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 [TOPIC] Genie GT-31 and BGT-31 Data Loggers
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Posted - 04 févr. 2010 :  06:49:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I contacted Locosys regarding how to save the old firmware. Locosys replied promptly as always but from their reply it seems you can just get an older version from Locosys if you want it ...
""With regard to your inquiry, you can use latest firmware v1.3 first which can solve hang-up problem.
If you prefer to use the old version,please contact with us,we could still provide it for you.""

I didnt ask about the jumping at this stage as i thought someone in the forums might have the answer.
Locosys are a very helpful outfit and it may be worthwhile asking them if there is an answer to this jumping when stationary.
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Ian Worthington

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Posted - 04 févr. 2010 :  07:12:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I reported the 1.3 hang-up problem to them last weekend. Still waiting for any kind of response...

Normal mode jumps as much as low power. I need to find a open-sky location I can leave the logger for 24 hours safely for more tests.

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Posted - 18 avr. 2010 :  21:06:49  Show Profile  Visit Mattias112's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I use the GT-31 for speedsailing and motocross, but I have problem to get my laptimes around the motocrosstrack or around our slalom course. How should i setup the GT-31 and what analyze software is the "best". For me the laptime is the most important, elevation and others are not important.

We do have some problem with spikes, but I have just upgraded the firmware so I will test and hope for the best!
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Posted - 03 juil. 2010 :  04:34:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You guys rock, thanks for posting all this. I'm having the same problems with the Navilink program crashing, not sure what the deal is but in contact with Locosys. As an FYI, this thing is not "really" waterproof. They say 3' for 30 minutes, that is a slight overestimation. I use this to track dives, keeping it on my buoy. Sometimes the buoy gets pulled under a few feet, and after 5 dives I saw a little condensation inside. Will fix by placing in a waterproof bag, hopefully didn't do any long term damage.
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Posted - 01 déc. 2010 :  10:51:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When this device (GT31) is just lying on the table, it constantly shows a speed between 0.2 and 5km/h.
It should show 0 as it's not moving.

Is the device broken, or is it a setting I need to change?
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94688 Posts

Posted - 01 déc. 2010 :  20:37:29  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
That's the trade-off of using a high-sensitivity GPS chipset, "Static Navigation" has to be turned off for pedestrian use, read up -> paragraph 4.

The worse the environment (you seem to be indoors) the worse the "wandering", outdoors the problem should not be too visible, give it a try and report back.

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Ian Worthington

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Posted - 01 déc. 2010 :  21:01:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I wonder if that's also the solution to my problem from a few posts above? The unit works fine if it's moving but is terrible when stationary.[ed]
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Posted - 18 avr. 2011 :  16:01:33  Show Profile  Visit nslmanu's Homepage  Reply with Quote

After many trips with my BGT-31, i have a little problem : with the softwares ( mapsource and sporttracks and geolives ) who give me some too much ascent amount.

All altitudes recorded are correct, point by point. But the only problem is when we do the difference, every time with all 3 softwares, i have the same ascent amount BUT it's is everytime a little bit much than the reality.

I don't understand why ... maybe because i haven't desactivate the option to put to 0 km/h when i'm stopped ? ( because when i'm stopped, i'm seeing the speed between 0.5 and 2 or 3 km/h every time ).

Maybe someone has an idea ? thanks in advance
Originally posted by Ian Worthington

I wonder if that's also the solution to my problem from a few posts above? The unit works fine if it's moving but is terrible when stationary.[ed]

No way to switch off the static position and speed moving on this gps :(

Garmin Oregon 550T - Iphone 3GS - Carto explorer - Mapsource -
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9 Posts

Posted - 23 avr. 2011 :  01:08:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
According to SirfDemo static position is switched off on my BGT31 however it still has the large jumps and speed showing when stationary

Edited by - currumbinoz on 23 avr. 2011 01:09:51
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Posted - 21 juil. 2011 :  16:58:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yesterday I was using my BGT-31 on my bicycle and it stopped responding. Speed=0, 2 satellites in view, 0 tracked. It was a clear day with unobstructed sky view. I waited 10 minutes for the unit to respond to no avail. I turned it off and restarted it and everything was fine. I have ridden this route many times and the usual situation is 12 satellites in view, 9 or 10 tracked. I am using firmware 1.4(B0803T). Before the reflash I did have one instance of the unit freezing requiring complete battery discharge to fix, but not since. Any ideas? Am I using the latest firmware? Thank you.
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Posted - 14 août 2011 :  18:07:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I just received my BGT-31 for the sole purpose of geotagging photos for an cruise I'm going on. I'm trying to figure out how to use this thing before I go and the user guide that comes with it isn't very helpful. I've read through this thread and appreciate everyone's input. I have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.6.8, Aperture 3 (latest version) and am using HoudahGeo to tag my photos.

What NMEA settings do I want if I simply want to geotag each 10 seconds? There are so many options

I have
GGA 1 sec
GLL 240 sec
GSA 1 Sec
GSV 5 sec
RMC 1 sec
VTg off
ZDA 60 sec

I have a 2GB SC card that I formatted in the BGT-31 and have file size set to 2048KB after reading this thread about setting it to 'file size'.
Since this doesn't export GPX files, I changed the .txt file to .NMEA and it seemed to be recognized by HoudahGeo and tag the photos. I just wanted to make sure I had the appropriate settings before I left for my trip. Thanks.

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Posted - 15 août 2011 :  13:45:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Dave,
I'm a Geosetter user (great program!) on a Windows platform so I can't comment on HoudahGeo but I have used the BGT-31 to create NMEA files and tagged many RAW and jpg photos.

I used the information on to decide that all I needed was GGA, GSA and RMC. As far as I can tell, these three are the minimum that you need to collect the date, time, location, altitude, and some indicators of the quality of the fix such as number of satellites, 2D or 3D fix and DOP figures. I have used the 2D/3D and DOP figures to filter the data with GPSBabel (another great program) to remove some of the dodgy points. All three NMEA parameters are set to 5 second samples although 10 seconds should be fine! I also use 2048K file size, Log Switch set to On-Fix and Min Speed set to Off.

Mine only has an old 256MB SD card in it and that is good for several weeks of 16 hours per day logging so a 2GB card will last you many months. I also leave the internal data logger turned on. It has saved me a couple of times when I have lost the NMEA file but at 5 second samples it will only hold the last day or so. Once I opened the door without turning it off or stopping the logging to the card and that trashed the current file. But I was able to save the internal data to the card and use the Navilink tool to extract the NMEA data from it.

I used it for 4 weeks onboard ship during a trip to Antarctica and it worked great. Whenever we were in our cabin I put it on a desk below a couple of port holes maybe 1' x 1.5' and it was able to pick up enough signal to log a track perhaps 80 or 90% of the time. Whenever I was out of the cabin I dropped it in my pocket and it would happily log whenever I was out on deck or off the ship.

The only drawback of the unit is that you can't charge it while it is logging to the card. I made a point of topping up the battery whenever we were stationary and not taking pictures (like meal times) or over night when we were essentially travelling a straight course so that I could interpolate a reasonably accurate track.

Hope that helps and enjoy your trip!

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2 Posts

Posted - 16 août 2011 :  01:57:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Graeme: Thank you very much for the reply. That was very helpful.

Under 'data logger', I sent interval to 10 seconds so if I understand that correctly, it logs my position every 10 seconds.

How do you leave the write to internal memory on? or does it do that automatically before moving it to the SD card? I can't seem to find that in the settings. Thanks.

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24 Posts

Posted - 16 août 2011 :  12:53:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No problem, happy to help! The Data Logger menu refers only to logging to the internal memory. This internal memory is "circular" so after several hours the oldest data is always being overwritten. You should check the specifications but I think there is room for about 16000 records so it saves about the last 22 hours at 5 second intervals. The only options under the Data Logger menu are the Interval (set to 0 to turn off the internal logging), Min Speed to stop logging if you drop below a set speed (I have this set to off), Save To Card and Clear.

The Data Logger uses a proprietary binary format that records just about everything and is pretty space efficient but needs the Navilink utility (or GPSBabel) to convert it into NMEA format. The Clear option empties the internal memory and Save To Card always copies the entire internal memory contents to the SD memory card as a .SBP file. So if you save to card often then the content of the SBP files will overlap due to the circular nature of the internal log and so your geotagging software might have to cope with duplicate data points.

The Memory Card menu refers only to logging to the SD card. From what I remember I think the "SBN" format under the NMEA Items in the Memory Card menu logs using the same binary format but to the SD memory card. I don't bother with this. I prefer to write NMEA direct to the card so that it is immediately usable when I copy it to my laptop and I only copy the internal data to the card if I have lost a NMEA file.

Other than when I removed the card without turning it off, I think the other time I lost a file was once when the battery ran flat. From what the Locosys support folk told me I gather it should close the file if the battery is running flat but I am pretty sure I lost at least one file when I was testing how long the battery lasted. But that was a long time ago and may have been on an earlier firmware version. I think they also suggested it might be SD card dependent. I avoid letting the battery run down when I am travelling because of the chance of losing the SD card file but I've never seen the internal data be lost. I would be interested to hear if others have lost SD card data when the battery runs flat.
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Ian Worthington

24 Posts

Posted - 12 nov. 2011 :  06:10:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My GT31 appears to have stopped charging. There's some residual in the battery so the gps is working fine, but a variety of leads and power sources fail to recharge it.

Any known issues? Unit is maybe 5 years old?
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