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 [TOPIC] Customizing the HP iPaq 310
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Posted - 24 avr. 2008 :  23:41:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
MOD: Compass

Step 1: EDIT: Download these files and extract them in your ui_hp_sagan\common folder

Step 2:
Open your ui_hp_sagan\800_480\ui\navigatemap_800_480.ui

Copy these VSPRITE lines:

<VSPRITE dayCompass vec="$compass.vpr" x=9 y=200 z=11 rotatemodel="map.rotation_angle" hide>
<VSPRITE nightCompass vec="$ncompass.vpr" x=9 y=200 z=11 rotatemodel="map.rotation_angle" hide>

and look for the following layer:

<layer ui_NavigateMapTOP z=100>
and paste VSPRITE lines anywhere here

A VSPRITE is a vector sprite, if you open the files I provided in the rar file in text editor, you'll find some polygons defined. The top line defines the grid height, width, and its center point based on which the polygon is drawn.

Any curious being can use a graph paper and start plotting these dots and connecting them, starting from top.
Save and close this file.

Step 3:
Open your ui_hp_sagan\800_480\ui\scripts_800_480.ui

copy and paste these scripts at the end:
People who have done the "Full Screen" mod I posted earlier just need to update their existing sc_day_text_color and sc_night_text_color scripts.

<script sc_day_text_color>

<script sc_night_text_color>

Step 4:
Open your ui_hp_sagan\common\ui\navigatemap.ui

Copy the following lines in your <script sc_Original_MapSize> and <script sc_Full_MapSize> scripts

runif vNightMode 1 'run sc_night_text_color'
else_run 'run sc_day_text_color'

Close and save this file.

Move all these files onto your iPaq and enjoy. If it doesn't work the first time, try again:)

Edited by - jyqureshi on 24 avr. 2008 23:44:57
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Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  03:48:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by jyqureshi



@jyqureshi -- I am so sorry that I assigned your excellent MOD to infama. Thus the dangers of having too many windows open and then looking at the wrong one while typing away in the other one. Both you and infama have provided so many useful MODs. I apologize again, keep up the great work.

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Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  03:55:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
was j/k

heheh, guilt works wonders
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Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  12:25:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Anyone fix that stupide problems on Ipaq?
To play full screen all the movies in to a playlist (without being necessary to touch the screen after each movie).
It is a good player - the original(colour, big buttons icons - not like TCPMP where we have just little icons - because resolution). Maybe future update fix that?


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26 Posts

Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  14:48:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

still trying to find a workaround for the HUGE font issue whithin your 3d transparent mod.

I'm 'navigating' in almost every flash files.

A few hints:
-streets name has the same color scheme of the road it belongs (inner, outer-bounds);
-they appear to be vectors, not 'sprites'

hope this would help (even if I don't really know how...)

HP Ipaq 314, Magellan 4370, Mio Spirit V735
IPhone-3GS 32GB, Sony Xperia, HTC Dream
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Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  18:47:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Anyone think this wifi card would work on the 310?


HP Ipaq 310 -A ppSuite 30555 - Driver version v1.00.02 / MIO C520 firmware: V3.3 01/2008
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15 Posts

Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  19:34:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Could someone please explain the Tom Tom mod for TTS??? Thanks!
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94687 Posts

Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  20:14:50  Show Profile  Visit gpspassion's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I haven't done it, but apparently you need to own a TomTom GO device with TTS files, and NO you can't ask someone to send you their files, this is copyrigted stuff. Using the TTS files of a GO you own in another device is already borderline, so much so that this will no longer be discussed here, thanks.

@smurff2 - not sure what good that card designed for cameras would do on the 310 ?

Discounts and Assistance/Réductions et Assistance (Club GpsPasSion) / Où commencer?
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15 Posts

Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  21:43:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Oh thanks GPSpassion. The reason i was asking was b/c i had a Tom tom GPS with a broken screen. So it's just trash.

I did the update and the TTS got a lot better. The female TTS has slowed down drastically in saying road names.
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195 Posts

Posted - 25 avr. 2008 :  22:57:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Yes, the voices are a LOT better now after today's update. Really gratifying.

TT 920T user.
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7 Posts

Posted - 26 avr. 2008 :  00:48:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi there,

There is a IPAQ 318 which has Brazilian maps. Mine is 310 which has US maps.
Does anyone know where I can buy Brazilian maps to install in the 310?

Joselito Maciel
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98 Posts

Posted - 26 avr. 2008 :  00:49:26  Show Profile  Visit specter's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Does anyone know if IGO 8 will run on the ipaq 310? The final version is coming out (APRIL 2008) according to their web site. It doesn't say that it will run on winCE 5.0. It looks great. Has anyone checked to see if the files in the are compatible with the version of Igo 8 we are running on the ipaq now?

WEBSITE: diMka Skin Homepage

WEBSITE: Ipaq Travel Companion mods
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195 Posts

Posted - 26 avr. 2008 :  01:53:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Sth American maps on SD cards are being shipped now. Perhaps Brazil is included. Not sure.

Specter, NO! iGo8 runs on Windows Mobile 5...not on CE. Though the version on the Clarion Machine (780) looks to be unmodified iGo8, but I dont think its for sale commercially by NavNgo.

TT 920T user.
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3 Posts

Posted - 26 avr. 2008 :  15:48:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello to all you guys, and greeting to my Hungarian friends from another Hungarian living in US.
New user, long time reader of this forum.
Many thanks to all who devote their time to improve the 310(and the other models).
jyqureshi, Infama, in my book you guys are nothing short of genious.
Thanks for posting all the great mods, did the full transparency folowing Infama method, and even I got it to work!
I was trying to get the compas feature, but I could not get the .rar file to open. Maybe one of you guys can upload a .zip file and instruction.
keep up the good work.
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Posted - 26 avr. 2008 :  16:42:00  Show Profile  Visit lbendlin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Infama

iGo8 runs on Windows Mobile 5...not on CE.

the iGO engine does not use any Windows Mobile components. Given the right set of DLLs and licenses it should work fine on CE.

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