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 MioPocket 2.0 (Unlock for Mios and other PNAs)
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Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  09:38:05  Show Profile
Attention! This thread is now obsolete.
Please visit the new MioPocket 3.0 thread:

MioPocket 2.0
Unlock for Mio-brand GPS devices and other brands with 480x272, 320x240, 480x234 or 800x480 displays

Scroll down for larger (and more) images of the included skins

Download: See the MioPocket 3.0 thread (link at top of post) to download the latest version

What is MioPocket?
MioPocket is an unlock kit--an installable package of programs, scripts, registry files and skins--to unlock Mio-brand GPS devices (plus some other brands) and allow them to be used as PDAs (i.e. personal, handheld computers). MioPocket is the most-packed and most-fully-featured unlock for GPS devices available and is free and legal to use, as it consists 100% of freely-distributable content. What MioPocket is not is a replacement for MioMap or any other OEM navigation software. It is just a different environment from which one may launch such software.

What types of programs and features does MioPocket come with?
MioPocket comes with just about everything that you'd want: two media players (video and audio, nearly all popular formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG, MP4, H.264, WMV, MOV, DivX and XVid), three book readers, multiple dictionaries (inc. English to 5 languages), literally dozens of games, two image viewers, two paint programs, MS Office document viewers, text editors, a MioMap route manager, four general GPS plotting/mapping apps, three appointments/tasks apps, a contacts app, a calculator, a unit converter, registry editors, task manager/switchers, file managers, an alarm clock and more (all free/shareware). See the Readme file for a full list. Note: MioPocket does not come with MioMap, iGo, Garmin, TomTom or any other commercial navigation software. Icons and scripts are included for them, but not the programs, themselves (since they are not free).

Which devices does MioPocket run on?
MioPocket should run on all Mio GPS devices and can be made to run on a great many non-Mio, WinCE-based GPS devices, as well. Due to the great number of included programs/features and the wide range of models that MioPocket can run on, not quite all applications or features will work on every single model. Non-Mio brands that MioPocket reportedly works on include Magellan Maestro, Navigon, Harman Kardon, Asus, Navman, Omnitech, Loox and some others that run Windows CE, but installation instructions for these devices may not be included. See the forums for those devices to learn how to tweak MioPocket to unlock them. Note that TomTom and Garmin devices are Linux-based and, hence, MioPocket (which is Windows CE-based) cannot run on them.

Does MioPocket install to SD or to flash disk (SD-free)?
Both. You have the option of either. See the Readme file for instructions.

What features make MioPocket unique compared to other unlocks?
* Support for 480x272, 320x240, 480x234 and 800x480 displays.
* Install to SD card or to internal flash drive (SD-free).
* Close any open application, even those without any way to exit.
* Minimize any open application and return to it at any time.
* Bring up the keyboard without closing or minimizing an application.
* Input text via small keyboard, large keyboard or handwriting recognition.
* Rotate the screen on-the-fly for apps that work better in portrait mode.
* Remote control your device from your Windows desktop.
* Access your device while connected to USB (no connection screen in the way).
* Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 pre-installed.
* Assign any app (ex. MioMap, any other navigation app or the device's original menu) to a quick launch button found on every page.
* Access the start menu without displaying the obstructive and ugly taskbar.
* Automatic registry importing. Just add your own .reg file to the Registry folder and it will be imported during installation.
* All of MioPocket's settings can be configured directly from a menu within MioPocket.
* More included applications and games than any other unlock.
* Many more things...

For more information and answers to other questions, please read the whole Readme file.

The Skins:

Vista Ultimate

Stopword (by Stopword)

Vista Aurora

Vista Ultimate 320x240 (left) and Vista Aurora 320x240 (right)

Stopword 320x240 (by Stopword)

Outdated skins:

GSTheme Vista (by gs4322)

GSTheme iClone (by gs4322)

GSTheme Chrome (by gs4322)

Ice (by pat_ty)

Blue (by Indabox)

Ice 320x240 (modification of pat_ty's skin) and Blue 320x240 (modification of Indabox's skin)

Note: The Ice, Ice 320x240, Blue and Blue 320x240 skins have not been thoroughly updated for quite some time, so do not have icons for all of the apps and scripts. Keep that in mind before choosing them. You may, though, customize them, yourself, in order to add missing icons.

Enjoy! Feedback is most welcome. If you have any problems or questions not answered in the Readme, feel free to ask here. If you need to upload a screenshot, use this link and the URL for the image will be<filename>

BTW, if you want some video to test the media player with, here's a zip with a few videos that I encoded at 480 pixels wide (on smaller displays, Media Player will scale) and in MP4 and DivX formats: MioPocket Sample Videos
FYI, I used Prism (an excellent, free converter for Windows) to convert them:
Another good, free converter is Handbrake, which works on Windows, MacOS and Linux:

Finally, if you want to create icons for MioPocket, I highly recommend the free IcoFX ( for Windows. Also, if you want to make icons for the Stopword skins that resemble the existing icons, the following Photoshop templates should make that easy. Stopword Photoshop

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe

Edited by - Osprey on 27 mai 2009 16:54:39



2765 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  09:45:31  Show Profile
WARNING to those new to this thread: You are wasting your time if you continue reading past this point. The next few hundred pages are very old and completely out-of-date. No one expects you to read the whole thread. Believe it or not, some people try to read or skim through the whole thread to find their answers.

MioPocket has evolved substantially since this thread was started, so the information in the first 90% of the pages of this thread is largely irrelevant. You will likely not find any answers to your problems by reading this thread page by page from the beginning. What you should do is read, maybe, the last 10-20 pages of the thread. That will be much more relevant to the current state of MioPocket.

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe

Edited by - Osprey on 04 janv. 2009 10:31:13
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8 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  12:23:10  Show Profile
I thought 1.2r15 was nice, but 2.0r16 totally blows it away, thanks for your hard work. I appreciate it

Rick Shelton
Mio C320/Miopocket2.0R16
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294 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  14:18:24  Show Profile
I have the Bupahs 3.5 task bar will it still work with that? I tried and when I insert the card or soft reset nothing happens. I did rename the 2 files to oscaradm.exe and oscaradm.mscr. By the way I checked the registry after the installation and the old registry setting were ther that miomy had said to use in previous version. I did not touch them yet. I also tried the systeminformation.exe, mortscript.exe and mioautorun.exe When I did it gave me an eror clicked out of filman and I got the theme but in larger size not 320x240. Checked registry again and there is the old settings under MioAutoRun from ver 14 and the new one Oscaradm Is There a conflict should I delete the old?

The theme looks fantastic cant wait to get it running. Thanks

By the way mioc220 Bupahs 3.5 taskbar and miopocket 1.2 14

Mio C220 ver 68 sd card,C320 ver 33 lost or stolen C520 Miopocket 4.0 Ver.68 SD Free Installation MioMap 3.3 TTS Jerrys Skins and others

Edited by - Jen5 on 07 avr. 2008 15:17:09
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65 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  14:42:04  Show Profile
I want to thank you for this superb Miopocket release, for your hard work. I love it!

Mio C 720, version MioMap V3.3 , 10 Ian 2008
Firmware: R02+3+9913+1018
Jerry skin DATA 2008.04.14 BigFonts + Data Override_2008 04 14
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2765 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  15:22:53  Show Profile
Jen5, I'm not really familiar with Bupah's taskbar, but if it helped before, it should still help. As for inserting the card and nothing happening, make sure that you've performed a hard reset or shutdown before trying, since MioPocket disables unlocking when the device is already unlocked. If registry settings that you set earlier are still in the registry, then that's proof that you haven't hard reset or shutdown yet. Use the power menu in MioPocket, choose Hard Reset, then, once it boots to the original Mio shell, pop the SD card out and back in.

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe
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95 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  15:48:19  Show Profile
Osprey - Well Done!! R16 works very well!!

I have been testing it this morning and here is what I have found -
1. Ms Pac Man and Pac Man 2 will not start - it crashes on loading - does not bring the system down (not a big deal to me)
2. I do not see a way to exit gracefully from the skin change menu - the only way to do it is change the skin. A few times when I have selected a new skin, Miopocket crashes.
3. USB / ActiveSync and remote display work fine - one question.. is there anyway to reduce the lag from mio screen to desktop screen? at 2x, there is a 2 second delay from click to screen refresh - the clicks happen instantly and the screen on the mio is instant - just not active sync.
4. This is more for kd4z - if you want to cancel the route manage options screen with out doing anything and return to miomap - miomap no longer relaunches like it did in previous versions. Not a big deal however.

One question - with your change to jerry's skin - I am assuming that your files just over write those in the For whatever reason, copying your files gets the apps to work with the stopword panel - but the icons do not change other than the route icon.. very strange..
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71 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  16:00:57  Show Profile
Thank you Osprey et al. The amount of time and effort you've put into this really shows. This new version kicks every other version's ass up to date. Thank you again.

Just a small debug for ya, I have a c320 and the PacMan games do not work for some reason. I get an illegal operation error for both pack man and ms. pac man and the "pac fun" does nothing.

Mio C320, version MioMap V3.3
Firmware: R40+3+9904+0720
Jerry skin DATA 2008.05.12 + Data override
Miopocket 4.0 r66
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17 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  16:39:55  Show Profile
How should My Apps works?
When i tap it,is opening a window with title: "Skin selector", 2 text boxes and 2 buttons:
"Save" and "Return".
And nothing write inside.

P.S. I've installed MioPocket to flash.

Mio C320

Edited by - teddy2k on 07 avr. 2008 16:42:54
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319 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  16:58:13  Show Profile
I've been using StopWord but I'm ready to try your latest MioPocket. I have the entire MioMap on my SD card. I've started looking thru the scripts but am having a hard time figuring out where to change the path. I think it's in Variable.mscr. However, I see there are script steps that check for MioMap in the flash drive. I still have a factory fresh installation of MioMap in the original location (flash drive). I've done this so I can make all changes I want while playing with TTS and Jerry's skin and still get back to a "virgin" installation of MioMap by doing a hard reset. Will that mess up running your latest version?

Nothing is never "no problem".
Mio C320, 01.10.08 MioMap 3.3 with 10.06 maps, Mio c310x, Axim x51v, Axim x50v
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344 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  19:04:32  Show Profile

Change the location in Variables.mscr
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319 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  20:34:46  Show Profile
Thanks cheerful. Do you know if using MioPocket will change anything in the flash drive that would cause MioMap not to run (from the flash drive) if I did a hard reset?

Nothing is never "no problem".
Mio C320, 01.10.08 MioMap 3.3 with 10.06 maps, Mio c310x, Axim x51v, Axim x50v
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344 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  21:07:02  Show Profile
I have not installed 2.0. The previous version won't touch flash disk if it's installed in SD card. In fact, you should be able to run both MioMap at the same time -- just add a button on your skin.
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319 Posts

Posted - 07 avr. 2008 :  22:31:22  Show Profile
I tried installing MioPocket 2 Build 16 on my C320. After a hard reset, when I insert the SD card, MioPocket starts up briefly then I get a pop-up something like "there is no file associated with Cleanup..." and then it goes back to the MioMap MainShell. The only change I made to MioPocket was to change the location of my installation of MioMap.

Update: I got around the problem temporarily by renaming the CleanUpSystemFolders.mscr to CleanUpSystemFolders.mscr1.

Nothing is never "no problem".
Mio C320, 01.10.08 MioMap 3.3 with 10.06 maps, Mio c310x, Axim x51v, Axim x50v

Edited by - mkss55442 on 07 avr. 2008 22:42:00
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6 Posts

Posted - 08 avr. 2008 :  01:45:18  Show Profile
hello everybody. i appreciate the work everybody is doing for this project, but... i'm having a lot of issues.

i just bought a c520 today almost solely due to this project. i've been meaning to get a GPS for a while, and i wanted one that i could also use as a media player in my car. every built-in mp3 player i've seen/used in a GPS unit has been gimmicky at best and largely worthless, so i turned to looking for GPS units with hacks or mods that could allow new media players to be added. enter miopocket and the c520. (the first issue i ran into is obviously not the fault of anybody here, but circuit city sold me an opened/used item and i didn't realize it until i got home. it seems to be in good shape, but the software/documentation disc is missing.)

i'm running release 16, and this is the first and only release i've tried so far. but it seems unusably buggy. it locks up constantly, and i probably have to do a hard reset every few minutes when i'm just poking around. in this state, it is definitely not usable as a media player (audio or video), but even the included miomap GPS software seems to have problems with miopocket installed. this is my first window CE-based device, so maybe i'm just not using it "correctly."

my main non-GPS use for my c520 will be audio/video player (with emphasis probably on the audio part), so that aspect of miopocket is where i've done most of my tinkering. i haven't done any systematic tests yet to narrow it down but it seems that a lot of my severe slowdowns and lockups have occurred during or after video playback - either as i'm trying to exit media player or after i've already exited. the video i've been playing is a standard "scene rip" of an episode of the office, encoded in xvid. i also tend to have quite a few lockups and slowdowns in explorer, but that may just be coincidental since i use explorer to browse for my media.

has anybody else had any issues like this? what other information about my setup can i post that might help us figure out the problem?
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Posted - 08 avr. 2008 :  02:25:55  Show Profile
1. Yeah, PacMan and Ms.PacMan currently crash for me, too. They worked perfectly just a week or two ago, though, and I haven't been able to determine what could've caused the change. I left them in the release in case other people had better luck.
2. Adding an "easy out" on the skin changer would require making a duplicate of the page for every skin. I haven't had many issues changing skins. Besides, once you settle on what you want (probably in the first hour or so of use), you'll probably not access it again.
3. The only way that I know of to speed up Remote Display is to make sure that you're running ASRDisp.exe on your Windows desktop, not over the USB connection from the copy on your device.
4. Jimmyt, it sounds like you didn't copy the patch files for Jerry's skin that I included. Please verify.

I just noticed that "My Apps" is hardcoded to \Storage Card... a major oversight of mine. That's why it's not working for you. I'll look into a solution. I apologize for that. In the meantime, navigate to MioAutoRun\Skin\MyApps, open up WolfNCU.ini and replace the instances of "Storage Card" with "My Flash Disk" to get it working. EDIT: I've now solved this and will re-upload with the change shortly.

It seems like you figured it out on your own and with Cheerful's help how to redirect MioMap by changing the variables in Variables.mscr. All references to MioMap go through those variables, so, no, MioPocket shouldn't even touch your "virgin" MioMap.

I had never encountered that before, but, just now, I messed with Media Player, including playing an Xvid movie, and the same thing happened to me when I exited. I'm going to try to figure this out. Sorry about that, but thanks very much for letting me know about it!

Mio C320 (US), R40 firmware, WinCE 5.0 Core, MioPocket 4.0 Release 68
Latest MioPocket: MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 & ReadMe

Edited by - Osprey on 08 avr. 2008 03:23:48
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