experiences, but I'm still not sure. I'm guessing that Mode 5 is probably the best compromise on accuracy and battery life.

He will be a whiz at working with it once he gets off the plane and his computer set up, but I'd really like him to have a good first experience. I've got decent computer skills but none on the GPS side. I will have a PC with me but he will probably have a Mac. Is there any software you recommend I download to my machine or have on a cd that he can install on his Mac? He is a software programmer by trade, so the software has to be good but can be sophisticated if there's something that fits that description.

Thanks for your help.
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12 Posts

Posted - 19 mai 2009 :  18:30:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To translate the file made by the AMOD to something that can be understood by other programs, use HoudahGPS:

For linking the photos to the GPS data I'd suggest GPSPhotoLinker:

Both programs are freeware and run on MacOS.
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3 Posts

Posted - 19 mai 2009 :  18:35:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Keeshu. Mac info is really valuable as we are both about to switch back to the Mac after almost a 20 year PC stint. I think I'll hold on to my PC, though, for things like these firmware updates.

I have just discovered that there is a plug-in to geotag in Adobe Lightroom. Has anyone used this yet?
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